Trina… hmm…

Le screenshotz!

It’s not only me who did not get the hype about Kitchie Nadal. I mean, tanggapin na lang natin na one-hit wonder lang siya. Iba parin talaga kapag winner ka ng talent search show, eh. Also, she could have been at-par with JB and Charice when it comes to popularity hype, which fellow YouTube sensation Marie Digby never received.

After all, it’s better to be underrated than to be overrated.





Nako, as if the Trina thing might be true… and Japayuki nailed it!

Grabe totoo lahat ito. I can attest to it. Just see how she dumped her band. And she calls herself a Christian. Tang ina.

…and now people should know that Kitchie simply lost her so-called good looks when in fact, she went a little darker to a la Lovi Poe. At isa pa, ang kapayatan niya, daig nga niya talaga si PEM Barranda.

Oh noes.

I also doubt that Kitchie is suplada, unfortunately, even though she become quite extroverted, ewan ko lang talaga. Basta, it is proved that one-hit wonder lang talaga siya — thanks to Lovers in Paris (Korean), sikat na sikat na siya that time.

However, those accounts that she dumped her band and chuvaloo just proved how she became inactive in the music industry. Seriously, wala talaga siyang stage presence, no matter how much she interacts with the audience.


“I am not gifted as a social being,” she says. “That’s why many people think I’m suplada or masungit because I’m not the type who is eloquent in speech. My thoughts are usually found in writing.”

In a GMA docu, Kitchie does not want to be treated as a celebrity.

However, this situation is understandable, if that would be Ashley Gosiengfiao. Ashley is the type of celebrity who is not as famous as Alodia, but is happy with it. Granted, few people think that she’s quite mataray and kind of snob because she does not answer some fan mail or comments (ay nako, I asked her lots of Q’s in Formspring pero ugh!), and rants at the same time (the dog thing is one thing that I do understand — blame the scars on the dogs!? No way, Jose!)… and looks annoying (yeah, para siyang female version ni Quito Trenas), yet talent-wise, she cannot be questioned. She is not as over-hyped as her “ate” or Kitchie, pero mas may substance lang siya talaga. If she’s not gifted with stunningly good looks, me korte naman ang katawan. Also, malakas rin ang appeal niya.

As much as I hate comparing Ashley to Kitchie, s’yempre, you really cannot question Ashley’s credibility, granted she is often annoying when she rants, unlike Kitchie, she calls herself a Christian (okay, I do not oppose to it anyways), yet there are accounts na ganito-ganyan. Don’t care kung paninira lang ‘yan or true. However, it’s the hype that really matters. Good thing Ashley is not as hyped as Kitchie.

Hindi nakakagulat na matured-looking na rin si Mareng Kitchie.

As much as I think that Kitchie Nadal ended up losing her good looks like Lovi Poe, I think it’s time for her to switch to acting. Hmmm…


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