On fantards and low standards

Another Majarot fantard, eh? Nice try slut!

You may actually file a slander case against me bitch, however, people love me for my very honest and frank personality. I could be freaking tactless most of the time, so get ready to be hit so fucking hard, man.

To my lovely followers and readers of this blog, it’s never my thing to name-drop an enemy, however, I really have to expose that person this time not for my own benefit or to catch other people’s attention, however, I’d say that I could actually be a bitch if you’re going to provoke me.

Feeling ko si grrr/blocked/?/D! ang taong ‘to eh! Walang hiya talaga siya, PWE!

Her DP reminds me of someone working at the beerhouse. OHA. You may call me judgmental, however, this slut is a certified hypocrite. OHHHHHH looking at the flaws of some of my Instagram photos!? Yeah right, I’m not really photogenic, however, Imma ask you something!? Are you really a head-turner!? I guess my million-dollar ass says NO!

Tigilan mo nga ako sa kakasabi ng Prada mo! Wala kang class, eh! Pwe!

IMG_0175 IMG_0176 IMG_0177 IMG_0178

Well, well, well… I think that Majarot fantard are just like the fantards who raged war against me including “grrr” the coward and others who think that I should admire Majarot and Kubeta for being frank and real… and a head-turner (WEHHHHHH!?).

My opinion about Majarot won’t change — even though I will admire her again, I will still won’t be a fan of hers. I will just admire her like how I admire Sarah Geronimo and Claudine Barretto.

Well, kung hindi ko afford ang Forever 21, HELLO!? I have clothes from Forever 21 and see, I’m not even bragging about it in Instagram. Eh, ikaw? Could you ever brag about it. Siguro naka-private and IG mo just because you’re a coward. Kaya I’m making my IG public is because I want other people to follow me freely.

I don’t like the way you called me a loner. Look, you’ll meet my awesome friends and mind you, they’re even more dangerous.

I also admire IG user @majakate3 for being the Majarot-hater version of @cristineilongpangit. Sila ang mga hater IG users na makakatulong sa pag-aangat ng industriya ng showbiz sa Pilipinas. I don’t think Majarot and Kubeta deserve serious respect from MEN — masusuka na nga sina Papa Chen at si Chris Tiu for their ugly shenanigans.

Basta ganyan naman ang mga artistang may face value pero questionable in terms of character. The often gain RABID FANTARDS to defend them when one person criticizes them the harsh way. Don’t be butt-hurt, people. If I argue at you just because I don’t think your opinion is respectable, well, that means that you should get your facts straight.

Mga rabid fans naman, they will look at the flaws of someone who bashes their idols nga eh! If I hate Kubeta and Majarot, that’s because they’re sluts without any breeding — and they’re hypocrites at the same time! I know myself better than I do, so please, don’t put words inside my mouth. You’re just showing your judgmental and pseudo-honest err… opinion. You insist na ganito ako but mind you, siguraduhin ninyong mataas nga ang standards niyo, dahil I will freaking mock your arses if your standards are very low (parang, YUCK! Baba ng standards, parang walang alam! HAHAHA! Pwe!).

Alrighty then, if some people right there think that I’m actually very judgmental in terms of actors, would you please take a cue from my other chinito BFF who will slap to you that stage actors are more respectable than TV actors in the Philippine showbiz industry!

If Perez Hilton and my idol Saab Magalona criticize me for favoring Miley Cyrus over JB and Rihanna, that’s because individual differences depends on one’s standards. I also do not get along with Perez in terms of Anne Hathaway — dude! Like, Anne Hathaway is a freaking pretender, unlike Jennifer Lawrence who is cool and at the same time a sport.

I’d say that when you set your standards, could you please make it freaking higher (well, not very high). Sometimes, setting your standards to low makes you MORE of a hypocrite. End of the story.

You J-Mwah, you remind me of grrr/D!/blocked/?. Pareho kayong mga epaloids. Get a freaking life. Please. You need to get over everything. I know myself better.


6 thoughts on “On fantards and low standards

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  2. #KomisLateReaction: PUTANG INA NIYA, AH! (Pasensya na kung masyado akong malutong magmura… parang crackers!)

    Grabe naman siyang maga-comment! Ang cheap niya, sa totoo lang. Ang dami niyang kino-comment laban sa’yo dahil nga nilait mo lang si Majarot. Well, she’s no fucking different from the AAdiks. I saw her face on Lookbook and Twitter and yeah, mukha nga siyang MONKEY! Este… URANGGUTAN pala!

    Hindi mo daw afford ang Forever 21 tapos hindi ka raw marunong maga-jailbreak!? PAKI NIYA!?

    Then she called you an ugly bitch!? Why can’t she mind her own ugliness first!? And the way she commented harshly on your posts… ang jeje! Pweh!

    Buti na lang at ang cool mo kahit papano. Haha. (:

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