I feel so vindicated!

Danke schoen (sehr seeeeeehr viel!) kumareng Roxyisferox, if that grrr/?/blocked/D! baklita is such a bitch to start with.

Take this, grrr/?/blocked/D!:

You said:


Then Roxyisferox came to the rescue and said:

as for ‘?’, wait…. WHAAAT??!?!? *sarcasm* butthurt AAdik palpak naman ang diskarte? If h/she is going to post a comment, h/she should see to it that h/she won’t become the person whom h/she is attacking. period.

Nice try, coward anon. You think that you’re too self-righteous to say those things!? EH IKAW, AH!? Parang ni-lambast mo si Sarah Geronimo kasi may pa-warm-blooded male kang nalalaman diyan, UTOT MO! PWE!

It shows that changing your username won’t make me too inferior. At least I am more consistent and less bitchier than you do. HAHAHAHA! Mga type mo pala, mga malalanding YAYA! PWE! PWET MO! YUCCCCCKKKKKK!

Ikaw siguro ang makakarma, and yeah… I have checked your IP address, you and Ar come from the same province!

I seriously think that you have NO taste in people. Kawawa ka naman, ‘dong! Puro na lang feeling moral-laden ang peg! YUCK!

Do you think you’re too smart and beautiful to tell me these things!? ASA KA PA, feeling mo naman mala-Dyosa ‘yung mga kinumpara ko kay SG (the people you mentioned).

For the record, pareho kayong butthurt ni kaye aka Kapamilya BUTT-hurt fan! PWE!

You two should marry one another. IN HELL.

Balitaan mo ako kapag kasal na kayo, ah. I think you’re the perfect couple in Hades, where EVIL is there.

Tapos mamaya kapag si Yeng ang pinupuri ko, sasabihin mo nanaman, “Mas maganda kaya si ________ ‘jan!”

No one has the right to mess up with Yeng-senpai! Not even those who think that chinky eyes and flat nose for a white woman would be 10000000x more attractive than she is. Check your eyes, please! And your standards!

If you also think that Mariel, Maja, Erich and AA are 100000000000x prettier than Sarah, then you must be fucking blind! Kung si Helen Keller pa ang kalaban mo, masasapak ka nun, trust me!

Sana hindi ka makarma at madapa patungong impiyerno (sarcasm intended). ‘Yun lang.


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