On Roxyisferox’s article about Cacai-Mario friendship plus beauty standards effed up

The article right here.

Boys Will Always Be Boys… in most aspects

As a matter of fact, our society is ruled by patriarchy so ugly that guys are being tolerated to cheat, throw physical and even sexual violence to women. Not generalizing though, I am just trying to show that Philippine society is as misogynist as anything else.

Super agree! While there are some carinyoso Filipino guys right there, however, they have always been spoiled in the Filipino culture. Kaya medyo empowered ang mga Filipina women as compared to Filipino men, which is quite true. In other words, medyo mababaw ring mag-isip ang mga guys when they’re looking for a girl (yes, my first serious crush at school acts like that, sadly). It’s not surprising why domineering women like Lea Salonga ended up marrying someone who is not even a Filipino by citizenship (Robert Chien BTW is a Canadian-born Chinese-Japanese guy).

Side Note: Canadian guys seem friendlier and more accommodating than Filipino guys — in some aspects. Not to generalize, pero like European guys and Americans, they love exotic-looking Filipina women and also, they do not think in a shallow manner. Sorry, my Pinoy guy pals! 😀

Okay, if I sound too frank, that’s because Canada has a homogenous society, albeit the fact that it is an Anglo- and a Francophone country. Same with the Koreans, despite being exposed in an extremely-conservative society, they’re actually more liberal and more willing to learn something.

Beauty as a basis for worth and talent = FACE-PALM!

The problem with Filipino netizens (not to generalize them though) is even if they hypocritically proclaim the value of inner beauty than anything else, they also tend to give a fuzz on someone’s physical beauty and status and they even make these as a measure of self-worth. Ang kapal kung makapang-okray ng mga “pangit”, “mataba”, at mga “purita mirasol (read: poor)”, para naman sila ang gaganda nila, tinitingala, sexy at mga rica peralejo (read: rich). Ang kapal-kapal din kung makapang-okray ng ibang lahi (e.g. Thais, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese) like Pilipino lang ang pinakamaganda sa buong mundo, na parang Pilipino lang ang may pinakamagandang ugali sa buong mundo, na parang nakakabawas ng pagkalalaki ang pagiging ‘masyadong maganda’ at ‘hindi pagiging tuli’. They are not even rich, beautiful and powerful enough. I realize that as well, it’s just that I don’t bitch on people based on their status and beauty. Can you see my reason why I lambast Cristine Reyes, Kim Chiu, Kris Aquino and even Cecile Ongpauco? It’s not because of beauty, or their status. There are reasons DEEPER than that.

Kaya that’s why face value is NO LONGER the basehan of one’s worth and talent pa nga, eh. Between Melai and Cacai, I find the latter better-looking not because ganito-ganyan, but because she seems friendlier than the former. I have nothing bad to say against Melai, granted, she’s really very funny (and looks like Rita Ora), but over-all, you’ll see that Cacai is really underrated unlike Melai who is equally-rated, but still, she’s too overrated in terms of exposure.

Bagong Gising Beauty = Totoong Basehan ‘Yan! Trust Me!

You know naman why I posted things related to people like Kitchie Nadal. Sure, her songs are good, but the truth is, she’s over-hypoed because she’s just a pretty face. Kaya when I compared her to Yeng (yes, it’s too awkward), it’s about evaluating TALENT, STAGE PRESENCE and most of all, CAREER LIFESPAN. Granted, Kitchie is pretty even without makeup, however, kung bagong gising lang siya, would she still be prettier?

Well, if I actually paired her with Mariel Rodriguez, that’s because they’re average-looking in reality. Good-looking nga sila, without makeup na ‘yan (in person ah), pero ang tanong, head-turner nga ba? I don’t think so.

Also, I think that they won’t ever be as good-looking when they get out of bed. Trust me, my lolo once said that good-looking women really (physically) should still look good at both day and night, and when they wake up in the morning, they should still look good as well. Therefore, it’s not just being still good-looking without makeup.

Don’t get me started with the “average-looking” thing. It does not equate “ordinary-looking” because if you’re average-looking, pwede na, as in you’re good-looking enough, but if you’re going to look deeper, “average-looking” means, not as extra-ordinarily classic as what you see on old movies.

It is sad that people just dig in to one’s good looks just because they’re still good-looking without makeup. In fact, you’ll see the reality when they get out of bed. Sure, that’s a private matter, pero makikita mo naman talaga, eh.

They Deserve More Credit

Kaya it’s no question that Yeng is still in the music industry up to now. She may not be as extraordinarily-beautiful by hypocritical Filipino standards, yet once you see her in person, you will not question that the camera does not give her justice. Yeng is one of the most respectable singers in the music industry, and believe it or not, konti lang ang mga bashers niya not only on Twitter, but also in other social networking sites. Kahit maraming mam-bash sa kanya, at least she knows how to carry herself well. Also, in terms of personal accounts, it turns out that she’s nicer and more approachable than Trina. Sabihin nating hindi natin nila nakakasama for a month or two, but you’ll see the  sheer difference via fan accounts.

Maraming matatabang magaganda, for instance, Frenchie Dy. She’s really beautiful plus her sexy voice rocking the stage. Sayang nga, eh. She’s one of the more substantial singers na dapat nabigyan ng break. Same with others like Janelle Manahan and hmmm… those people who deserve more breaks are those who are not perfect, but who continue to prove their worth and has/have a good rapport among the audience. Dapat good vibes ang dating ng isang artista, eh. Kung maganda ka na nga, sexy pa, mayaman, pero bad vibes naman, how will people appreciate you overall? Hindi ba!?

Comparing to East Asians!?

Sa totoo lang, Filipino beauty standards mostly dig on the features of most East Asians: Fair skin, straight hair (super bagsak talaga), slender bodies, small extremities, small eyes, petite height. But if you’re going to look at these East Asians, they’re doing their best to make their eyes bigger (tanungin niyo si Tricia Gosingtian diyan!). Only a few of these East Asians retain their almond-shaped eyes amidst apparent double-eyelids and long lashes. Kaya it’s hypocritical nga, eh. If you think that Kim Chiu and Alodia Gosiengfiao are really “that” goddess-like, they’re actually pressured to get bigger eyes, slimmer bodies (Kim and Edj are not that slim before) and a doll-like face. Ang “China Doll” raw ang beauty standards ng mga Pinoy.

HALLER!? Nina Jose, standards ng beauty!? You’re like saying that if you’re going to look like Dakota Rose Ostrenga or Koko Wang, you’re really good-looking!?

Ang mga tinitingala talagang beautiful ay ang mga East Asians who never needed plastic surgery. For instance, Japanese actresses. Sa tingin niyo, nagpa-retoke sina Yukie Nakama, Koyuki Kato o sina Rie Tanaka!? Why not check out Hayashi Natsumi, too? Korean actresses like Lee Young-ae, Choi Ji-woo, Song Hye Kyo, Koo Hye Sun, Jang Na-ra, did they ever went under the knife? Or Chinese (mainlander, Taiwanese, HK) actresses like Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh, Crystal Liu, Zhang Jingchu, Barbie Hsu, Cecilia Cheung, et cetera?

East Asians never fail to show their charm without even trying hard to do so. Sila pa ang mas conscious sa image nila. If Zhang Ziyi is reported to be a hooker and at the same time, rude, she’s not going to the cheapest level as Kris Aquino or for worse, AA Klenk. Same with Cecilia Cheung, granted that Hong Kong is more liberal than mainland China. At least Ceci never had the reputation of being a kabit. If she earned a bad vibe, that’s because of the scandal.

Being image-conscious or acting sweet does not even make you a people pleaser. Trust me, there’s a sheer difference between nagpapaka-totoo lamang versus having no breeding or class + bastos pa. It also hurts even much worse if you started your career as hambog + mahadera + ipokrita. Oh, ‘diba, ang saya lang!?

It is also no doubt that Kris Aquino could never be like the East Asian stars I have mentioned right here is because she’s always whoring for attention. Eh paki-alam ba namin sa private life niya!? Siguro privacy is not even on her vocabulary, kaya most Filipino guys will choose Lea Salonga over Kris, or maybe Sharon Cuneta. If Tita Shawie and Madam Chien does not like to be compared to a cheappangga like Kristetay, they’re lucky that they’re raised the right way. Lea Salonga was raised a la batas militar, that’s why she manages to impose self-discipline on herself — that’s why you’ll will never doubt that she is being critical on Anne Curtis and Christine Bersola. Naiintindihan ko ang kay Christine Bers0la because being a LGBT person does not make you LESS of a Christian. It is natural that there are gays, lesbians, bi or transgender people — which conservatives are not willing to embrace yet.

Kay Tita Shawie naman, kitang-kita niyo naman kung papano niya pinalaki si KC, hindi ba? KC Concepcion, despite having a negative image in some aspects, never fails to impress the fans and maintains a good rapport among fans and non-fans alike. Ganyan magpalaki ng anak si Tita Shawie. Also, she did not deny Gabby Concepcion the rights to be KC’s father. That’s why I like Tita Shawie.

No need to explain about AA Klenk. Read my previous articles na lang.

Anyway, that’s it!



8 thoughts on “On Roxyisferox’s article about Cacai-Mario friendship plus beauty standards effed up

  1. I like this article. Most Filipino boys (did not mean to generalize) have double standards (not to mention shallow) on beauty and kapogihan ng lalake. One of my younger brothers are guilty of this when he sees ugly and beautiful looks of other peop

      • Tapos, may double standard tayo sa beauty. East Asian beauty pala sinusundan natin tapos pinagtatawanan ng ibang shallow people yung mga East Asian stars dahil sa false pride at double standards. Tsk… Tsk…. Shallow people need to dig deeper than the beauty or status of the person.

      • Super agree. With regards to your previous comment, I believe that guys impose faux double-standards on women — and it turns out that they’re too shallow. Buti pa mga original chinito guys (mga Chinoys), they do not impose double-standards when it comes to beauty. Buti pa sila they appreciate both Chinese and Filipina beauty pa nga eh, and there’s this one chinito guy (best buddy in college na guy) who does not judge someone agad-agad. That’s why I’m so lucky to have him ((:

  2. Don’t forget babae. Suppose for the next sentence on my comment. Nagmadali kasi ako dahil gagamitin ng babae. Sorry for the wrong grammar.

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