Leyt r’akzxns…

Towards the Maja-rot of Anne Curtis and Lea Salonga’s statement on Ricky Lo.

Masasabi ko lang kay Anne Curtis, GOOD JOB. You don’t need to apologize, Anne. It’s okay, it’s good. Kudos to your honesty about Maja as Majarot.

It’s just so true. Thank you for the compliment.

However, Lea’s statement on Ricky Lo’s interview with Anne Hathaway:

“Those questions are perfectly legitimate.”

Thank you, Mrs. Chien! That is suck a remarkable quote from you. Love it!

Lea Salonga cannot say anything bad against Half-a-way, but in respect to Lo, she said that there’s nothing wrong with asking something this and that, and she even stated that being “jetlag” might have stimulated irritability.

Now who could actually contend with Lea, huh?

This first quarter of the year made the so-called “break-up” brought good results. Oh my, oh my, Majarot became busted. ALABYOO na talaga, Anne C!


2 thoughts on “Leyt r’akzxns…

  1. Correct! Anne can be funny without hurting other people’s feelings. Agree kay Mrs. Chien. That is Ricky Lo always follow the rules kung ano ang tatanungin sa mga interviewee niya.

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