Mom tells Gretchen: ‘You are a liar!’

Pati nanay ng mga Barretto sisters itatakwil na si GRETA! BUTE NGA!!!!


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Mom tells Gretchen: ‘You are a liar!’
Posted at 04/24/2013 9:18 AM 
Socialite actress Gretchen Barretto


MANILA, Philippines — Socialite actress Gretchen Barretto has been called a “liar” by her own mother, Inday Barretto.

In a statement published by entertainment journalist Ricky Lo in the Philippine Star newspaper, mom Inday blew her top after years of keeping all the pains brought by Gretchen to their family.

“You are a liar, Gretchen. Many of your preys will attest to that soon. That is the style that you use when you want to play with other people’s lives!” Inday said.

Inday belied all the accusations allegedly leveled by Gretchen to her sister, controversial actress Claudine Barretto.

On Gretchen’s alleged statement that Claudine will block her niece Julia Barretto’s entry to showbiz: ” Who did Claudine say it to… you? Or did you just make this…

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Is this Maja Salvador!?

Hmmmmmmmmm… she was dark before. Not really dark, actually.

Well, she’s really average-looking ever since, ano bang ikinaganda ng lokang ‘to!?

Maraming accounts na nagsasabi na ordinary-looking lang siya in person. Well, I really agree with that because she’s not really that good-looking.

Parang hindi siya, sa totoo lang. Also, mas may dating pa nga sina Yeng at si Jusay sa kanya, eh.

Both her and AA need to be white just to look more attractive!

Top 20 Most Hated Celebs…

1. Gwyneth Paltrow – Whutttt!? Why the F*CK!? I think she’s likeable, though.
2. Kristen Stewart – Boring face, same facial expressions. Even though she has fully bloomed, she’s just… bleh!
3. Jennifer Lopez – What!? She does not even deserve to be on the list as well!
4. John Mayer
5. Katherine Heigl – No wonder she cannot act. She’s seriously not substantial.
6. Matt Lauer
7. Madonna – This is crazy.
8. Justin Bieber – He deserves to be the number one most hated celebrity on the list. From his bratty attitude to his conceitedness, he wished that Anne Frank would have been a Belieber!? Now that’s self-absorbed!
9. Anne Hathaway – Not surprising. She’s a true thespian, but that’s it. Her arrogance is now showing.
10. Kris Jenner
11. Kim Kardashian – Seriously, she’s the most overrated celebrity I could think of. She has defeated Paris Hilton in terms of attention-whoring. Fuck.
12. LeAnn Rimes – Nein! She does not deserve to be on the most hated list.
13. Ashton Kutcher
14. Jay Leno
15. Angelina Jolie – LOLWHUT? Move on guys, Angelina is already lay-low. Past is past. Now why is she still on this list!? (Move over Jennifer Aniston fans!) You don’t even know where she’s coming from!
16. Lindsay Lohan – From being a “man-stealer” to Paris Hilton, she ended up being trash! But poor her…
17. Shia LaBeouf – NEIN! He does not deserve to be on the most hated list!
18. Taylor Swift – Because she does not know how to handle her lovelife, she ended up here!
19. Jesse James
20. Chris Brown – HAHAHA, good for him! Even Adele hates him, too!

Now why is Megan Fox not on the list? LOL. AND RIHANNA!?

…and Julia Roberts!?

It’s a good thing that Miley Cyrus is not on the list. Good grief. Good riddance. Same with Paris Hilton.

Now I applaud Paris Hilton for learning her lesson/s the hard way. Either way, from scandals to jail, she seriously has improved herself. Way to go, Paris!

I can’t believe why Angelina was even here at the first place? If that was 2005-2009, she might as well deserve to be on the hate list. But NOT anymore. People don’t even understand where she’s coming from: A broken family.

Sure, you might as well want to compare her to Jennifer Aniston (for the NTH time) or Tori Spelling, but I’d choose the latter — Maniston does not like to have kids, am I right!? I have read one netizen’s comment and JA is selfish to give Brad Pitt a child. Therefore, Angelina is not to be blamed right here. It was Brad who decided to part ways with JA. So get over it. May people still admire her no matter what happens!

Tori Spelling, on the other hand, is really a hands-on mother. Whether or not she came from a rich but broken family, well, she was never close with her mother Candy, so when a gossip magazine wrote an article about her divorce with Dean McDermott, she was devastated and she really fought back with the issue.

Hmmm… if I were to be asked, Julia Roberts deserves to be on the list. Look, she’s overrated and at the same time looks more annoying. Nothing special with her, anyways.

Yes! Japanese doramas all the way!

unni said:

(Allow me to comment on each paragraph one-by-one)

First of all, the Japanese entertainment is the second biggest entertainment after USA. Everyone is trying to breakthrough Japan. Look at the whole Korean heavy promoting. They’re promoting everywhere and anywhere that they can get their chance to. As for Japanese, once in a year will you see them go to another country. It’s a matter of promoting. The Japanese drama are for its own audience, I don’t think they have any intention to attract other viewer except their own (But with internet access, we are able to catch it, that’s all, it’s freakin’ hard to find information about their actors and actress *gasp*). I don’t think they have the intention to promote. I think they understand where they totally coming from and plus this does get into political matter, they know they are hated by some of the country.

The Japanese people are known to be private people, so no matter what happens, it’s only fan clubs who provide legit information about their favorite celebrity. If you are somehow a bit familiar (or have a background) on Nihongo (and knows how to familiarize kotoeri), you’ll really going to delve on some of the secrets of Japanese celebrities and their vital statistics (LOL).

Second of all, people love the pretty, handsome and hotness main actors in K-drama. These are all the selling point of K-drama. Attracted actors and actress which I think they won by far than the Japanese by hotness and height. But whole heartily, I find Japanese men more warm and down to earth.

IMO, Japanese actors are expected to be MORE than talented and well-rounded at the same time. Look at Yui Aragaki. She’s not only an actress, but also a singer. Her older counterpart Yukie Nakama is also one, but the latter has a certain level wherein she could teach Okinawan dance. My fave Japanese actor Kei Tanaka is so far one of the thespians who deserve a more decent break because he really is a true-blooded thespian — he could be a villain, a teacher, a funny guy, a nerd — even MORE well-rounded than some Japanese actors that I know. He deserves a break.

Hmmmm… with regards to being more down-to-earth and warm… yes. Kinda. And I think that if I choose a Japanese guy to be my beau, I’d be the happiest lass in the whole wide world! LOLjk. Anyways, I could only think of Kwon Sang-woo as one of the most down-to-earth Korean actors — at least he knows how to appreciate non-Korean stuff (no need to mention it!).

This is the time of Korean Wave plus they are heavily promoting their own dramas and movie, I’m sure they are making it big. But how far will this go? I’m sure a lot of the old Korean follower are sliding the other way. Because I was attracted to Korean drama since 2000 or 2001 by Autumn in my heart, by the handsome face, Won Bin. But you know the more, you watch Korean, the more boring it gets. Not everyone feels that way of course, but to me it is.

Korean dramas are overrated. No wonder, when it comes to Korean dramas, I always feel that Taiwanese dramas are much more OK, but Korean dramas? I only liked Success Story of a Bright Girl and err… The Truth (Choi Ji-woo). But the Hallyu craze ruined it–thus making me lean more towards Japanese dramas.

Not only are you bored of their repetitive script. THE BIGGEST THINGS THAT BUGS ME ABOUT KOREAN DRAMA IS THEIR ACTORS AND ACTRESS ACTING!!!!!! What the heck is wrong with them? Did they learn their acting from the same teacher? OMG, from the face expression to the gesture. They all portrayed it with the same thing. They’re so annoying from every character to the main actor and actress in the drama. Their voice, they’re always screaming. Their script doesn’t make sense too, like sometimes out of nowhere, they would said something stupid. It’s always you chase me, I chase you. I haven’t come across any Japanese who try to act like Korean or their script becoming like Korean. If that’s the case, it’ll totally be annoying. The other reason why I love Japanese is because the actors have their own distinct passion of acting. whenever I find one trying to act like the other actor, I would find it extremely annoying because it’s not original.

IMO, Korean actors are really trained to act very well — however, this is not only the case when it comes to “training.” As a matter of fact, Korean actors (most of them) are actually simply attractive. Reiterating on what I said again, it’s pretty hard to find a natural-looking Korean actor (or actress), especially that the Korean society is reputed to be obsessed with cosmetic surgery. Well, not only obsessed, since not all of them are willing to look “perfect,” but they’re actually influenced by peer pressure and the social media (whether it’s online or not).

Truth to be told, Koreans who are not even celebrities in real life tend to be more attractive than the actors. They’re even much more willing to learn as compared to actors who just wanted to become famous because they’re attractive (again, face value over talent).

I have only started watching Japanese drama 2 years ago. J-dorama taught and motivated me to explore life. Taught me to do what makes me happy. Taught me to follow my heart. It’s not sad, it’s not dramatic to point of making you cried but it left you with a sting in the heart. It makes you feel warm and it makes you happy. It makes you smile and it continue to bring the light to your heart. This is what I learned from watching J-Dorama. As for K-drama, what did I learned? NOTHING. Not many things that I have learned because most of them focus on love. Love that are the impossible. So at the end, it’s a matter of preference. I like realistic drama and some people just preferred melodrama. pssh some said J-dorama are vague? Duh, that’s the whole point of the drama. It suppose to leave you to think. It wants you to solve it!

After all, there’s a sheer similarity between Filipino teleseryes and Koreanovelas. I cannot blame the concept of “creativity” among Filipinos and Korean people in terms of simply making a storyline or a script. Here, we’re talking about how the series will be packaged as not predictable. In most Korean dramas and Filipino teleseryes, the plot is actually one-sided and too formula-driven, although Korean dramas diversify (City Hunter, period and patriotic dramas). It only happens that they’re not actually as versatile/flexible as their Japanese counterparts. The only thing that is flawed in most Japanese dramas is that, the actors tend to act in an exaggerated manner that they almost defeated stage actors who cannot totally adapt in on-screen performance.

Also, there are no lessons to be learned in Filipino teleseryes and Korean dramas! Well, not all of them do not provide some interesting points in their dramas, but in general, they don’t actually do that (or failed to do so). If you’re going to delve towards Japanese doramas, you’ll really feel that they diversify more than the dramas I was mentioning and somehow they’re LESSER boring than US shows (not a fan of US shows, because they’re too bland, for instance One Tree Hill — which is the worst crap I’ve ever watched, like seriously). What I only commend is the Big Bang Theory and some sitcoms (from Disney, Nickelodeon…, children-oriented channels).

Now why am I saying this? Most US shows are actually more on the “bold” side — they actually stereotype more and more Asians than black people. Black people and Latinos are not much stereotyped (but in some way they are), but Asians in general are the most stereotyped (one reason why I’m no fan of US shows). Also, the reason why I said that they’re too bland (One Tree Hill for instance) is because they don’t emphasize too much drama. Overall, they’re just, bleh.

Like some people has mention before, what I find very interesting is the lightning in the drama. lol Japanese drama looks very natural as oppose to Korean drama where they used so much lightning, it’s so fresh, it makes their actors looks so flawless. They’re so superficial, Dong Won from Shinhwa said. Believe it or not, he did. He said he admire Japanese so much for their talent (well he was more focus on music) that he have met. He said the Korean entertainment is all about superficial. My interpretation of it is that he doesn’t like it. It’s not that he feel shame for his country or anything, he just wish his country would focus more on talents. And as far as I know Dong Wan, he’s quite a straight forward guy. I think if people are Shinhwa’s fan, they would have read this news before. It’s from one of the shinhwa english fan site. I think it’s sarang shinhwa? I forgot the website already since I haven’t visited for ages. I like Japanese this way and I hope they will keep it this way. Accept the flaws of human is good.

So far, Dong Wan isn’t the only outspoken Korean guy I have encountered (just now). Kwon Sang-woo is another example of someone who does admire non-Korean stuff, such as Filipina women and their face shape (Kamsahamnida, Kwon-ahjussi! I’ll take that as a compliment) and the leniency and tolerance of Japanese society in terms of divorce (you’re still accepted in Japanese society if you’re a single and divorced mom, but you’ll be under the poverty line if you’re not tough enough).

With regards to flawlessness, in Hanamizuki, it seemed that Yui Aragaki is NOT even THAT flawless. Whatever make-up she uses, the blemishes are still apparent (thanks to the full HD thing!). Also, Japanese male actors are not even afraid of getting tan! After all, Japanese society allows their actors to be themselves, for as long as they’re not manipulated by their respective entertainment agencies (most tend to be abusive and super-strict in terms of rules). So if you have the bihaku for women, nobody is afraid to be a ganguro. It just shows how individualistic Japan would be, even though the beauty standard among Japanese people is to be “white-skinned.”

My conclusion is, at this point of time, Korean is the trend. So if they beat Japanese, it’s not a big surprise. It’s hilarious.

Err… ditto here.

Overall Take

EXACTLY! Now why am I saying this?

Japanese doramas have more substance than Korean ones. What is usually repetitive on Japanese dramas is about school life. It’s mostly targeted for teenagers but their other genres are for all ages as well. Try watching Screen Red and go venture on some Japanese movies, too! You’re going to love them, but not all. There are some that absolutely bore me to death.

Too bad Japanese doramas were not marketed towards other countries. However, if you’re going to watch the whole series, you’ll always feel curious about the plot IF you have subtitles.

Now let me get this straight…

So after all the defense towards Ricky Lo, I have to admit, I do admire Anne Hathaway. Because if not for her, the Princess Diaries Saga and Ella Enchanted will never be as awesome as how we see and know about it. I was just turned off (in a disgusted manner) towards her attitude with the controversial interview.

You know naman, talent will be wasted if you’re acting like a diva in the wrong place.

Now you know why I will not be a Hatha-hater. Like what I said, she should have just knew better. After all, she’s a sought-after actress in Hollywood, and her acting is halfway between Scarlett Johansson (her perky and bubbly personality) and Natalie Portman (class, grace, almost-perfect), that’s why earning the nickname as “Half-a-way.”

Well just so you know, who will not be turned off towards a diva attitude, right? Daig pa nga siya ng mga hindi kagandahan ang reputasyon, eh. And… I never said that Half-a-way is a racist/ethnicist. In fact, you have heard some disappointing accounts about her, so that’s why I was turned off.

I hope she will go back to her roots. You do hardwork on your craft, you don’t act like a diva on a daily basis. Just saying.

Totes agree! Japan > USA

Okay… I hate to offend the American people, but there are some Americans (whether they’re white, black or Asian) who prefer the Land of the Rising Sun.

Joycy of GIRLTalk said:

Nakakainggit naman kayo! I so want to go to Japan! Most people would say na dream place nila is going to USA but not me. Never me. Japan talaga ever since ang gusto ko puntahan.

Exactly, these are my same thoughts. If I were to visit Osaka’s Universal Studies and TDL (Tokyo Disneyland) at the same period of time, I’ll name this Album on FB: “WALA KEO SAKEN! CHOS!”

Yep, now why some people out there prefer HK or the USA? Actually, if you’re really THAT well-off, Japan is a must-see. No kidding. It may be a costly country, but if you’re really well-off enough, then this is the place for you.

For me, the reason why I prefer Japan over China (Peking)/HK or the US is because I find it too shallow once you just visit the US (even though it’s costlier to go there via plane). And China (Peking)/HK. It’s too generic, overrated and at the same time, most of the popular places are just like the Philippines. In Japan, it’s totally different. You’re really in a foreign country and you’ll think that this place is really a must-see before you die.

Not to discriminate, but Japan > USA/HK.

GRETCHEN, MARJORIE pinagtutulungan si CLAUDINE, nagbangayan sa TWITTER

I don’t think btchjuliaisabitch is no other than Claudine Barretto. Nagde-delusyon na naman sina inGreta “Botox” Barretta at si MarGery the “lasFAGhetti.”

Bandera Blogs - Philippine Entertainment Tabloid Online Blog Site ( para sa latest Philippine Entertainment news; atbp.)

marjorie barrettoGalit na galit daw sa pang-ookray kay Julia Barretto

There seems to be another round of war of the roses between the Barretto sisters.

Tama ba ang lumabas sa isang website about the newly-revived bangayan of the famous showbiz sisters.

Actually, it’s a two-against-one fight – Gretchen and Marjorie against Claudine. Lumalabas na pinagtutulungan nina La Greta at Marjorie ang bunso nilang sister na si Claudine.

Although na-delete na sa Twitter ang bangayan ng mag-sisters ay meron pa ring lumabas sa dalawang website which we’re able to capture.

Tweet ni Gretchen, “@b*tchjuliaisb*tch Yuck?

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