Family time is always there

I may not be a parent, but I know better than you think.

Sometimes, the family-oriented system in the Philippines is sometimes abused by some people right there.

Stripping your kids out from school just to go out of town to celebrate your birthday while they have classes AND not going to their activities in most hours… is an act of selfishness.

ANJAN NAMAN LAGI ANG FREE TIME, EH. Why strip the kids the fuck out from their school!? For your own benefit!?

I remember I missed that fucking film viewing on my third grade just because we’re invited to a hotel stay. HELLO!? For me, it’s always academics first. Kaya I know the good side of the Beckhams when it comes to parenting. Education first, s’yempre. In other words, kapag school and work, aral at/o trabaho lang talaga. Kapag bakasyon, bakasyon lang talaga.

I will prove to anyone that if I’m going to be a parent, I will support myself while working at home (either online, contractual or occasional; mga part-time) while taking care of my kids dahil gusto kong iparamdam sa kanila that I am always present and shit. Actually I do need to work like hell when I have kids. I will be a housewife, and I will never be ashamed of that.

Just because you have not experienced these kind of shit (e.g., travelling everywhere, locally or overseas) when your were still younger does not give you a free pass on doing this one. Actually, I feel disgusted and ashamed when I’m absent at class (whether it’s excused absence or not) just because I’m joining some relatives when going out of town.

I actually do not like that idea. Dapat it should be reserved for actual vacation dates, sembreaks, summer, Christmas vacay, or an assigned long vacay from your school. Hindi ‘yung habang me pasok ka, you’ll be stripped out from your class just because you want to satisfy yourself by going out-of-town as a parent.

If I were a parent, I won’t ever allow that. You know naman me, kapag school/work, you’re only entitled to those things only. Kung bakasyon, you should not think about work/study. After all, it should be the parents who should actually know better, hindi ba?

I personally think that if you’re absent, it should be because you were confined or you’re sick. Dun lang dapat ang boundaries mo, hindi ‘yung dahil because of a parent’s benefit, ganyanan na. Also, I don’t think that preference on piano over ballet due to frustrations does not even nurture the child’s interest and will to learn. Hay buhay, traditional shit is always been killing the minds of children nowadays.

PSEUDO-traditional, actually.

Should I be grateful because I travel a lot?

Well, it really depends. Like what I said, stripping your kids from school (whether excused absence or not) because of an out-of-town vacation/meeting/celebration is an act of selfishness. You have to know better as parents.


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