Good Lourd, Oh my why should I say JC in vain?

Once again, bumabalik na naman ang mga frustrations ko.

Tang ina, at isa pa, only a few people will agree with me that there are more head-turning girls who are even more talented than Trina (Jusko, ano ang meron sa kanya!? She has no freaking stage presence at all!) or maybe Erli.

Also, the Don’t Mess With My Camera thing. I wanna cuss right now. Tang ina talaga tang ina.

I’d rather be empty-handed than to take a photo to someone whom I really despise. Alam kong may malas na mangyayari eh.

Salamat ah. You reprimanded me about camera ethics at the wrong timing, dinala ko pa siya at the semi-incorrect occasion.

Kung sino pa naman ang gustong-gusto kong kodakan, I always miss a chance. Kung sino pang AYAW kong Kodakan, dun ko pa sasayangin ang memory card… tae talaga!

*Sigh* at hindi pa ako tapos diyan. Why can’t I always get out of the house when there’s a special opportunity. I hope some people there will allow me to get out of the house and explore. I feel so frustrated for taking the wrong people photos and missing the chance to take photos of the right people.

How I feel right now:



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