The Hermit Guy

I barely knew him for a month, however, I’d say we did have a great time together.

It is just sad that we parted ways (due to personal reasons, DON’T ASK PLEASE!) after something happened. I think I triggered his emotions. Now I could no longer look back. I think he’s just someone in the past.

Who is he? Someone whom I really admire? Well, yeah.

I really miss this guy. He lately expressed how much he fully bloomed into a prince charming material THIS FREAKING YEAR, however, it was too late for me to look at how he transformed drastically from a giant fifth-grader to a real man.

I certainly do not know how I could still retrieve those messages from Yahoo Messenger. I no longer have it on my laptop mainly because it’s no longer something people would use for chat. Instead, Skype is the norm, yet I barely use it.

He really is one of the coolest guy and a lucky charm for me. But that was way back when I was in frosh year.

Freshman year… last term…

I think I am in a limbo certainly because I lost three photos I took of him.

The most unforgettable quotes that he said:

“Ooh! Tattooes are disgusting!”

“SpongeBob is such a classic!”

“No, nobody ever had the guts to ridicule me due to my size.”

Unlike the other guy, I won’t ever hold grudges against him. Granted, parting ways with him was a very long story, but it is simply a memory of the past.

I think we’re not totally compatible with one another. Individual differences was the reason.


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