Cristine Reyes as guest on GGV plus N*gra

I think that Negra rocked the show!

However, I must say that Cristine here is too OA, pa-cute and maraming kaartehan! YUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!

As much as I find Vice witty and smart, I don’t buy into his so-called “jokes.” He often insults people in a “jokingly” manner if truth is, he cannot be like Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen is a comedienne, yes, but she’s a talk show host, and her witty jokes are not insulting at all. Meanwhile, napaka-yabang naman ni Vice! Nagmura pa siya ah!

Meanwhile, Negra nailed the whole show! Kudos to him that he was able to make it two thumbs up.

Buti pa si Vhong Navarro, kahit medyo nabababawan ako sa kanya, he does not sound insulting.

However, AA did nothing but to be too pa-cute! Her acting suckz arse! Also, the commentors included SG as prettier than AA. ‘Yung tawa pa lang ni AA, halos hindi nagkakalayo sa taong me Personality Disorder.

Do not deny this, pro-AA PEPsters and AAdiks, she’s really a beeyotch who thinks that she’s really a goddess. Goddess ng basura!? Utot niya ah. Hindi ko rin kayang sikmurahin ang pagiging plastik niya’t palengkera, kahit nung naka-alitan niya si RR, ang ate niya at si Shawie. Sa totoo lang, nakakarindi na ang mga istayl niya. Puro na lang pambabaligtad ang nagagawa niya and please, take note that I was only wasting the memory card when I saw her in person in City Best. I hated the fact that she was also there, and why have a photo taken with her!? Seriously, ang lalakas ng mga loob nilang magkaroon ng MALAS sa buhay nila, kaya days after, someone lost his life without any obvious signs (the most shocking!).

Ako lang ang hindi lumapit kay AA, ayoko nga, eh!

Days after that party, I know that something really bad will happen.

You know that puro “huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh T___________________T” lang ang mga comments ng mga beki people with that person!?


True indeed. Poor guy. He has a lot of achievements waiting in line, yet I have to say that seeing your most despised celebrity will bring bad luck. Oh well. That was the worst mistake I ever did: Waste me memory card on someone I really despise.


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