Tattoos are cool, after all

Heeeeyyyyy Hermit! Tattoos are not always disgusting! LOL!

Onga ‘no. Hindi basehan ang ayos ng isang tao kung makapang-husga kung maganda ang ugali o hindi.

People like P!nk, Marilyn Manson and most of all, Lady GaGa are actually booed for their style. I may not be a fan of their personal style, but they seem respectable people.

P!nk may seem to be “astigin” and someone who does not deserve to be a role model, however, when you’re talking about her childhood, it was a terrible one. She had her first ink at age 12 and she got a lot more ink until today. In spite of that, she is as admirable as ever — in fact, she’s cool and she’s a good sport. Her songs are more like about the society and women empowerment.

Marilyn Manson, despite his ghost-like makeup, has established good relationships with Dita Von Teese and Evan Rachel Wood. No wonder good-looking women would dig for someone who is a rockstar — a literal one.

Lady GaGa is one of the famous people I really didn’t like at first due to her stage name — but as time passes by, it turns out that she’s showing her unique style as something that even the LGBT people and the bullied ones will appreciate.

…and who said that good-looking people with a clean-cut image have a nice attitude, eh!? Not all of them do possess good values in spite of their wealth or social status, but it turns out that some of the brusko-looking guys are even more respectable than those who are squeaky-clean.


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