Amen! I feel so vindicated

yengfandom said:

And Yeng was no one-hit wonder. In fact she would fare much better than most reality show winners, save for Sarah Geronimo who’s in a genre all her own (and will be reason for another essay). What is extraordinary about Yeng though is the fact that she’s in a rocker-chick space all her own. After all, we have lost track of Barbie Almalbis and Kitchie Nadal, and even in relation to them, Yeng would still be different: she ain’t of the rich, is willing to make fun of herself, and is more rakenrol than we imagine.

Iba parin talaga ang pagiging winner ng talent search show compared to being a hit wonder. Kasi, may tendency na you’ll rather be treated as a trend rather as an artist if you’re simply a hit wonder. Look at Justin Bieber and Charice — they’re hit wonders treated as a trend rather than artists. In the case of Marie Digby, she’s treated as an artist, therefore she does not receive that much of an impact compared to Charice and JB.

I would spare Barbie since she’s already a mother of one. Si Kitchie lang talaga ang hit wonder na totally overhyped because of her so-called beauty without makeup and ganito-ganyan, however, that’s about it. People will attest that her stage presence is quite questionable rather than exciting.

However, I love Kitchie’s rendition of “Ligaya.” In fact, I sing it all along!


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