Anne Hathaway is rivals with Katie Holmes

winged_angel said:

I think Katie was riding on a chlldhood crush for Tom Cruise rather than desire for fame. She even had to decline roles after marrying him. Anne Hathaway on the other hand had to bare skin in several movies to get to her status. So if this issue is true, then it is rather ridiculous. However, with respect to Anne’s personality,it is common knowledge that she is generally disliked by former co-stars. That speaks volumes of her attitude. Even interviewers do not like her because she is widely known to be rude and condescending. Nice guy Joseph Gordon Levitt, despite the friendly appearance they put in public was quoted to have referred to her as an ‘insufferable snob.’ The press has given her the nickname Anne Hate-away. So yeah, Anne Hathaway is conceited and annoying.

So what do we expect to such an alien-looking skank like Anne Hateaway!?

Katie Holmes… never a fan of hers, however, I do feel bad for her especially with that psychotic Tom Cruise! It’s NOT Katie’s fault to have a crush on him, but I think that marrying Senyor Mapother is such a big mistake. Hanggang saan at kailan ba nalamon ni Katie ang pagiging controlling ni Tom!? I could see sadness in her eyes, despite her wealth. Also, I NEVER thought of Katie as someone marrying a famous celebrity for fame alone.

Perez Hilton explained this as well. If I am no Katie fan, at least she’s rather the quiet type than HATEaway!


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