To clarify things, I am not this kind of person, contrary to what you think

This was my response

Question: What would someone have to do to make you dislike them immediately?


1.) Being a know-it-all
2.) Being a walking contradiction
3.) Being a hypocrite
4.) Being hambog
5.) Being mahadera/o
6.) Not setting a good example to the youth
7.) Being a “bad girl” as an image(!?)
8.) Being a homewrecker
9.) Being malandi
10.) Being a person with a bad attitude in real life.

I would be a total hypocrite if I say that I’m a self-confessed/self-proclaimed know-it-all, hypocrite, hambog, mahadera/o, or someone who does not set a good example to the youth at all. Funny lang, eh. These ten things I have mentioned are my actual pet peeves in a person. Once you talk in an irritating manner (‘yung tipong masakit na talaga sa tainga, figuratively), you might as well possess these attitudes.

…and I’m not even joking, either. There are some people who are not really meant to do serious tasks, yet they were chosen because for instance, the elections were not taken seriously. I hate saying this, but if you’re going to take a look at the society, it’s no longer the “role model” thing. Most people who are deemed as “totoong tao” are those who have no class and breeding, and at the same time, they’re rude to their fellow colleagues. Oh ‘di ba, kung sino pa ang hindi maipakita ang good side nila, sila pa ‘yung most hated. Of course, that’s because they’re hypocrites. They pretend to be self-righteous or to be very accommodating, pero sa totoo lang, they’re actually hambog and at the same time a silent bully in real life. Kaya most of them are often criticized or earn enemies because of their attitudes. They’re not even qualified to win an award, to get that position… oh well, it’s because they’re too diligent to get something — so that they will be a “somebody.”

Pero bigyan mo pa sila ng magandang posisyon… or place them in a very nice section, mind you — LALAKI MGA ULO NILA!

I know better than this

Nope, I was never been socially-gifted. However, if you’re thinking that I do interact quickly with people — there’s a sheer difference between introverts and know-it-alls. Know-it-alls are actually in-between the introverted side, and the extroverted side.

However, in some cases, I really do not like being the center of attention to the crowd. For instance, if I did something humiliating, s’yempre, that’s very humiliating talaga.

There’s no boring moment with those things, however, take note — bad publicity is still publicity.


Rudeness is not allowed

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