Solenn Heussaff accussed by BIR for tax evasion!?

I don’t like to comment on this one, but I side with Solenn. Knowing her (not personally, okay?) for being a cool gal on and off-screen, I think she could handle herself very well.

PEP stated:

Saad pa niya, “I’m an honest person. As transparent as it gets. Someone made a mistake and I have to fix it.”

I believe her. Ganyan din ang napag-daanan ko, but I went too emotional after knowing that I have not yet returned a book at the library and I felt devastated. I said, “This is impossible! I always return my books on time!”

But this BIR case is much more complicated because I’m not even majoring in Commerce. There are a few hypotheses why BIR filed against her:

– She’s a dual citizen of the Philippines and France (being half-French, she’s most likely to be a citizen of France), and dual citizenship involves paying taxes in BOTH countries.
– She has lots of commercials and the companies of the brands she endorses are paying her.
– Someone has made a mistake and that person might have filed a case against another person, pero naka-pangalan lang ke Solenn ang kaso.

It’s a good thing that she has to fix it on her own. Buti pa siya, she is an honest person in almost every aspect of life, what more with this financial thing. If she could fix this matter, why not our politicos?

One PEP commenter said:

bakit si solenn ang kinakasuhan hindi si mike arroyo, gloria arroyo, mikey arroyo na puro kurakot at kickbacks ang ginawa noong panahon nila? yang arroyo family na yan ang malaking puwedeng ma koleksyon. baka dito pa lang e maaabot na ang quota ng bir.

Look at Manny Pacquiao. He’s a politician, but he does not forget to pay all his taxes on time. Kung pwede lang sana maging best taxpayer of the year si Pacman kesa sa World Champ, eh. Kahit mayabang si Pacman, at least alam niya kung saan siya naka-pwesto. Alam niya kung saan siya naka-lugar, despite all his wealth. That’s why I admire him in almost every aspect/s. Ganyan dapat. Show something that would serve as a good example to the society naman.

As for Solenn, she’s a very honest and frank person, yet she does not forget to show a good vibe to the audience. Buti pa siya, role model na para sa kabataan, eh. If she’s being attacked by the BIR for tax evasion, believe it or not, she’s a superwoman.

Another PEP commenter said (this time, about the bashing):

I’m sure na malalagpasan ito ni Solenn. She’s one of the intelligent and educated celebrity I know…Don’t bash her kasi hindi siya cheap na tao. She’s one of the it-girl in showbiz. Very talented and humble.. Mali naman yata yung i-associate niyo siya sa iba or whatever network war you guys are insinuating…I don’t idolize the network, I idolize the artists and shows. I like some artist from GMA and some from ABS…kaya it’s so irritating to read rude comments. Doesn’t that make you a cheap of a person?

Buti pa ang GMA, may Marian, may Carla Abellana, may Lovi Poe, may Heart E., ‘yan ang mga sosyaling artista sa show business. Ang mukhang bakya ang karamihan sa ABS-CBN. That’s one reason why I was a Kapuso before — their artists look more sosyalin than in ABS-CBN.

Onga ‘no. Medyo naba-bakya-an ako sa ABS-CBN for some reasons. GMA may be “baduy” for some people, but please remember that they have Grace Lee, Ricky Lo, Saab Magalona, and other sosyaling people in showbiz. That’s why only a few artists who look sosyalin make it to ABS-CBN.

Ich denke, Solenn kann eine sehr schmale Linie gehen.


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