Very insensitive, indeed!

Fair enough, I was very disgusted on what Majarot really did to her supposed BFF!

‘Yan rin ang ginawa ng homewrecker laban sa’kin. Do you want me to spill the beans!? Of course, why not?

So, if the homewrecker is really a good friend to me, why should she make sipsip to the guy I’m crushing on while he is (or was) holding grudges against me!? What kind of friend is she, right?

That is an act of betrayal, and that should be taken as an insult. Siguro kung inagawan rin si homewrecker, she might not handle herself very well.

Side note: Now I know, kinarma na rin ako when I attempted to be a homewrecker (in a metonomycal sense). Siguro that was my fate — however, that should not matter at all; in fact, bakit rin pumatol ang crush ko sa kanya (I know they’re really deny-to-death when it comes to me, parang si HW talaga ang may binabalak na masama!).

It’s really wrong to steal one’s person or to make patol with one’s ex. Okay, marami na ring girls ang nang-away sa akin because of their guys (marami raw oh!) but their minds are too shallow (hello warfreak, ganito ka ring mag-isip ‘di ba!?). Isipin niyo naman, going on the side of your friend’s ex is like, “Tang ina, akala ko naman mag-bffs tayo. Eh ngayon, bastusan!?”

Ever since, I have cut relationships with the homewrecker. Hindi naman siya magandang kasama araw-araw, eh. She’s obviously self-centered, narcissistic, know-it-all and otherwise, the “sectioner”‘s flavor of the year. AMPOTAH NAMAN OH! Baka mapatay ko lang ang sectioner na ‘yun, tang ina!

The case of Majarot is worse than expected

Like you said this is a girl or a woman’s perspective of the who situation…. so much different from a gay or binabae’s take.
This only shows what kind of a girl Maja is. Parang nasaktan si Kim not because of Gerald this time but because nanghihinayang siya sa friendship na binuo niya with Maja. Tama si Kim, kinain lang ni Maja yung mga sinabi niya (abt. Gerald). Me too, I never liked Maja. Parang kahit sino lang pwede nyang patulan, parang si Bea.

I don’t think Bea is a playgirl herself. I believe she knows how to handle her personal life very well, unlike Majarot, pa-deny-deny na nga, nako, ma-showbiz pa ang peg ng lola mo!

I’ve never liked maja eversince. She’s fair as an actress, a good dancer. Pero may something sa kanya na reason kung bakit di ko sya magustuhan. And yes, i had the feeling even the first day na bbf na sila ni kim na she was not sincere. Especially when they guested @ kristv. Wherein sbi ni maja, friend nya c kim hindi porket kim chiu sya. Bkit naman nya naisip sabihin un? And then i doubted, bka un talaga intention nya, i-friend c kim kc sikat!

Ganyan rin ang thoughts ko as a person, and I still do not get it why some people idolize her. Granted, she’s really talented, but remember, she was discovered dahil Salvador siya. She was looking for Ross Rival, her real father. Also, please take note that hindi maganda ang reputasyon ng Salvador acting clan — their reputation is closer to the Revilla acting clan, na puro issue dito, issue doon. Reputation-wise, the Salvadors and Revillas are really known for being two of the most controversial acting clans in the showbiz industry in the Philippines. I’m not joking.


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