More disappointments with that ghostly pale skank

nikkilove of PEX said:

I already saw this a few nights ago, is this the same interview, where she said to Ricky, “why dont you invite them?”, and I thought,

Anne Hathaway, was defensive and was full of herself. she didnt need to be like that.

Ricky’s questions were not that bad, if I was to be interviewed, I would like people to know some personal things about me, isn’t that flattering,

that Ricky knows her mom to be talented, and relayed a greeting from Lea Salonga, a world known actress who played Fantine like to see (Anna) her version in the film.

what? she liked to be asked of the same questions and told of the same things a hundred times,

“oh you were good, you were amazing, you were wonderful”,

she was conceited in this interview, in my opinion.

Full of herself is the right term. Ricky Lo did NOT even asked for Anne’s bitchiness, because ever since, there are reports that say that she’s really someone you won’t really expect.

She added:

And what’s wrong with being asked, “how did you prepare for the role of Fantine, knowing you came from a good life”

why would she interpret it as an offensive question?

meaning, she was ashamed of the role of Fantine, the role she gave life into the film.

there are millions of hungry people out there, struggling, in the real world,

so do they need to be ashamed of their condition.

I like her, but she makes me, uugggghhh. Im so disappointed with her.

Ano ba naman sabihin nyang, “I hope people find solace and meaning in this movie and be grateful for what they have.”

or “I feel grateful to be given this kind of life”,

she could have handled the interview way better than she did.

Anon of FP said:

at tayo pa ngayon ang mahihiya dahil pangit ang interview? at nagpadala pa talaga tayo ng rep para saan? para mapahiya? remember its their movie. its they who need promotion. tayo pa ang gumagawa ng favor for them. at bakit nyo kinakastigo si ricky lo? ricky lo may not be the best interviewer dahil sa diction nya but there’s no reason to treat him like that. asan ang personal questions dun? i watched the interview but the questions are not bad. bitchesa lang talaga yang si anne.

Exactly! If people think she’s goody-two-shoes, it’s really obvious that she’s really picky and choosy when it comes to interviewers! Ang arte lang niya, pwe!

Another anon said:

Guys if you will just search ANNE H IS RUDE you will see this is not the first time na ginawa nyang maging rude sa nagiinterview sa kanya. I’m not saying walang pagkakamali si MR. LO dito but Anne has a reputation of being rude to some interviewers/host and co stars. I just read Matt Lauer also asked the same question to her about the 25lbs that she lost and in return hindi din maganda sagot ni babae. I’m just saying that wag naman sana isisi kay Mr. Lo lahat. Peace!

Sabi na nga. Now I’m starting to despise Anne Hathaway and yeah… maybe I’ll start to like Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson may be malandi in the eyes of a conservative person, but I don’t see anything bad at it. Granted, she’s not a good trendsetter or an excellent actor, yet she does not show a prima donna attitude. Very cowgirl ang dating niya.

This is even more embarrassing:

How classless! Ugh! That is MORE than cringe-inducing!

Seriously, Anne “ghostly pale skank” Haterade deserves more lambastments. A fucking diva Anne Hathaway is, wardrobe malfunction!? That’s what she gets.

JordanjamesX of YouTube said:

I don’t feel sorry for Anne Hathaway and I believe it was indeed a publicity stunt she could have worn a thong but to complain because she decided not to wear panties that’s bizarre. Other female celebs such as Lindsay Lohan, Brtiney Spears, Paris Hilton have also flashed their vaginas to get publicity. Remember, in Hollywood there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Matthew Allen nailed:

I get Sams point of view but I don’t have much pity for Hathaway. As a top movie star you have to assume being photographed from every angle at an event like this. I didn’t find Lauer’s question all that objectionable. I think the lesson learned IS wear undies at an event like this. And they got her Vajay, big whoop.

You know why the video itself should be NOT viewed at all!

Well, not surprising if her career goes nowhere, like what happened to Claire Danes!

However, kudos to MannyTheMovieGuy for making her give a better impression to the Filipino people!


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