Top Search in MSPanythinginrandom: Maja Salvador and Gerald Anderson

So you think this is a big issue to you!?

Hmmm… no wonder that dating your BFF’s ex who hurt her before is really awkward. However, there are some people who think that there are relationships like this that are actually approval-worthy.

Side Note: So if I date my couz’s ex-fiance, it’s bad? It’s wrong? Maybe for her, it is. However, when I start to date him and so on and so forth, maybe it’s not bad, but dating a guy who is like 20 years or less my senior, people might think of you as a homewrecker.

I don’t think dating that guy would be bad, since he has been a good guy. Individual differences might have allowed them to part ways. My couz is actually a materialistic type of person, while the guy is really a contented guy. No, erase. He is like, he does not want to live in the NCR, but she loves NCR.

After all, the Kim-Maja-Gerald issue involves fights so it’s really normal that Kim would not simply move on from the issue.

I would not approve of your BFF dating your ex, IF he has been a bad guy towards her. However, if it’s just simply individual differences that parted them ways, it’s either an amicable break-up or a simple misunderstanding.

Hindi siguro amicable ang break-up nina Kim at ni Gerald before he dated Sarah.

And what string of questionable men? Lol! Seriously? Just to hate her? Do you know any other men that she dated that wasn’t shown in showbiz news? Mga tao talaga tsk tsk.

We do not despise Maja for her past relationships with Matteo and John Wayne Sace. Kung hate namin siya, that’s because the way she handled herself is the way Cristine Reyes handled herself in a guy issue. Kaya there’s one time that Anne Curtis un-intentionally uttered the word, “Majarot.” Well, if she did not do it on purpose, at least Anne-bisyosa is just telling the truth.

…oh, and please, don’t slap me with this, “Huwag magsasalita ng patapos.” Sure, we may have not yet experienced a meaningful relationship with the opposite sex, pero iba ang usapan dito, eh. No wonder Pete Ampoloquio and tsismosa-ako frowned at Maja’s actions. It is MORE than the relationship thing, and we’re talking about how she handles herself. Kaya ang sabi ko that she’s keeping her silence because obviously, she knows where she’s coming from (alam niyo na ‘yan, Roxyisferox and Kat Viola!).

Roxyisferox said:

There is a reason why Mario Maurer chose to make friends with Cacai Bautista rather than Kim Chiu, Maja Salvador and Erich Gonzales.

We are talking about bringing good vibes. Sabihin nating Majarot has always been a great buddy towards Kim, however, dinakdakan na kasi siya ng BFF niyang walang ka-isyu isyu sa mga guys, eh. In the end, it turns out that pareho lang sila. The reason why their friendship isn’t that solid is because they actually forgot their roots. If you’re talking about credibility, we don’t trust them both.

Oh, and please, naging ka-berks nila si Erich, hindi ba? That’s why it’s a matter of fact that Mario Maurer played safe than sorry.

It is very sad that the world nowadays is supporting and tolerating this type of immorality brought to you by the current stars of this generation. No wonder all the Kate Winslets and the Nicole Kidmans are already fading away. Buti pa Hollywood, even though it is not superior compared to what it was before, at least the actors there know to handle themselves very well, and you will easily know who is the pretentious ones (oops! We almost mentioned it!) and the ones who still keep their wholesome image amidst their diva attitude.

If Maja has proved her worth somehow, she just wasted it. Paraphrasing Roxyisferox, talent is only a waste if a person is involved in numerous scandals.


2 thoughts on “Top Search in MSPanythinginrandom: Maja Salvador and Gerald Anderson

  1. Hahaha! I think Majarot (and KubetAA) deserves slut-shaming. Hay nako, basta may kwestyonableng ugali, kailangang i-scold ng isang know-it-all! Remember, know-it-alls sometimes hate their own kind (LOL!).

    No wonder, Majarot and Krazy were like, “birds of the same feather flock together” pero in the end, “ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw.” That reflects how they have this Electra Complex within them. ‘Yan ang kanilang personal disorder! LOL!

    Heto ba ang dapat tularan ng mga bata? Now you know why the RH Bill is finally constitutional because of these women! I do not expect them to be the ideal woman for as long as they LEARN from their mistakes. Ask my Japanese and Korean friends. (;

    • Wala namang elektra complex si Majarot, ah. Thing is, kung sino ang nakaka-date niya, nalalaos kaagad!

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