Ricky Lo’s controversial interview with Anne Hathaway

I’m not siding with Ricky Lo in any way, but I think that Anne Half-a-way is showing her true colors!

She is on the league of Justin Bieber, Claire Danes and hmmm… Lee Da Hae!?

If you are anti-Filipino, then you’d rather shut the eff up, because the way Anne handled Ricky’s questions was very disappointing. Ay nako, daig pa nga siya ni Maja, eh! At least when Cristine interviewed Maja on The Buzz before, at least Maja knows how to handle herself well (don’t ever get me started with, “Local lang ‘yan, babaw mo naman!”), unlike Anne, who has the skin of a ghost, well… I was more disappointed.

Lo may have had mishaps regarding his “weight loss” question, but he should have been more sensitive in his part. Sure, asking about someone’s weight loss may be offensive for some reason, but Anne should know better.

Anne Hathaway may be an excellent actress, however, she is not as A-listed compared to those of her contemporaries (big example is Natalie Portman who is even more graceful and classier!) who made it more successful than she did. In fact, her super pale skin isn’t that attractive in Hollywood, yet there are more pale-skinned Hollywood actors who are more glamorous than her. It may not be about the skin tone, but it’s about how you handle yourself.

Sadly, many Filipino netizens were making Ricky Lo the villain rather. He may had a lot of mishaps in interviewing celebrities, however, when he interviewed J-Lo, it seemed that J-Lo was more witty and sounded more professional.

Ricky Lo’s questions were logical and fine. Asking her if she has experienced poverty considering she gave a stunning performance as a poor worker who turned to prostitution because of extreme poverty was an intelligent question. It’s Anne who has a problem handling it well. She’s obviously too tired giving non-stop interviews to the press to promote the film and she really has a notorious reputation within Hollywood of being bitchy. Asked how she lost 25 pounds and gained it back is also a good question which is often asked to stars who lose weight for a role. Ricky Lo may not be a fine speaker, but he’s one of the best writers/journalists in the Philippines. Alam niya ang ginagawa niya. Si Anne ang naging bastos interview na ito. Sa bawat interview ng foreign press mula sa iba’t ibang bansa, natural lamang na lagyan nila ng local touch ang bawat interview or story para mas maging interesting at mailapit nila ang celebrity sa mga kababayan nila. Kung makapagsalita kayo at makapaghusga sa tao akala mong kay huhusay ninyo at hindi nagkakamali—kung pagkakamali mang matatawag ang nangyari. Kaya hindi makaangat-angat ang Pilipinas dahil sa mga ugali ng Pilipino na hindi makapaghintay na ibagsak ang nasa itaas at ipagdiwang ang kasawian o pagkakadapa ng iba.

See? Ricky Lo is an A-lister in terms of being a journalist. A celebrity journalist. Unang pagkarinig ko sa pangalan niya, that’s where high-profile journalism comes in. However, his awkwardness with regards to the Lea Salonga thing added fuel to the fire.

Well-said, Fashion Pulis anon commentor. Anne is showing her true colors. Now I remember when her movie with Kate Hudson was sooooo… crappy.

Iggy Ramirez said:

Several hundreds of journalists have probably asked Anne all sorts of questions anyone can think about, which anyone can read in every other newspaper, magazine, blog, or website.

The idea here is to ask the most unique question but still remains related to the movie. The article says that when somebody is interviewing really big actors, the line of questioning should be along her craft or the production process. Who the hell is interested in the production process? If you want to ask about the production process, ask the director, not Anne. She’s probably dumber than a rock when it comes to production. I mean, come on. I didn’t know there was a rule. I thought you could do anything as long as you have the scoop to sell your magazine, like taking pictures of a naked Duchess in a very private setting in her very own home.

We are Filipinos and these are the things that we like. There are specific things that we like. We are the customers and we want to know something about what we like. You don’t watch this movie for free, do you? We want to watch the movie not because it is Les Miserables but because Anne is there. She is the lead and we adore her and we want to relate to her personally. It was a promotional interview for the movie that stars Anne, was it not?

Who the hell cares about Les Miserables. I’ll probably watch that movie because they cast Anne in it.

There are no rules when you are interviewing actors. They are prepared for anything, or they can lie or they can pretend. They are actors afterall. Ricky Lo is giving Anne the opportunity to answer or decline the questions. Paparazzis would not have been so forgiving. They would take pictures of her whenever she takes a shīt, whenever she fùcks, or whatever personal things they could take a shot at in order to sell their magazines.

Ricky Lo did his research so that his questions remained relevant to the movie.

I like Anne, but by the way she answered Ricky’s questions only shows how deeply she hates Filipinos. I’ll probably not pay to watch it at all. She’s really not that great in acting anyway. She only got a pretty face and she’s ready to whip her boobs out anytime whenever the script calls it.

Yes, Ruffa was right. She acted like a total bītch. She was probably tired or something considering the number of journalists who visited her that day (reminds me of Notting Hill), but yes, she acted like a total bītch.

We are Filipinos. We are not Americans. Filipinos watch American movies because they export American movies to the Philippines. The Philippines is one of the most important markets for American movies.

There is nothing to be ashamed of with the way we ask questions. We are Filipinos and this is how we think. This is what we like. If anyone doesn’t like the way Filipinos think, then they can go to hell.

Hmmm… I could sense how Kate Hudson called Lea Michele a “diva.” Kaya ‘yung Bride Wars pala ni Anne Hathaway eh, ampanget na nga ng flow ng story, mas lalo pang pumangit ang whole movie!

As for Ricky Lo, most Filipino people would really kiss the asses of the white people. I’m not generalizing, however, you should have done your part better. Anyways, if you really want to still have that job, you’d rather be well-rounded. Also, since you were interviewing someone who comes from a Western (read: Western) upbringing, you should at least know the reputation of this Hollywood star and like this and that. Also, please do not follow Rowan Atkinson’s interview with Elton John in Hysteria, since that is tooo… well, funnier.

As for Anne, you still have a LOOOOOONG WAY to go. Granted, you’ve got great roles and movies at the same time, however, the way you handled the interview is just… ugh. I feel really disappointed with the way you handled it. I would have been more delighted if you simply walked out of the room. Or maybe you might have said, “Shall we talk about the movie/play/musical or not?” or “Do you want to talk about my performance or not?”

When Ruffa Gutierrez commented with the interview that Anne was “bitchy,” granted that Ruffing has a bad reputation with her momma, but she said it better.

This was a better interview! Check this out!

Ricky should have learned from this video or two, however, in a better way, because Rowan was actually insulting Elton in an intentional manner.

Jam Reyes said:

Guys, kindly give our kababayan a break. Ricky Lo didn’t ask the most stupid questions, it was Anne Hathaway who started the conversation with a when-will-this-string-of-international-press-interview-ever-gonna-end look. And Ricky Lo only looked bad because Anne clammed up to some questions rather impolitely. Other Hollywood celebrities could get away with it with a chuckle, some could even tell reporters to f* off without losing their pleasant disposition. The awkwardness started with Hathaway, and Lo being a bungling interviewer failed to handle the situation, so it all went downhilll from there.

As for inviting Filipino fans, Hathaway is way down below the mark. You a celebrity…a simple hi to fans…couldn’t be granted? Even if we consider Lo the most stupid entertainment reporter ever to walk the earth, Hathaway’s attitude was the major turn off and bigger revelation for me.

Lo should learn from this. Should always continue learning. But he doesn’t deserve to be booed for an interview where the celebrity thinks every other question is too personal. Again, if it was somebody else who answered the questions in a heart beat, it wouldn’t be controversial at all. And no one would waste energy to say “OMG! I can’t believe Ricky Lo asked that!”

Now if the snorts to Lo is for other reasons, then have a blast. I’m just concerned that the flaks aren’t doing him, or you, or this country any good.

See!? Anne should really have known better. It’s better to ride-on with the interviewer rather than to act like a prima donna, even though you are showing your professionalism as an actor. Nahiya naman talaga si Ricky Lo. It just shows that Anne is really a diva on the inside. Not being judgmental, but other Hollywood celebrities handle themselves better. Okay, so to speak, there’s really a sheer difference between “polite” and “fake,” versus “real” and “rude.” What Anne did was being rude. Look at the other journalists who are non-Asians. They also make mishaps in their interviews, but the interviewees do not act rude.

comment na lang dun para sa mga nagsasabing kailangan magresearch ni ricky lo before sa interview. fyi, he is doing the interview in behalf of the filipino readers who may not really know who anne hathaway is. probably he did some research but he’s asking for the benefit of the filipino readers who’s more knowleageable sa local stars. so far naman, mga general questions lang naman yung tanong nya. kung ayaw ni anne sagutin yung about poverty, fine. she can say it naman in a nice way. as for weight tips, wala namang kaperso personal about it. i read before si christian bale was asked the same question because he did a movie that requires him to be super thin. nakalimutan ko lang yung title ng movie. he explained it naman. i dunno know why she has to be bitchy. siguro dahil she was anticipating questions about lea salonga and ricky lo is a filipino. insecure lang ang peg. totoo namang mas better si lea dahil lea did it live and her voice is far so better than anne’s

There are roles that require actors to lose or to gain weight. It was only Anne who took the questions personally, and was more awkward in handling it. I think it’s just having a big head after all.

Sa opinion ko lang nainsulto di lang si Mr Lo pati mga Pilipino viewers dun sa huling sinabi ni Anne. Sabihin na nating na star struck, ninerbyos at palpak ang interview ni Ricky, pero tinry naman niyang bumawi sa huli para may magandang impression pa rin yung interview nila pero di pa rin pinalagpas ni Anne at nag power trip pa rin siya. So kung palpak na interviewer si Ricky, biatch naman si Anne.

Well-said, dude. Feeling A-lister si Half-a-way. Okay, she’s a Hollywood actress, but she is not as A-lister as the likes of err… Nicole Kidman, Zhang Ziyi (even though she’s reported to be rude)… or some other people. In fact, Ricky is asking for opinions of his interviewees, although those were off-topic. He should stick with the topic rather than apply the stream of consciousness. Si Anne naman, akala mo kung sinong maka-asta, eh hindi naman siya A-listed.

I am not a fan of Ricky Lo’s, but Hathaway was blatantly rude! Assuming the questions were not good enough for her, she should not have answered with sarcasm. That was a big turn off. Will think twice about watching her movies now.

– Pinay in Kiwiland –

Ella Enchanted and the Princess Diaries series are big hits. It was only Bride Wars where she had a bad move because of Kate Hudson (well you know, Kate only got into show business due to nepotism). However, handling yourself as an actor is really a big deal to your audience. If you speak ill of another country, people will really hate you. Of course, talk about Claire Danes’ controversial statement about Manila. Now look where her career is now?

Harumi/Aaron Smith said:

Tama nagmukhang tanga si Ricky Lo dahil sa mga naging reaction ni Anne but not because of the questions he raised. But think of this guys, Ricky Lo is a journalist and he was there to ask questions that he thought will catch the attention of the public, that he wanted to know about her. When she was asked about weight loss, is there something wrong asking that question? It’s not really an offending question. Why not? Ricky Lo seen her to be very slim and then get back her weight. When he asked about “anne have been poor, or what? it’s not something not be answered right? He asked her about her association of herself and her real life. So why not answer it, if she has been poor so what dba? I’m not a fun of Ricky Lo but for me he shouldn’t be condemned like what other s are doing. What have happened to the Filipino people? Ricky Lo is ours while Anne is theirs? She is the one promoting for the movie and Ricky Lo was simply extending the channel of promotion.One thing was for sure, she simply doesn’t want us to watch the movie. And she is so rude!!.Didn’t you understand that by supporting her actuations you were pulling down yourselves as well.

Of course, sinong HINDI magmumukhang tanga if a person reacted in a sarcastic tone? Personally, I do hate sarcasm. I really speak my words directly without the fear of being judged. When Manny Pacquiao lost, we were really angry towards Justin Bieber when he mocked Pacman’s loss, right? Now what about Ricky Lo’s interview with Anne Hathaway!?

People really did side with Anne because of Lo’s stupidity!? Of course, people will really look stupid if they’re lashed back like that, as if they’re superior.

Also, I don’t think nanlamon si Lo, eh. Compare his interview with Kapamilya stars interviewing Korean celebrities. Alin ang mas bastos at mas malala, sige nga!?

Just_Inggit said:

To quote another journalist’s comment on this issue:

 “I think Anne was just too tired that day. Imagine talking to the
press for hours and answering the same set of questions over
and over again. That’s why madalas kong maitanong sa
organizers ng press junkets kung bakit hindi isahang presscon
na lang tutal pare-pareho naman ang questions. They told me
gusto raw kasi ng marami sa press may one-on-one sila
for their own TV networks or major newspapers/magazines kaya kahit
nakalabas na ang dila ng artista sa kapaguran eh tuloy
ang interview.”

I remember interviewing Liam Neeson last year forTaken 2 and apparently he was already too tired when hefaced us. But he managed to stay cool and friendly throughout the interview. He knew we had a job to do and he also has responsibility to promote the film no matter what. Pagod nasiya but he remained professional and respectful to everyone.I think Anne owes Ricky Lo an apology–big time. I wish somebody would show her that YouTube interview so she would realizehow awful she isas a human being. She was so impolite, disrespectful and nasty. Hindi niya alam kung sino yung binastos niya. Kung sa akin yon, magwo-walk out talaga ako. Bastusan na kungbastusan. Pero hindi naman siya binastos ni Ricky Lo and he was warm throughout the Q&A. Kung may hindi nagustuhan si Anne sa tanong, she could have been nice or diplomatic like other major stars. Anyway 4 minutes lang naman yung interview.There are so many celebrities who are asked the silliest questions or questions that theydon’t feel like answering. But they handle them well and even show their smart or witty side in the process. Hindi naman kailangang mambastos o mambara ng kapwa. Kahit sinong tao naman doesn’t deserve what Anne did to Ricky Lo. Yung ibang foreign press nga hindi maka-Ingles ng straight and are struggling for words pero inaaalalayan pa sila ng celebrities at makikita mo talaga ang good character ng mga artista. Pero si Anne…she failed. If she’s exhausted na, eh di mag-excuse muna siya kahit one hour to rest. She has so much blessings in life–beauty, fame, wealth, success, etc. The least that she could have done was to treat everyone like a decent human being. Minsan pa napatunayan ko na hindi lahat ng kumikinang eh ginto.

Kaya nga eh, mas kawawa pa nga si Ricky Lo due to Anne’s rude and arrogant response throughout the interview. Well, if some people from the US would pinpoint that she’s really THAT great as a person… let’s see if she’s well-loved in the US…

keyleia23 of YouTube said:

i dont know why some of you all of a sudden are ashamed of being a filipino by seeing this interview haha its just an interview for crying out loud! we all have our moments give ricky lo some slack. i remember when he interviewed leonardo dicaprio, leo picked him as his favorite among the international press. and to be honest, philippine star shouldn’t have taken down this video as this show what a real bitch that anne hathaway is!

So now Anne Hathaway has a lot of rabid fans as well… kidding. Well, some people right here do not realize that they’re acting like fantards. Well, if some of you think she was intelligent enough to do the “right” thing… you’re really trying to kiss the asses of white people. Tsk.

Uh-oh! I think Anne’s career is getting really down!

Anon of datalounge said:

People who have met Anne Hathaway have said that she is a MAJOR BITCH. On the set of BRIDE WARS, she was insufferable to most people. She was rude and condescending. On the other hand, Kate Hudson supposedly was very sweet to the “little people” while filming BRIDE WARS.

Kate may be someone I really do not like as an actress, but for the record, she’s not a prima donna at all. I think she’s a great person even though she’s not that good in acting… hmmm…

Now I know why Bride Wars was a total mess. Kate might have no good relationships with Half-a-way at all!

Bodhi of Celeb!tchy said:

I don’t necessarily dislike Ann, but I don’t think she is anywhere near as pretty or as talented as people proclaim her to be. I think she looks like a squirrel and her mega weight loss hasn’t done anything for her already big eyes & mouth. I wouldn’t ever dismiss anything just b/c she is in it (other than the movie she did with Jim Sturgess. I am not interested in it at. all)

Take that Ms. Half-a-way! Now we know why you were feeling insulted with the weight loss thing!

She has a long way to go after all. Hindi porke’t big star ka na sa paningin ng iba, aasta kang ganyan! Shameful enough!

Naka-ilang issues na nga ba siya? I think it was one time that she was also being rude to Daniel Craig, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt called her a “snob.”

I’m not expecting Half-a-way herself owing an apology to Ricky Lo. If she did, then good for her! Defending her acts in that interview and pulling Ricky Lo down is simply insipid. As much as I’m not a fan of Ricky Lo, he rather stayed calm while Anne is acting like a bitch towards him. Kung hindi niya kayang sakyan si Ricky, she’d rather not act like a typical know-it-all person. Doesn’t she even know that there are some who do not like her as well?

Ms. Half-a-way, you have to prove your worth more. It’s not just because you’re a great actress doesn’t mean you’re going to be a prima donna. After all, you’re only for the fairy tale movies.


12 thoughts on “Ricky Lo’s controversial interview with Anne Hathaway

  1. It pains to me that Ricky Lo was being booed unjustly. I think he did a good job naman. Actually, every Sunday, I look forward to his Conversations at Philippine Star. As a regular reader of his, I find his questions really organized and he follows guidelines…. Not to mention makes the interviewee comfortable… 🙂 Hopefully, he overcomes this hurdle.

    • Also, I think that he’s really a veteran journalist naman. Hearing his name, it’s like an A-lister, so why do people have to call him “stupid” even though he did some mishaps on the interview?

      For the record, he does not deserve comments that are very hurtful. He did an excellent job, but most Filipinos fail to look at his achievements… for now.

  2. actually, anne is an a-lister. marami na akong napanood na shows na nag-refer sa kaniya as an a-lister sa hollywood. 🙂

    • A-lister na nga, granted. However, she’s not as high-profile as Natalie Portman or Nicole Kidman in terms of popularity. However, I must say that she has great movies.

  3. When Ricky Lo kept on bringing up Lea Salonga’s name during the interview, that was uncomfortable. Anne Hathaway is the star of the movie and the spotlight should be on her and not on Leah Salonga. About the weight loss question, it’s not really that personal but perhaps, Anne would have been in the mood to answer it if it’s asked by a female interviewer in a girl talk style. But anyway, let’s not make a generalization. Just because Anne Hathaway wasn’t that accommodating to Ricky Lo doesn’t mean that she hates Filipinos

    The “amor propio” as being Filipinos is still very common among us. But one thing that Filipino journalists should learn when interviewing foreign artists is to refrain from asking questions about Filipinos such as their favorite Filipino food, if they are attracted to Filipino women, what they like about the Philippines, and what is your message to Leah Salonga etc. The questions should focus more on the foreign artist who is being interviewed and not about us.

    • That is one flaw that should be taken of, however, Anne should have said, “Look, do you want to talk about the movie or not?” I was only assuming that she might be anti-Pinoy just because of Ricky Lo himself. (The reactions were like “We apologize in behalf of Lo.”)

      With regards to the weight loss and poverty thing, that was so ugh. She should have not taken it personally anyway.

      Inevitable naman kasi na si Lea Salonga ang babanggitin dahil Fantine din ang papel niya sa Les Mis. I don’t think Lo was even trying to compare her to Lea.

      Lastly, I really do not know what would Lea’s reaction will be in that interview itself since she is known for being outspoken — she was once criticized for being “anti” against off-key singers. Hope that she would not feel bad about it.

  4. Hollywood actress like Anne Hathaway is above average look, below average IQ, below average knowledge and way below average COMMON SENSE. What do you expect.??

    • Well, thanks for the comment. She has a really LONG way to go after all.

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