Nice try, dude… try again!


Ako kawawa!? Ako confused admirer ni Cristine!? ASA KA PA DUDE, tapos below the belt pa ang “too much hate” pa, ah!?

Seriously, ganyan naman talaga ang style ninyong mga defenders (fans OR non-fans ni AA). You would deny that you’re NO AA fans. However, do you think what I’m writing is TOO MUCH HATE!?

I would have appreciated it more if you said, “Dude, you’re hitting AA too hard. Give yourself a break.”

AA deserves to be hit hard, like a hammer. At anong below the belt ang pinagsasabi mo!? Well, I could always stoop down on one’s level, you know.

Also, it’s not too much hate. Cringe-inducing naman talaga ang mga pinanggagawa ni AA. Face it dude, hindi siya ang typical na prangka’t palaban na aka Annabelle Rama, sadyang bastos lang siya’t walang ka-breeding breeding!

The amount of hate is just right. No excess. No scarcity. That’s it. Period. No interruptions. Intiendes?

Also, I think that she deserves rants, lambastments, nitpicks and hurtful words towards her.

Get your facts straight, dude. Si SimonLaplace2 ang hinahanap mong confused admirer. He also hates AA, pero kinampihan niya against Ara. E-ehem! AA could have asked nicely for the utang, however, SimonLaplace made a mistake.

At ako kawawa!? DUDE, mas kawawa ka pa sa ina-akala mo, eh! Calling Sarah and Mommy Divine as infamous does not make you like, “I’m mightier-than-thou.” King ina naman, oh! I seriously will never be jealous on AA’s kaputian, kapayatan, kasi puro naman talaga Salamat Doc ang mga ‘yun, eh. Trust me. Do you call someone totoong tao when he/she cannot admit their retoke!?


You may lambast me whenever you want. However, it’s your loss when it comes to credibility and further research. Kaya mag-research ka na dude, before it’s too late.

To the audience

Comparing CR and SG is a comparison between Miley, Rihanna vs. Taylor Swift.

If I favored Miley over Rihanna, that’s because Miley is not the typical stick-to-one in a faux way. Meanwhile, I also included Rihanna with Miley because of Taylor Swift. Okay, I have nothing against TSwift, but dating a lot of guys and breaking up just to make a song is just pathetic.

Take a cue from Hailie Mathers.

If you think that Sarah Geronimo is saksakan ng ka-plastikan, it’s because of Mommy Divine. Get it? People view her as pa-cute because of her “image.”

Pero si Cristine!? Do you think disente pa ‘yung papakita mo pa PWET mo sa ASAP!? YUCK!

NO decent person would love to acquaint to be related towards her, people.

I do not have any grudges against the AAdiks. They just have to be more open to criticisms regarding AA.

Like come on, konti lang mga haters ng mga ss:

Yeng Constantino
Emily Browning
Alessandra de Rossi
Solenn Heussaff

These people I have mentioned are idolized by people with VERY HIGH standards. Do you think idolizing people with a lot of issues are healthy to begin with!? You’re making yourself a hypocrite. You do not even know that fucking the bosses of ABS-CBN is very immoral and degrading at the same time.

So people have no right to call me kawawa, pathetic, or whatever that Ar said! PWE!

I have to say that Cristine has friends who are even more accommodating and more wholesome than she does, pero why can’t she take a cue from them!? Doesn’t she think that being wholesome does make her look better!?

Poor AA. She should repeat her GMRC class in school. Even the admin of her alma mater will attest that Ara Mina is more honest and frank!

GMRC maybe one of the subjects that are difficult for people like AA, but she should repeat that! HAHAHAHAHAHA, kawawang AA. Bagsak na niya siguro ang GMRC niya. Poor dirty skank!

Tanggapin niyo na kasi, initials at palayaw pa lang ni AA, ka-mura mura na!

Ar said before:

LoL. HAter ni Christine, I know she is not that nice goody 2 shoes. But calling her pokpok is another thing. Libelous yan. One though at least nagpapakatotoo siya unlike others who is just pretending in front of the camera, just like one of the in-famous “mag nanay” sa showbiz.

Infamous ba ang matatawag mo kay SG at Mommy Divine!? I don’t think you’re 100% correct. Sarah may have certain flaws, pero when it comes to privacy, walang bunyagan! That’s how Mommy D protects her junakis from the forces of manloloko people!

Cristine is even more pretentious! Even those who are not SG fans would slap that to your face! Remember that!

PS: Your pathetic!? It should be “you’re.” HAHAHAHAHAHA.


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