Wala ring silbi ang talent kapag starlet parin ang status…

Gleich und Gleich gesellt sich gern.

Well, that applies to Madam Maja-rot! EWW!

Well, no sarcasm included, pero saludo ako sa’yo na hindi ka man lang dumaan sa mga bossing ng DOS para lang magka-career! Buti naman!

Also, as long as I do hate comparing her to Jodi Sta. Maria, buti pa si Jodi, never siyang nagka-issue ng pagiging hitad (which her “rival” Iwa Moto would insist that Jodi is the kabit). Jodi, compared to Maja, is waaaaay better in handling her personal life and her love life as well. The only thing that Jodi lacks is the level of standard she should impose to a guy.

tsismosa-ako.blogspot.com said:

Wow, talk about being complicated. Let us just see where this story leads. For this blogger, I never liked Maja, and this gives me more reasons to continue doing so. The story made me a bigger fan of Kim though and I have developed total respect for Sarah G.

Dapat hindi kasali si Sarah sa gulong ito. It only happened because of Ge. You know naman showbiz, bano!

Well I hope what they have is really Love and not Lust. Otherwise wala ng matitira sa kanila. At the rate things are they are a big NEGA.Lalo na si Kakanin. She will be a starlet forever. With the guy well…He was given the chance to change his image but then he blew it again. As for Kim and Sarah their stars will shine brightly and admire them for speaking the truth and doing what is right.

Starlet nga, kasi look, look people! If you think she’s doing the “right” thing, you better screw yourselves up because being in an affair with your friend’s ex would be like, “Kapal, ah! If he’s my ex, you don’t talk to him, ok?”

To Mommy Divine, you are vindicated. Substantial naman ang pagiging protective niyo kay SG. After all, your fanaticism to Christianity is not true at all. Besides, si Ogie Diaz lang naman ang panira eh! HAHA.

Kaya nga, eh! Now looked what happened to Papa John Wayne!

As much as I admire John Wayne, I really feel sorry for him because he would have been a great actor and I think he has great potential. Nalaos bigla. Also, what’s even worse is that he’s already a dad… hindi pa married ah? He has the same situation as that Jiro Manio guy. Ermahgerd!

Kung hindi sila naging on ng loka, malamang, marami pang project ang naghihintay sa kanya!

I think John Wayne will be vindicated kapag mag-break sina Majarot at si Gege! Well, sa Twitter may nagsabing:

pareho sila lahat.maja-rayver bestfrnd rayver-gerald besyfriend plus cristine reyes pa kalok oh magbestfriend nga sila lahat.

That was stated by a certain Ceana. Totoo naman, eh! Birds of the same feather really flock together. King ina! It shows that how Maja grew up without a father, but this reason should never be an excuse to act like a snake this year. Reminds me of Cristine Reyes being the snake, but she’s the one who gets jealous. Oh diba?

Beauty and talent… and intelligence does not equate delikadesa

I really do not know why my relatives on the momma’s side (momma included as well huhuhu) admire her (siguro type nila ang hindi maganda ang ugali, pansin ko lang ‘yung mababait na intelligent lang hindi nila type, o diba, mababa ang standards?)? As much as I do think that Maja-derang Istibador has proven her worth, personality-wise, she’s still in the starlet status. It shows that hindi rin siya sisikat ng basta-basta lamang kapag hindi siya isang Salvador. Ganun lang ka-simple ‘yun. Look what happened when Deborah Sun lashed out at her for being “snob.” Although the Salvador acting clan is not as reputable as the Eigenmann acting clan, I’d say that the latter support one another unlike the former, eh parang frat frat lang na nag-aaway. Oh, see? Parang Barretto sisters lang!

To Maja’s fans, I really do apologize if I do lash out on your idol, but she’s going on the same level as Cristine Reyes. Well, if you think Cristine Reyes, personality-wise, is THAT good, well, I guess you do not know what double-standarding is. Accuse me for double-standarding, but it would be cheap for a guy to make patol with people like Majarot and Kubeta at the same time. I almost accused Jason Abalos for lowering his standards, lalo naman si Matteo. If one actor/actress abhor Ross and AA at the same time, I think no actor would do that except for Pete Ampoloquio.

Well, at least I have to vindicate Georgina Wilson right here. As much as I dislike her for being arrogant, conceited and haughty at the same time, at least she does not steal a girl’s guy. Kumbaga, her intelligence was a plus. People view Georgi as a typical social climber, but at least she isn’t going to make herself cheap, na parang magiging ka-level na niya sina Ross at AA. If she would fall on that level, pinahiya niya ang buong Diaz clan. That’s how simple it is.

Well, beauty, intelligence and talent? Well, good moral character and a good reputation does really stand out. Parang si Sarah Geronimo, she’s really willing to stick to her parents’ advice when she has problems, lalo na sa guy. Buti na lang she shunned the rumors that Hayden Kho is courting her. Ang mga tulad ni Kayden Kho, ‘yan ang para kay AA at kay Majarot!

Taylor Swift might have been included right here. Look, she has a lot of guys, and she’s going to make another song about break-up. How dubious nga diba, at least Miley Cyrus and Rihanna beats her in terms of loyalty towards guys. Si Taylor, hindi na nga marunong mahiya, ginawan pa ng kanta ang mga ex niya!

Overall, they’re all the same people who have nothing to do but to be a man-eater. Seriously, they suck overall.


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