Oh yes, majority of Americans dislike Anne Hate-away

…so after she and Katie Holmes are both rivals, at least Katie is down-to-earth and a low-profile person. You will never hear her being a diva unlike Anne Hate-away who is a great actress, but has a questionable character.

Marj said (thepoc.net):

Anne HATE-Away is widely hated by a lot of people in the US. Just google hate Anne Hathaway. She’s a self important, pretentious biatch. she was rude in the interview and showed her true colors. She has been blabbing about her weight loss in various interviews in America and now it’s too personal. What a joke.

She was even moooooore pretentious with her Matt Lauer interview.

Well, that’s because fame has got into her head. Just because you’re portraying the main character does not give you a free pass to act rude or something.

She’s an A-lister, alright. But how come she’s not well-respected like Natalie Portman or Scarlett Johansson? She must learn a thing or two from them.

Compare and Contrast

I may not know these people personally, however, they do not leave traces of double-meanings on their actions. I don’t like comparing her to Katie Holmes because Katie is under-rated in terms of acting (she needs more workshop) despite being over-rated during her marriage with Tom Cruise.

Natalie, on the other side of the story, no matter how much you don’t get her you know, like you wanna despise her or something, it’s no question that she’s a true-blooded thespian with values embedded into her (being Israeli-born, studied at an Ivy League Uni, well-respected, value-laden, almost-perfect package). I’m not a Portman fan, but I think she’s undeniably a true A-lister.

Meanwhile, ScarJo, no matter people despise her for being overrated in terms of looks, is undeniably an experienced thespian. From Home Alone to her big break in Lost in Translation, she made it in Iron Man 2 as Black Widow and ended up being an Avengers star. Poor her, she’s not recognized for her acting capability because people are digging on her unique face value and her enviable figure. Well, I’m sort of a fan because she’d be the next Drew Barrymore.

Actually, as much as I do not wanna compare Halfie to ScarJo and Hershie (Hershlag, Portman’s original surname), at least the latter two are admired for their class, grace and err… wit.

Ms. Half-a-way, while it’s not yet too late, learn something from your other co-stars without double meanings. You’re not part of the illuminati.


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