Nasa loob ang kulo! Bwahawrhawrhawr!

I could imagine you that way, and yeah, it’s so fucking funny!

Now I could get my hands on that revenge thing… served HOT!


e56ec746f6891ff54d63e5ddfb4317bb1266376009_fullLOL TIBO naman tologo ang Majarotttttt!


Nope, I’m making a pun out of these stars…

I don’t actually like it, however, the photo above shows that — that person — I could see that person in Majarot and Erich “Amahelpurr”.

I can’t do anything but laugh! No “germs” here since you don’t want this to be infested with loads of PROMISCUITY!

The Weak SPOT! Gotcha!

I actually hate ranting about this person, however… she was getting through my nerves… even until college. But good news, she looks like as if she is trying too hard to look cutesy. EWW!

Majarot reminds me of that person, anyways, minus the promiscuity. Also, she’s a bitch! I really do not know why demure guys go ga-ga onto her when in fact, she’s one of the most annoying people there — actually I really do not hate her or something, but we’re simply not close with one another.

When I saw her photo that looks like the Sumoface, I immediately screenshot-ed it, and years after I did post her photo on Instagram (the private one, will not tell you guys the username LOLLLL).

I never liked that person, anyways. Okay, granted she was like the person who was being made fun of ever single duty, however, she got that “best _____” award. Tang ina. She does not even deserve it. She’s f*cking lousy. She won that freaking award because she’s in a relationship with that nice guy who is now overseas.

Haist. Demure guys will easily be aroused by these girls with an attitude similar to Majarot and AA!

Yeah right, people. She’s almost like the “almost-perfect” package: Smart, beautiful, chinita, well-off, et cetera, pero nasa loob parin ang kulo! HA! She can’t make it to the DL because… I cannot explain. I hate being bitchy right here. Well… tell me, she’s one of the popular kids before college, however, in college… is she even THAT popular?

Over our dead bodies.

Truth is, mas marami pang magagandang tao dun oh! Kahit anong kaliwa’t-kanang gawin niyo, you’ll just think that “Ugh,” like, “Bleh.”

Sayang at super nice ng boyfie niya. Hunk material, pero malas lang talaga niya… he ended up with someone who has a questionable character. Well, that ghurl actually became conceited (but not in an extreme manner)… in such a way na parang she will do anything due to her relationship status. Este, I thought BFFs lang naman sila!?

No need to explain. I pity that guy. Kunwaring pa-demure ang lokaret na ‘yan, eh. Pero ‘yun pala… hmmmmmph!

Now you think I’m that judgmental? Get your facts straight. Nasa loob parin ang kulo niya! She was just makulit before eh! Pero when she became “on” with that guy, aba, lumabas ang totoong kulay! Very disappointing.

Many demure guys think that dating people who has the “kulo” on the inside is good enough — parang ‘yung tipong OK lang sa kanila na lokohin sila like, what happens if they were framed by another guy?

Sad to say, but I actually feel sorry for those people. Their standards are as low as what I was mentioning in my blogs, FB page, lahat-lahat na ng mga taeng nakikita ninyo!

I’d seriously say that she’s really not that pretty at all! In fact, her other sibling seems nicer… siya lang talaga siguro ang me topak! Eugh.

The road to the “American dream”

Seriously, she’s a mightmare to me. Oh wait, makikita parin kita… oh gawd… I feel like I’m over-panicking!

However, that’s a freaking exaggeration. I’m so so so so so so proud that she’s never my classmate in any of my subjects… super proud ako diyan.

I super duper hated the fact that we are at the same err… second home! OH, EFF! Her face is too cold, parang lalamunin ka na ng buhay.

BLEARGH… oh well, that’s it!

No offense sa mga yayarots (Chos lang ah!) at sa mga tibo people!


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