FP Blind Item: Hmmm… a conceited little sister!?

Title: Junking the Chronic System

This early, young and privileged starlet YS is showing everyone how it is to fail in showbiz. She is everything a newbie should not aspire to be: bad attitude personified.

The pretty airhead seems to feel that she is entitled to everything, even to episodes of bitchiness at work every so often. Some say that the overbearing attitude comes from the fact that she was made to feel special from the very beginning: spoiled and well-provided for by a close relative CR who is basking in fame and fortune.

At any rate, shouldn’t she be thankful instead that inspite of being talentless, she is lucky to clinch projects owing to her strong connections? Such an edge of not having to sweat it out there to prove herself like some other ordinary Jane’s? Hey girl, even talented veterans strive to be professional and respect their work.

From the grapevine, YS was doing a shoot for a huge cosmetics company. Projects like these are usually costly and challenging in terms of logistics, and yet, YS didn’t seem to prize commitment and professionalism.

From the start, she was making things difficult for the production staff. First, she did not like the make-up to be used on her. Second, she didn’t want to finish shoot because she needed to watch a concert. When her manager was informed about these, no questions were asked – manager put her foot down.

And what did YS do to retaliate? The brat in her surfaced: she sulked and slept, further delaying the shoot.

Showbiz insiders blame the system on why people like YS thrive – raw, talentless, uncommitted, yet exist to be given preferential treatment. Too much too soon. Perhaps it’s about time people concerned  realize that it is a self-created problem capable of creating future monsters.

“Fame is toxic, it can turn a shy upstart into a monster within months.”

No wonder, she’s no different from the little sister of over-exposed artist/blogger who is most of the time self-important and err… quite snobbish.

I hate to generalize, but most of the youngest children are more spoiled, but there are some youngest of children I know who are even more than accommodating, eh these two people I’m mentioning are not even as famous as their “ates” yet manifest a very self-important attitude.

Una sa lahat, yes, she’s much better-looking than her big sister (yes, the person described in the blind item), yet she has a long way to go in showbiz.

While I’m asking her some questions, she didn’t even reply to me. After all, I’d say that she and the younger sis of the overrated artist/blogger both share the same traits of being more admired = a big head.

Buti pa sina overrated artist/blogger at si sintunadong jologs, nakaka-good vibes pa sila. Despite criticisms and whatnot, at least they know how to handle themselves well. I applaud them for being good “ates” to their younger sisters so even though these younger sisters are self-important, they are not skanky enough to be ingrateful.

Being Self-Important Kills!

There’s a reason why I lambasted Anne Hathaway for answering Ricky Lo’s questions the rude way. There’s also a reason why I despise Justin Bieber despite his all-around fame. What more with the younger sisters of these celebrities I have described?

Perez Hilton, stop idolizing/admiring these artists who are doing something in a bad light. The reason why you’re lambasted is because you side with those who are questionable in character while you pull down those celebrities who were either in need or somehow showing good example to the youth and not because you just love making fun of celebrities.

Being self-important is something that people will hate about you. In fact, they will talk to you behind your back rather than respecting you when you are or if you’re also not around. Kung sila nga, they actually like you for your niceness, some people will know whether you’re too pretentious or if you’re actually too conceited enough to be this or that. When Anne Hathaway was casted in Les Miserables, akala mo naman kung sinong maka-asta na parang she even discussed in a TV show about her weight loss and told Ricky Lo that it’s a “personal question,” and she answered in a sarcastic manner, which is rude (wake up Kapamilya-natics, Ricky Lo is too formal, so that’s why respected people like Nichkhun feel at home with him!). Also, not even James Franco, Joan Rivers or even Hugh Jackman’s wife admire her. Kaya there’s a reason why the Hathahaters emerged (haha, to those who lambasted Ricky Lo, you must know better, tsk tsk!). Buti pa si Taylor Swift, even though she does not know how to handle her lovelife very well (parang si Majarot ‘yun ah!), she at least knows how to handle herself very well outside her lovelife.

With regards to Justin Bieber, yeah, he’s talented and he is too spectacular to some people out there, but please, I hate his bratty attitude! He even snubbed his Canadian fans and he was even banned at a certain place in Austria… and also remember the airport issue in Manila!? Being sick is no excuse to be rude — in fact, that even makes him self-important which worsened when he mocked Pacman via his Instagram account! Tang ina! Even though Pacman lost, you should not mock him at all! In fact, mocking someone who lost (mapa-Erik Morales pa ‘yan!) is extremely insulting. If you’re going to mock Erik Morales because he was defeated by Pacman, that would be EVEN MORE insulting because he’s an epic. He still remained down-to-earth even though he lost the battle — buti na lang and there are no celebrities who mocked him that time (hindi pa naman uso ang IG nun ih), or else the Mexicans might be slapped at the face. The worst thing is that, every photo of Bieber taken by other peoples (even his fans) will be HIS copyright. True that, he’s very self-important. That’s why people call him “gay” and his relationship with Selena Gomez went on a ruckus. I believe Selena deserves someone better than JB.

There you have it!


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