Anne Hathaway is such a picky beeyotch!

This was a better interview… however the ghostly pale skank does not have the freaking right to be picky at all!

A Fashion Pulis anon said:

ay sus bakit naman tayo ang mahihiya kay anne? dapat siya nga ang mahiya sa atin. what a bitch! idol ko pa naman siya. i watched the interview, ok naman yung mga tanong ni ricky lo. meron lang siyang problem sa diction at medyo may grammatical errors lang siya. but puhleeze… hindi lang naman siya ang press na hindi ganun kagaling mag-ingles na nag-interview sa kanya. remember this is worldwide promotion. so probably may ibang lahi rin ang nag interview sa kanya. ang kapal ng face ng babaing ito. ika mamatay nya bang mag-invite sa mga filipino fans? so what kung icompare kay lea? eh hindi naman talaga maiiwasan yun kasi she played the same role.

Korek ka diyan! Actually, I also feel very disappointed with her actions. Very rude, daig pa nga niya si Zhang Ziyi, eh (yes, no matter what lambastments they do to Zhang, at least she remains modest). Granted, hindi lively magsalita si Ricky Lo, however, Anne should have not reacted like that.

Kissing white arses has always been a sin of the Filipino people. Eh nung nag-comment lang si Lucy Liu about the Filipinos, why were people lambasting her!? I was not offended after all with Lucy’s comment. Pero with Anne Hathaway!?

Guys, just because someone who is whiter than Lucy Torres did something that is questionable doesn’t mean it’s correct. Unfair din naman sa part ni Lo that he only did grammatical mistakes or maybe questions that should not be asked… ganyan na kayo.

Ricky’s Interview with Amanda Seyfried

…with Surej Sharma

Surej and Amanda are more considerate than Half-a-way herself. Buti pa si Amanda, even though she became a big star because of Letters to Juliet, at least you won’t hear any bad comment against her. Same with Surej, though.

Another intelligent comment:

what’s so wrong ba about asking how you lost weight and gained it back? marami nang tinanong nyan na celebrities. anne is not the first person to do it for a role. some stars would gladly explain it. first question pa lang, bitchesa na agad si anne. sige nga ano ba dapat ang itanong sa kanya? ano ba ang “intelligent” questions? grabe naman kayong manglait kay ricky lo. porke hollywood star di na pwedeng tanungin ng mga personal questions? ano siya royalty? kung ayaw sagutin then do it with respect.

wag nyo namang isamba si anne na parang siya ang inaapi. that interview is for their movie promotion. we’re doing a favor for them pa nga dahil sa pagpapadala ng press for their movie promotion. Kaya di tayo umaasenso masyado tayong bilib sa mga foreigners.

yung mga PR nila halos mamatay na sa kaka-engganyo ng manonood dahil sa worldwide piracy and here’s a bitch who is only asked to invite some fans to see their movie, di pa nya magawa. yeah go on sambahin nyo ang bitchesa na yan and demonize ricky lo for asking those “stupid” questions.

Bravo to your comment! I really like the way you said it. Buti pa sina Amanda at si Surej, hindi sila kasing-YABANG ni Half-a-way (or Haterade).

Ano kaya ang sey ni Kate Hudson dito sa mga reactions ng mga netizens… maybe she’ll say:

“No more projects with Anne Hathaway!”


People defending that ghostly pale skank!? You’re stupid like grrr/?/blocked


Defending Anne for being “correct”? Oh please, you’re total bunch of idiots na hindi papa-awat… you’re the same verbal cloggers who are rude.

Also, that is one thing that I hate the most: To lash back at someone just because they’re not as almost-perfect as AJ Perez or Lucy Torres is totally WRONG.

Honestly, I do not feel sorry for Anne Hathaway. As much as I feel very irritated with her bad behavior, of course, it’s like saying na MALI naman talaga na pareho lang ang bastos sa pagiging totoong tao. Am I right, Cristine Reyes!?

Seriously, Anne Hathaway looks like a ghost. Kung hindi ghost, mas ghost pa nga siguro kay Jessy Mendiola, eh! Takot magpa-araw dahil nagka-leprosy siya. Well, that’s like a punishment for you! LOL, seriously, your super-duper pale white skin should never be an excuse as well.

Okay, I do not necessarily despise Anne Hathaway as a person, unfortunately, acting that way to an interviewer while being too happy for someone with MannyTheMovieGuy is like being too picky on an interviewer. Does everybody NOT know about how being too picky on an interviewer might risk your life!?

I don’t get it why Filipino people should side with that ghostly pale skank!? Affected on how Ricky interviewed her!?

‘Yan ang sakit sa atin, eh. Kung sino pa ‘yung kasing-puti ni Lucy Torres, siya pa ang pinagtatanggol. Kung sino pa ang nagiging kahawig ni Pokwang, nayayabangan pa tayo (Yes bitches, I’m referring to Anne Hathaway vs. Lucy Liu).

Some of you did lambast Claire Danes with regards to her comment on the Philippines, and also with Lee Da Hae’s accent mimicking. However, when someone did interview Anne Hathaway in an awkward situation, parang you want to apologize to Anne!? Well, she should owe an apology instead, for being such an airhead! I really look down on people who are sarcastic and at the same time verbal-clogging people. That is a very know-it-all attitude, and yet, you’re defending her.

You’re all the same bunch of asshole netizens I see. That’s what you get from a white guy who made the video, “20 Reasons why I dislike the Philippines.”

Reportedly rude on the set of Bride Wars

So people (yes to me fella Pinoys out there), would you ever dare to glorify diva behavior if you see these comments coming from American netizens? Anon said:

People who have met Anne Hathaway have said that she is a MAJOR BITCH. On the set of BRIDE WARS, she was insufferable to most people. She was rude and condescending. On the other hand, Kate Hudson supposedly was very sweet to the “little people” while filming BRIDE WARS.

Do you hear that!?

…rumors of high-maintenance requests have swirled around the actress, making many wonder whether Anne is taking a cue from a different character from the popular movie about a demanding boss and those who serve her. After delaying a day of interviews with just her breakfast order, Anne is beginning to resemble editrix Miranda Priestly instead of down-to-earth Andy. “Anne requested lattes but only ones with soy milk, so she made a guy go out and bring back five soy lattes for her and her crew,” a source tells OK! of the Rachel Getting Married event at the Hollywood life House in Toronto on Sept. 6. “Then she requested scrambled eggs since she didn’t like the breakfast available. The same guy had to go to a restaurant next door and ask for the eggs. It took 45 minutes, and then she barely even touched them!”

True or not, we sense a diva attitude on that ghostly pale skank!

So, if I could err… admire Kate Hudson instead. If only Kate was really an excellent actress and comedienne, she should NOT stick to those boring romcoms. At least she should collaborate with err… Eddie Murphy or Ben Stiller. I love it when she does authentic comedy, not yawn-inducing romcoms/chick flicks.


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    Je viens de fêter mon quarante-sixième anniversaire. .

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