A neighbor’s account on Kubeta’s behavior

MaritaA (OMG! Yahoo):

I believe in Ara. I happen to be their neighbor, I am actually their neighbor in Provident Village. I am witness to Christine’s bad attitude during the typhoon Ondoy. Kami yung kasama nila sa bubong during the typhoon. I’ve seen some foul manners of Christine nun mismong kasagsagan ng bagyo. At that time, I was even in awe, thinking to myself….how can someone so pretty be so rude and ill-mannered? But I do not wish to go into details out of respect to their mom. Mabait ang mother nila. I will forever be thankful that she allowed us to enter their house nung bagyo at kinupkop kami. I also think that Ara Mina is a good person, more so a good daughter compared to Christine. While I also feel that dragging dirty linens in public is not a thing for me, it could be that Ara Mina feels that this is the best way to teach her sister a lesson.

To those who think that Cristine Reyes is too nice in person, well, you got warned. She’s too plastic, a trait that most people with a negative reputation have. Nakukutob ko na idol niya talaga siguro si Kris Aquino — attention whore, malandi, homewrecker at saka naka-STD na rin.

Well, salot rin naman ang matatawag mo isang cheappanggang haliparot tulad ni AA, hindi ba? Even FP will attest that she will put a fake smile when she will pose for pics with fans and non-fans. Maniwala kayo sa hindi, she’s fake. You would see that when she smiles, super fake, as in. Nagpa-picture siyempre with us sa City Best last (last) year, but I’d say that she’s not really worthy to have a group shot with us. Salot siya, for the love of humanity. What did you expect nga naman!? After we met her in person, days passed and a tragedy happened (I have to disclose this): AJ Perez died in a vehicular accident.

That’s the price everyone will pay if they are not really aware (or refuse to believe) in a celebrity’s reputation. Well, people will insist that she’s totoong tao because she’s bastos and doesn’t possess any form of good breeding, pero that’s from a narrow-minded person’s point of view. Hindi porke’t bastos na’t walang breeding (este negative vibe), totoong tao na kaagad. That’s a hasty generalization. Bakit, totoong tao rin ba ang mga kagaya nila Jennylyn Mercado? ASA!

I also do not find Iwa Moto credible, too. Okay, she’s pretty and hot, but that’s about it. She even made patol with Jodi Sta. Maria if she has not proven anything unlike the latter who is simply doing her job well. I know that Jodi is a nice person, simple and down-to-earth. Eh si Iwa, did she ever cleaned up her act?

Kung merong good side ‘yang si AA, I think there’s a very small chance that she would be showing it (Don’t get me started with this know-all-personally thing). Hindi talaga maganda ang vibe niya in person, lalo na’t she’s just showing her fake face just to impress people. However, most Twitter people really love AA, and I hate saying this but she’s really someone not worthy to be idolized. In fact, she never empowered teenage girls, kaya she’s never featured in Candy Magazine in Chalk Magazine, hindi ba? If someone there openly expresses their abhor-ment towards AA, I’d say, “You’re my friend, don’t worry, we share the same values.”

If one celebrity does not like AA and Majarot at the same time, I’d say that I’m very happy to share the same values with that person. Kat Viola is one of those people. Same with other people who think that I have very high standards (almost equal to that of Lea Salonga’s, chos!). What do you expect with people like AA and Majarot? Bad reputation nga sila, and it happens that their mudras actually had a bad history of being “concubines.” Don’t believe me? I do not know what to do to you, but it’s all up to you whether you will believe me or not.

Also, hindi rin kaputian si Cristine kahit nung Starstuck days niya. It only happens that she looks white because of the lighting, and that’s it. May nakakita na sa kanya (yep, kasama ko sa condo dati) and she said that she’s not really that fair in person during her Starstruck days. Hindi ako maniniwalang maputi na talaga ‘yan, dahil she and Ara are both brown when they were just starting their career. Kung maputi talaga si AA, she should have been as fair as Roxanne Guinoo or La Greta (as in pinkish-white). Alagang Cathy Valencia lang ‘yung skin niya, kaya super kinis at flawless and lola niyo. Pero ang ugali? OMG.

Yep, I do not know where my copy of T3 Mag with AA on the cover is right now, however, in that issue she’s not even that fair (lighting-wise, I think that the camera is not telling a lie anymore). There are many brown-skinned women who are even more head-turning than her, for instance, Angel Aquino. Angel may have sharp features, however, she’s still good-looking.

Cristine’s attitude has always been questionable. If not for her ate Ara Mina, she won’t be famous AT ALL. It should also be taken note that her attitude does not even meet the best standards on being a true celebrity. Look at Maja Salvador, ever since, controversial na ‘yan starting from her loveteam with John Wayne Sace (now you understand why I also dislike Maja Salvador and promise not to be a fan of hers even though I admire her acting capabilities). John Wayne was my favorite actor when I was at my fifth or sixth grade — however, because of his relationship with Majarot, he just disappeared.

I said, “I never ever liked that controversial skank!”

Malandi naman talaga si Maja, hindi ba? Would you please ask the commentors of Fashion Pulis? Backfighter pa nga raw ‘yan at saka may rumors about her being a kleptomaniac (whether this is true or not, ang pagkaka-alam ko this is too disputed). Look at the Coco-Matteo issue. Oh, you got some evidence right there.

Maja and Cristine share the same level of promiscuity. Pareho silang trying-hard magmukhang sosyal at isa pa, they’re midgets who do nothing but to do LUST (ask samshancody). Sila pa ang hinahabol ng mga boys? Come on, they’re too plain-Janes to be called a head-turner.

In person raw, Maja is said to be maldita. Sometimes, ok naman raw. Yep, hindi ganun ka-consistent ang fan account sa kanya, so hindi ko talaga masabi. Same with AA, pero I believe her neighbors and relatives with regards her behavior.

If you think that I’m too judgmental with AA or Majarot, well, it’s not my problem.


6 thoughts on “A neighbor’s account on Kubeta’s behavior

  1. No wonder Ara Mina is respected than her younger sister. Not only acting (very versatile) good singing and being funny, mabait rin sa mga tao. 🙂 Plus points for her…

    • Yes, even though she had numerous flaws in showbiz, at least marunong siyang magdala sa sarili niya. She’s great in Bubble Gang kaya nagustuhan ko rin siya.

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  4. Late ko lang napansin ito. Oh my. Good grief, laos na si KubetAA. Buti nga sa kanya, si Ellen Adarna na ang pumalit sa pwesto niya.

    • I’m happy to know that Ellen isn’t a bad person at all. Masyado lang liberated pero mukha namang approachable.

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