So Amuro Namie removed her distracting tattoos on her left arm!?


I’m not a JPOP fan, but I don’t make any snarky remarks about Amuro Namie. I can’t even make fun of her tattoos which, while huge and written in terrible font, say, “My mother’s love will live with me eternally in my heart” and the name of her son. Tragic. Namie Amuro has had a dramatic life.

Well, I’d say that my criticism against those ugly, disgusting tattoos on her arm really worked. It really urged her to laser them off because truth is, it looks fucking horrible. It does not match her silent, mysterious personality at all. She looks like a slut with those arm tattoos, seriously.

Credits to Pampril ( for the photos 😀

From the infamous wrist tattoo (RIP, btw).

To the even more infamous arm tattoo (Amuro-sama, arigatou gozaimasu for believing me, finally)…

The arm tattoos (especially that horrible-looking oval one) made her look like a terrible, wasted slut with a pretty face.

It’s a waste of a good-looking person to have those tattoos, actually. Bad-ass, but eugh.

RIP, tattoos. You made Namie look so horrible.

Now I’m starting to love this gal now. ;D

Check out Big Boys Cry, she has no more arm tattoos (I think it faded away…).


2 thoughts on “So Amuro Namie removed her distracting tattoos on her left arm!?

  1. the oval tattoo on her upper left arm is for her murdered mother, so it wasn’t exactly “bad-ass” seeing as it’s a memorial tattoo.

    • Well, even though it’s a memorial tat, I believe her taste in tat designs are not so good.

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