Giving birth in a foreign country: Good or bad?

Giving birth in South Korea!? Presenting their post-natal facility!

…of course, I also want to give birth at the sanhujoriwon, if money permits that LOL.

Japanese actress Koyuki recently gave birth to her second child in South Korea in a sanhujoriwon (post-natal healthcare facility) due to the fact that Matsuyama-san herself was impressed on the facility’s functions.

She plans to put up one in Japan.

Side Note: I’d like this facility to be in the Philippines. It should be a free healthcare facility for women who will give birth, regardless of social status. Kahit lying-in clinic, dapat andito rin sila, and those who are teenage moms who are willing to set their children for adoption, dapat may lawyer na rin sa hospital. Oh see? Mas ginawa pang innovative?

Giving birth in a foreign country: If you have the money

Well, as much as South Korea has a sort of dubiousness (society-wise), at least it has its own innovations. Hmmm… if I were rich enough, I might as well give birth there if I have a multi-millionaire hubby… oh diba? (However, since South Korea is a jus sanguinis country that does not even allow dual nationality, it’s safe, compared when giving birth in the United States.)

Everyone gives birth in the United States for their children to earn an American citizenship. For me, I’d rather give birth to my child STILL, in a jus sanguinis country because it is much safer compared when giving birth in a jus soli country.

List of people who gave birth in the United States (non-Americans, non-US citizens):

– Victoria Beckham => Harper Seven Beckham
– Jinkee Pacquiao => Queen Elizabeth Pacquiao
– Catherine Zeta-Jones => her two kids with Michael Douglas (dunno their names, but she never intended to earn US citizenship just like Audrey Hepburn)
– Heidi Klum => Leni Samuel and her two sons with Seal (she was born when Heidi was still yet to apply for US citizenship, same with the boys, Frau Klum became a US citizen in 2008)

Actually, giving birth in a foreign country is no big deal at all, if you just have the money. However, patriotic concerns do not allow this to happen if someone, let’s say, from Japan, wants to give birth to her child in Japan alone, regardless of her husband’s citizenship/nationality.

Women do not simply consider their home country as a conducive environment to give birth to their babies. In fact, some of them give birth in the United States of America due to citizenship issues (such as wishing their children to earn US citizenship) or maybe giving birth in the United Kingdom because of their excellent healthcare system/facility. Meanwhile, in South Korea, ten percent of the patients/clients in the sanhujoriwon (a Korean innovation) are Japanese people.

Now why the hell do people want to give birth in the United States? Not all people like to do so, actually. It only happens that some mothers consider the United States as their home rather than their “primary domain/base.” There is an issue where South Korean mothers intend to give birth to their children in the United States because they fear the mandatory military service for their soon-to-be male kids. For me, that is quite un-patriotic for South Koreans (some Koreans think that military service is for their own good, and therefore should never be taken for granted).

Giving Birth in a foreign country, for the royalty and government officials

Some royals were born in a foreign country, for instance, the King of Spain. Even King Rama IX of Thailand was born in the United States (he might have been a US citizen, but since Thailand does not allow dual nationality, it’s alright). However, I have never heard of a member of the Imperial Japanese family who was born in a foreign land (although Japan does not permit dual nationality, now that is patriotic enough, I think they’re setting an example as their society is still not yet truly open-minded to immigrants and gaijins).

If you’re working in the government, citizenship is a big deal. You only have to hold one citizenship because you’re representing the country itself. Some countries do not permit people who was born in a foreign land to run for president, vice-president, senator or a lawmaker (in the Philippines, you should be born in the Philippines to become a president, VP, senator or a congress official — I do not know why, but maybe to preserve something that I really do not understand, enlighten me please), whether they allow dual citizenship or not (oh, even the United States only allows natural-born US citizens to be a US President).

Countries that allow foreign-born nationals/naturalized citizen to participate in the government/politics:

South Korea – Lee Myung-bak was born in Japan, while Jasmine Lee is the first naturalized Korean citizen to enter politics as a Saenuri Party representative.

Japan – Alberto Fujimori, a Peruvian-born Japanese (and former leader of Peru), entered Japanese politics.

Australia – Julia Gillard, the first female PM of AU, is actually Welsh by birth.

Both South Korea and Japan do not allow dual citizenship, so it’s alright for their foreign-born nationals to run for politics, while Australia, not so familiar with their laws, but it allows dual nationality in some way.

Side Note: I am going to make a blog post about jus soli and jus sanguinis in my main blog and list all the naturalized citizens right there LOL and the political system of each country I am mentioning.

I think it’s not really bad to give birth in a foreign country, for as long as you have the money. That is very similar to have your teeth whitened in Thailand or maybe having your flat nose narrowed in South Korea. LOL.

Do not settle for anything less

Warning: People-Pleaser Mode Forever Damaged. Bashing 101 Mode Activated (CHOS!).

Setting very low standards mean that you’re settling for anything less.

…which makes you an absolute loser.


Sige na, minu-murder ko na silang lahat. Yeah right, but this is my blog, so yeah.

Only one GIRLTalker agreed with me when it comes to Trina’s beauty. Yep, pretty siya in person, however, her beauty is not really extraordinary naman, eh. She’s just lucky that she is a talented singer-songwriter (again, not dissing her LOL). Also, if you’re going to compare her to other Lasallian girls out there, ‘di hamak na she’s not a head-turner talaga.

Si Mariel naman, I don’t hate her of some sort, pero reading Bashing 101’s article about Mariel, actually, may point talaga siya. Mariel’s beauty is not really a head-turner. If you’re talking about head-turner beauties, you’re thinking of Dawn Zulueta or Helen Gamboa. I think only a few celebrities posses beauty na class parin, for instance, Shamcey Supsup.

Maja Salvador? No need to explain. She’s not even that pretty. She’s only lucky that she’s a member of the Salvador clan, and that’s about it. I’m not giving any kudos to Kris Aquino for Majarot’s beauty — kung si Kim Bum nga he said that Majarot is like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Catherine is not even that pretty for me. I’d say that she looks sophisticated, but simplicity-wise, she’s not even standing out.

Sam Pinto? Nah, she’s only another pretty face. However, I’d say she has no star quality after all. Kung ikukumpara mo rin siya sa mga colegiala ng La Salle o Ateneo, malamang, talbog rin siya.

Reciprocating them…

Kaye Abad is prettier in person (oh noes, bakit hindi ko siya namukhaan). You will never ever wonder why she’s not even pretty on TV. When she became fair-skinned, I was not shocked. In fact, she looks good with any skin tone like Heart Ongpauco. It only happens that the camera does not give her justice.

Marian? She’s overrated, granted, however, people will never deny that she’s prettier in person. It’s only that she’s too pretty to be overrated. She’s one of the matured-looking celebrities who maintains an effortless kind of beauty within her.

Judy Ann Santos for me has the star quality, and that can never be denied. Kahit nanay na siya, wala paring kupas ang lola niyo.

Maricar Reyes, lastly, is better-looking than Sam. In fact, she has more class and sophistication than the latter. Despite her fame due to the scandal, she never had issues with other co-stars (e.g., conflicts).

Peace sa mga fans, whoever will be attacking me, well, you don’t always have to agree with me of some sort. I kinda feel underrated CHOS!

These other “reciprocating” guys I mentioned, are actually better-looking and more attractive than those I have mentioned at the first place. Most people admire the former four because of their so-called beauty — please don’t get me started with that. Remember, I have double-standards, and when I say double-standards, you can never reach it, but it still depends, though.

Ang katotohanan according to MSP

Some hard-to-please people set their standards very low — kumbaga, kung sino pa ang super-duper average-looking, sila pa ang maganda para sa kanila.

Catherine Zeta-Jones for me is average-looking, well, compared to Dawn Zulueta. CZJ only happens to be sophisticated with class, and you will never deny that she’s for the elite eyes.

I’m not that hard-to-please, unless you set your standards at a very low level. That’s because I’m practicing my beliefs as a morally-conservative domineer. Well, personal beliefs, if you were to ask me.

I’m not saying that Angelina Jolie is more beautiful than CZJ; it’s too awkward to compare and contrast them. If you’re going to ask me who’s the most beautiful person in Hollywood? Well, that would be someone who does not even come from the United States or from the UK.

If you’re talking about extra-ordinary looks, s’yempre what comes out from one’s mind is the head-turner factor. Headturner ba ang matatawag mo kay Daniel Padilla? EWW. Pababa ng pababa ang standards ng mga tao ngayon basically because Daniel emulates the “galaw” of Binoe.

See? If you think that the former four people are stunningly and extra-ordinarily beautiful, think again. Yeah, you may slap it again that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, however, the higher the standards, that signifies that you’re not settling anything for less.

For instance, I do not find Aljur Abrenica very handsome. Anong ikina-gwapo niyan kung (DI HAMAK NA) mas gwapo pa si Gerald Anderson d’yan o si Will Devaughn? LALO pa kung si Rodjun Cruz pa ‘yan.

I really do not get it why people insist on one’s insecurity if they themselves do not set their standards on a very high level. Setting your standards at a very high level does not guarantee you the “hard to get” reputation. It makes you more respectable and less of an underdog. Kung sino pa ‘yung mataas na standards, sila pa ang hindi gaanong nare-recognize. Kung sino pa ang mababa pa ang standards, ABA, ang kapal-kapal ng mukha magpa-autograph o magpa-pic lang kay AA! Sample lang ‘yan.

Take a cue or two from Bashing 101. That person is one-of-a-kind. Morally-conservative domineer ang dating. When he/she bashed Mariel and Toni, I do see his/her point. Actually, I find some girls exaggerating when they say Mariel is prettier without makeup. Siguro kung nakasalubong mo lang. Pero ‘yung lilingon ka, I doubt it will happen. Let’s see if the former four will still look pretty kung bagong gising lang sila (I’m not exaggerating right here — ‘yun kasi ang sinasabi ng mga matatanda, eh. Tapos dapat maganda rin sa umaga’t gabi, s’yempre).

Honestly, there are only a few actors who are really glamorous a la classy beauties. Come on people, cameras and televisions fake the faces of these people. Sabihin niyong maganda ang mga ‘yan sa personal, however, I really cannot imagine them still looking good on their “rise-and-shine” looks. Maganda parin siguro si Dawn kahit bagong gising siya. Kahit si Lucy rin.

Oh yes, majority of Americans dislike Anne Hate-away

…so after she and Katie Holmes are both rivals, at least Katie is down-to-earth and a low-profile person. You will never hear her being a diva unlike Anne Hate-away who is a great actress, but has a questionable character.

Marj said (

Anne HATE-Away is widely hated by a lot of people in the US. Just google hate Anne Hathaway. She’s a self important, pretentious biatch. she was rude in the interview and showed her true colors. She has been blabbing about her weight loss in various interviews in America and now it’s too personal. What a joke.

She was even moooooore pretentious with her Matt Lauer interview.

Well, that’s because fame has got into her head. Just because you’re portraying the main character does not give you a free pass to act rude or something.

She’s an A-lister, alright. But how come she’s not well-respected like Natalie Portman or Scarlett Johansson? She must learn a thing or two from them.

Compare and Contrast

I may not know these people personally, however, they do not leave traces of double-meanings on their actions. I don’t like comparing her to Katie Holmes because Katie is under-rated in terms of acting (she needs more workshop) despite being over-rated during her marriage with Tom Cruise.

Natalie, on the other side of the story, no matter how much you don’t get her you know, like you wanna despise her or something, it’s no question that she’s a true-blooded thespian with values embedded into her (being Israeli-born, studied at an Ivy League Uni, well-respected, value-laden, almost-perfect package). I’m not a Portman fan, but I think she’s undeniably a true A-lister.

Meanwhile, ScarJo, no matter people despise her for being overrated in terms of looks, is undeniably an experienced thespian. From Home Alone to her big break in Lost in Translation, she made it in Iron Man 2 as Black Widow and ended up being an Avengers star. Poor her, she’s not recognized for her acting capability because people are digging on her unique face value and her enviable figure. Well, I’m sort of a fan because she’d be the next Drew Barrymore.

Actually, as much as I do not wanna compare Halfie to ScarJo and Hershie (Hershlag, Portman’s original surname), at least the latter two are admired for their class, grace and err… wit.

Ms. Half-a-way, while it’s not yet too late, learn something from your other co-stars without double meanings. You’re not part of the illuminati.

Ewan ko nga sa’yo, Angelica. Mahusay kang aktres, pero bakit mas lamang mo pa si Sarah Geronimo bilang parunggit queen? CHOS!

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angelica panganibanMay bago na namang kaaway, sumabog na ang galit

SINO kaya ang kaaway ni Angelica Panganiban ngayon at tila imbiyernang-imbiyerna siya.

Sa Twitter ay nagpatutsada siya sa kanyang kin aiinisan.

She posted the Ten Commandments and singled out the number nine biblical message which said: “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

Kasama ng posting na ito ay ang intriguing message ni Angelica sa kung sino man na kaaway niya, “#9 huwag manirang puri sa kapwa tao…Huwag magsinungaling…tamaan na ang guilty.

Malungkot isipin na kabuhayan nila ang manira ng kapwa.

Mas maayos sana ang takbo ng buhay if we live in peace.

Si Lord na ang bahala sa inyo. Stop hating us just because were happy.

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I really cannot say anything bad about SG, but because of Mommy Divine’s strict rules, SG ended up kawawa.

I know I sound bitchy here, but making your own daughter “hard-to-get” makes her feel like a parinig queen. I was right. That’s what happened to her.

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sarah geronimoNAKAKASA na ang drama anthology ni Sarah Geronimo kapalit ng natsugi niyang Sarah G Live.

For a change ay magdadrama naman si Sarah dahil naumay na siguro ang mga tao sa kanyang Sunday musical show.

Thirteen episodes ang ipalalabas sa drama anthology ni Sarah at siyempre every week ay iba’t iba ang kuwento.

Entonces, iba-iba rin ang kanyang leading man sa bawat week.

Nabasa namin sa isang website ang list of 13 leading men ni Sarah.

Hindi namin alam kung official na ito o magbabago pa.

Kasama sa list sina Sam Milby, Jericho Rosales, Piolo Pascual, Paulo Avelino, Rayver Cruz, Coco Martin, JM de Guzman, Luis Manzano, Enchong Dee, Matteo Guidicelli, Patrick Garcia and Xian Lim and of course, si John Lloyd Cruz.

Interestingly, kasama sa list ang isang ex ni Sarah, si Rayver.

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Poor Rayver, kaya marami ka ring haters because you made patol to a pokpok, kaya find another decent woman that you could rely on. Anyways, Cristine Reyes is walang kwenta, Rayver. You are a decent man. Even your family and the whole Cruz clan will never approve of her, ok? Dude, napagdaanan ko rin ‘yan, and it’s a matter of approval naman talaga, eh. Also, if you’re going to make her your wife, bantay ka lang. Siguro na-under ka niya. Kaya please Rayver, move on from that good-for-nothing trash. You deserve better.

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cristine rayverParang loka-loka rin itong si Rayver Cruz dahil to this day daw ay naghihintay pa raw itong balikan ng ex na si Cristine Reyes.

Hindi pa raw niya nage-get over ang feelings niya for the sexy star kesehodang pinaglalaruan na raw siya.

Ganyan din ang nangyari nu’ng una silang nag-split, remember?

Talagang si Rayver  ang umiyak at sobrang apektado kaya hayun, nu’ng binalikan ni Cristine after her feud with sister Ara Mina ay dalawang kamay na tinanggap ng aktor.

“Marami talagang tanga sa larangan ng pag-ibig.

Baka kasi pinatikim ni Cristine ng something na hinding-hindi makalimutan ni Rayver.

Kasi nga, batambata siya nang mapunta kay Cristine na mukhang sanay na sa pakikipag-boyfriend.

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