So it’s not only the American people who don’t find Kate Hudson that attractive…

Mga Artistang Packaged as good-looking pero hindi naman in GIRLTalk

I said,

Actually hindi ko rin gets kung bakit maraming nagagandahan kay Kate Hudson. Honestly, chinita eyes and flat nose for a white person!? Not saying na chaka siya, but her mom Goldie is prettier than her, but that was when she was younger. Si Kate naman, she only looks younger than her age, and that’s it.

Truth is, Kate Hudson got her not-so-good features from Bill Hudson. Super razor thin lips and the big nose! It’s not a Goldie feature, even though Goldie’s nose is quite flat as well. Also, the eyes! Kung si Kurt Russell lang ang tatay niya, she would be better-looking.

ReservoirDogs said:

Yeah, ditto with Kate Hudson. Aside from the fact na di sya maganda, she’s not sexy at all. Payat and flat-chested pa.

You’ll never deny that she has the same body type as Maja Salvador. Only a stick version!

Just read the link there. You’ll know na being a white person with chinky eyes and flat nose at the same time is NEVER attractive. You call that “fakeanese.”


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