Are you making me laugh, anon?

So you’re thinking that I’m a liar eh, anon?

You said:


Nagpapatawa ka ba? Actually, your hirits are no longer making me very, very angry. You really make me laugh because I know to myself that I may not be goody-two-shoes contrary to what other people think of me, however, I cannot afford to be a mahadera, hambog, know-it-all, hypocrite and/or not setting a good example to the youth. Seriously, I ain’t a role model, however, that does not make hinder me from setting a good example to the youth. While I could actually slack off in academics, I always guarantee good grades even though I won’t make it to the Dean’s List.

At anong gusto mong iparating, ha? I think you’re the same guy who mocked me about being “cold-hearted” with regards to people who cannot eat thrice a day. Now that’s too ridiculous since I have always been grateful to live in a good life — which I want to share with the poor.

Oh, please. Sa tingin mo ba, idol ko sina Cristine Reyes na mahadera, ipokrita, ingrata, haliparot, selosa kuno, mang-aagaw, certified homewrecker or si Maja Salvador na almost a total hypocrite OR si Erich Gonzales na mataas ang pride, ‘yung parang lalamunin ka? Seriously, I never idolize any of them because I know that I might be joking myself crazy. If I do admire some good-looking people who are hambog and mahadera at the same time, at least they’re not hypocrites.

AT MALI PA ANG numbering mo, BOBO! Dapat after 1, it should be 2! Skip ka kaagad sa 3, eh. Don’t you even know how to count? I assume you’re studying in a course that involves numbers, but you cannot count numbers the right way. Granted, I may not be good in Math, but due to my OC-ness, I tend to be meticulous about what I’m typing on the Internet.

Nice try, anon. If you think I’m a hypocrite, I never ever ate my words figuratively. Kung ano ang mga sinasabi ko, kunwari, “Pangit ka kapag masingkit ka tapos pango ilong mo, mukha kang alien!”, I won’t ever be as matapobre as Senyora Angelika Santibanez or be a meanie like Vice Ganda. I started to despise him when he called Cacai a “piranha.”

Tantanan mo na ako, ‘dong. I know you cannot say anything good at me because you’re a pauper! Kawawa ka naman. If you’re really a God-fearing person:

Do unto others that you want others to do to you; do not do unto others that you don’t want others to do to you.

‘Yun na!


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