I am sorry, Heart Evangelista for misjudging you

Also, I don’t even think that Chiz Escudero is a mean guy. Hmmmm…

Quote from Roxyisferox via FB:

Wow, huh! Ang daming mga tangang pumanig kay ‘Chaka’ Ongpauco! Yet then again, she was still outnumbered by those who favored Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista.

Hindi ako magulang, so hindi ko naiintidihan ang sentimyento ng mga magulang, point taken. Unfortunately, Saan din nagsisimula ang pagiging magulang? Di ba sa pagiging anak muna? I don’t think they even started smooth as being ‘sons’ or ‘daughters’ to their parents, and some of them even rebelled to their parents. Some have to sneak to a place where no one can see them and do the shizz they wanna do. Some even have to defied their parents’ wishes to become what their parents want them to do. I also don’t think that Rey and Cecile Ongpauco started out as having smooth and tooooooo obedient relationship to their parents. If theirs’ is a fixed marriage or choosy marriage, I don’t think they went out in a very smooth relationship. I understand there is no such thing as perfect marriage, but I am pretty sure they also had their share of rebellious moments towards one another. Y’know what I mean?

Kung may nirereto sa iyo na hindi mo gusto, how do you feel about that? Kung may mahal ka, and they are like doing something para mapaghiwalay kayo, do you think you would be goin’ crazy? Before you empathize the situation of Cecile Ongpauco, you should understand what Heart is feeling right now. You can accuse her of being ‘malandi’ and ‘attention seeker’, but looking back to the days when Heart Evangelista and John Pratts were together, I am sure, they broke up because of Hearts’ parents, kesehodang babaero si John Pratts. Same thing with Jericho Rosales, pati kay Daniel Matsunaga. Yung sa logic ni Cecile na peperahan lang si Heart either nina Jericho or Daniel, that proves kung GAANO KATAPOBRE ANG MGA ONGPAUCO!

Man! One of my clerks informed me that Ongpaucos (the ones who own the Barrio Fiesta chain) are bunch of haughty bitches/assholes who treat their employees not as humans, so much na pati ‘yung isa sa mga empleyado ng Barrio Fiesta natisod at tumama ang bibig sa floor dahil sobrang namamadali. Hindi na ako nagtataka kung bakit pasara ng pasara ang Barrio Fiesta chains. Yung branch nila sa Aurora Blvd in Cubao, nagsara. Sa EDSA-Mandaluyong, pinalitan na lang ng Play and Display.

Karma is a bitch! Unfortunately, the Ongpaucos are retarded enough to realize that!

Alangan naman pati si Chiz peperahan pa si Heart! Duh! Kung hindi ba naman mga tonta ang mga mag-asawang Ongpauco, in Philippine societal hierarchy, it’s the politicos who is of HIGHER HIERARCHY above anyone else, even those who own a bajillion chain of stores.

Cecile is being protective of her daughter while she revealed it to the press that Heart has psychological problems, hasn’t finished high school and that she doesn’t know how to cook. Anong klaseng magulang iyan!? Kung si Cory Aquino at Annabelle Rama hindi nila nilaglag ang mga anak nila sa press eh. Ano naman ang iniba ni Madam Chaka?

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After all, the Ongpaucos are no different from the Yan family (whoopsie).

Kung sila Mommy Divine, Tita Bisaya o Tita Cory, kahit NEGA ang naging image nila in some aspects, at least they are not as MATAPOBRE than Donya Cecile! Even Tita Nenita (Schiavone) did not even bash the De Rossi sisters for their shortcomings.

However, sa part ng pamilyang Yan, at least they’re not as painstakingly haughty than the Ongpaucos.

Granted, pulitiko si Ka Chiz, but I do not see anything bad about him. If he has a fair share of negativity alongside other pulikos out there, at least hindi siya kasing-epal nila Bong Revilla, Jr. or other pulitikos who seek for attention. I think he is a good guy naman, eh. Also, it’s impossible for him that he will treat Heart as a milking cow.

Very impossible.

Now I know why Barrio Fiesta resto chains are closing. I noticed that in Baguio, and yet, my other tito said, “I-report natin ‘to kay Chiz.”

Sayang, favorite resto ko pa naman ‘yun in Baguio. We eat there during family gatherings when we visit Baguio, et cetera. When we noticed that it is going to be closed, I was wondering.

“Sayang. Why will this resto be closed.”

My mom even said, “They were waiting for their food. ‘Di ba dapat, over-supply na dapat ng mga pagkain dito? Also, the employees. Bakit pa-konti pa ng pa-konti ang mga empleyado dito?”

That’s because of a freaking incident! There’s one employee who felt of being in a hurry — and yes, he/she was injured badly.

Hindi nakapag-tataka kung bakit nakipag-break si Heart kay Daniel Matsunaga. I would have described it as a perfect relationship sana (almost-perfect, I mean), however, they broke up kasi I thought that Heart was so malandi. It turn to a point that she was actually being “overprotected” by her parents in the wrong way.

If Mommy Divine was that over-protective, take note that she is seriously taken rather than the Ongpaucos. At least, Mommy Divine was simply meticulous on a guy’s behavior. The Gerald Anderson issue is finally revealed: Nasa loob pala ang kulo ni Ge!

Promiscuous women need these kind of parents — joking!

If people like Maja Salvador and Cristine Reyes would have such parents like Cecile Ongpauco (rather than Mommy Divine), they will be dragged onto the streets and their “odor” will be exposed. Silang dalawang mga haliparot, like what I told you, DAIG PA NILA SINA JANELLE MANAHAN AT MARICAR REYES. They actually deserve to have parents who are matapobres and at the same time, sila dapat ang nakakaranas kung anong nangyayari kina Heart at kay Sarah. It turns out that their moms were rumored to be concubines. See? Kahit mga junakis nila, they will also be cursed of their promiscuity.

We won’t ever wonder kung magka-anak na babae si Kris Aquino. Baka mabuntis pa ‘yan at her puberty years… baka younger pa nga than 13, eh!

I’m sorry, Heart

Kung si Heart nga, sabihin nating she was born on a February, granted people who were born at that month tend to be topakin dahil kulang-kulang sa petsa, however, she was only turning rebellious. I understand her because she’s already nearing 30! Kung si Sarah Geronimo, she’s not yet nearing 30, papano pa kaya ang kaisa-isang Heart Evangelista?

I used to despise Heart for her so-called hypocrisy. She’s endorsing a whitening soap, pero nagpapa-itim naman kasama si Echo. Then she transferred to GMA. Tapos she was lashed out by Annabelle Rama for being “ingrateful” (in this context, mukhang pera dito si Tita Bisaya — probably). Now being managed by her mom, that’s what she gets — she should have not ended her contract with Tita Bisaya because she’ll learn a lot of things from her. Like how I mentioned Tita Bisaya right here, at least she won’t step on Donya Cecile’s level.

“‘Day, sabi ko na nga sa’yo eh!”

Also, remember that Tita Bisaya defended her (Heart) during her conflict with AA. Tita Bisaya even warned AA, “Leave her alone!”

Heart gained a lot of enemies. ‘Yun pala, her parents are actually dictating her actions, which made her please them and live up to their expectation — however, deep inside, she was actually turning rebellious.

Hmmm… siguro pareho sina Donya Cecile at si Kris Aquino for being mentally-derailed?

I’m sorry, Heart for misjudging you. If you were being a beeyotch for some time ago, now I know how you wanted to divert your attention from your parents to Chiz… and to yourself. I know you are sick and tired of pleasing them for their own benefit. Now I know that mas masahol pa ang lagay mo kesa kay Sarah Geronimo — kung si SG na nga, hindi marunong mag-rebelde (tutal naman, nakasanayan naman niya ‘yun eh!), at least you’re now showing the negativity of your own clan.

thegeneral of PEP said:

It’s just sad that they have to air their dirty laundry and not able to settle it in private. If you truly consider yourself “decent” people this matter should have been dealt with privately. Now, the whole country knows and not only hurt your own daugther that you claim to LOVE very much. Who raised her anyways? It came out of your own mouth that she is a sheltered individual. You didn’t allow her to be her own person…now she has a personality problem???? You can’t always protect your child..you need to allow your kids to make mistake in order to grow….. I don’t know Heart personally but I feel for her. You better step back and think things over. You will never have a quiet life if you continue you on with showbiz. You will continue to be a public domain. I feel for you…

Buti pa si Heart, she knows how to be rebellious.

Oh, well. Sana matapos na ang isyung ‘to.


One thought on “I am sorry, Heart Evangelista for misjudging you

  1. grabe pala noh? kaya pala may nakuhang siyang attitude sa mama nya.. pero konti nga lang.. at least she knows how to manage or control herself.. obeying your parents is part of the commandment given by God.. but we were given wisdom in order for us to know what’s right and wrong… we need to use it wisely lang nga lang.. well, good luck to heart and to her future posterity. 🙂

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