Random Thoughts: Ricky Lo

Here’s one thing about him:

“Ricky Lo is too formal”– Roxyisferox

‘Wag sanang aangal ang mga fantards diyan ng Kapamilya. Kapamilya rin ako, however, I have certainly nothing bad to say against Ricky Lo.

If you’re going to compare him with Bhoy and Kris, Ricky is not even biased! I’d say that he has biases, but he does that rarely.

I have certainly nothing against Tito Boy, it only happens that it’s very disappointing that he’s biased towards AA — one reason: Siguro siya ang manager. Chos! Oh well, I’d say that most artists may have good things to say with AA, however, there are some artists siguro na ayaw rin kay AA (I bet Majarot is one of them, chos!).

Cristy Fermin, Sharon Cuneta, err… whoever is nega in some people, are actually against AA.

Manager nga ba ni “germs” (AA) si Tito Boy?

Meanwhile, with regards to Kris Aquino, ASA PA KAYO! I can say that she’s a better host compared to other “mediocre” hosts out there, however, quoting kris got crabbed (bashing101):

hmmm.. i think ur ryt about kris. i dont hate her naman. pero i dont like her either. haha. corny sya and amplastik nya. and kung napapansin mo, wenever na may guest sila ni boy sa boy and kris, hine head to foot nya yung guest nya na babae na maganda, example of which is si riza santos or kung cno man. tapos nambabara sya ng kausap nya. napak KNOW IT ALL nya. epal. kala mo kung cnong sikat. sumikat lng sya dahil sa tatay nya at nanay, controversial ang buhay nya. kaya sya sumikat.

Kris Aquino has changed, however, I really doubt her over-all personality. Maldita raw ‘yan in person, eh, granted, she’s as family-oriented like Greta (kung sino pa ang family-first people, they tend to be more nega in the press). I loved her when Rene was still alive and before the shenanigans she spewed on media, but that’s about it. Nothing special with her, she’s only good in hosting, period.

People love Kris Aquino because she’s prangka. Prangka siya, matalino, et cetera, however, narcissistic naman siya. From magazines to kitchen utensils, agh! Epal mode siya todamax!

Kaya sabi nga ni Tita Bisaya, “Wag niyo sanang iboto si PNoy ah!” due to her (Kris) rift with Ruffing!

Nakakatawa, ‘di ba? Funny but true. PNoy does not even deserve to be the president, granted, economically speaking we’re rising from the ashes. Politically-speaking, is he really that competent? He must prove that first.

From what I know, Ricky Lo for me seems elite. Kaya he’s “too formal” nga, eh. During his interview with Nichkhun, I was really pleased on Nichkhun’s responses. Kaya love ‘yan siya ng mga ibang K-Pop fans, hindi ba?

Even bashing101 acknowledged how Ricky handled Brad Pitt:

Brad Pitt even applauded Ricky Lo during an interview, saying he was the most professional reporter he has ever met. Because Ricky asked questions only about what he was there for, about Brad’s movie. He didn’t even ask one question about Angelina or Jennifer.

‘Di ba? He will NEVER ask about your love life, which is good. If you’re going to slap at me about how my lovelife is (alam niyo na ‘yon, and those are too overrated for me to answer, pag-piyestahan niyo pa ako ng ganyan, promise you I will never ever entertain those questions), that is being unprofessional.

Side Note: ‘Tang ina, kung sino pa ang mas professional, sila pa ang binabatikos. On the other side of the story naman kasi, the interview with the ghostly-pale skank happens to be awkward because he was asking the right questions, but the choice of words are completely wrong (medyo kinakabahan nga si Ricky d’yan, eh). Also, I do not acknowledge the ghostly-pale skank’s sarcasm because that is SO RUDE OF HER! I like her as an actress, but as a person, she’s too self-important. Halos hindi sila magkakalayo ni Taylor Momsen ng character, eh. However, in Taytay’s part, she’s only acting bitchy to garner attention. If she’s being rebellious, then I could not blame her for that — but being under-age should not allow you to smoke or get inked. Is the American system too hypocritical!? Well, for the record, yes. In the Philippines, the laws are too lenient, so it should not be a big deal if you get inked or started smoking before the legal age — but in the States!? Oh come on. They may be good in handling the government system, but in terms of implying family values, they fail. That’s why I do not like the United States system of the government. Strict rules, yet too hypocritical. May nakaklusot pa nga, eh!

In some ways, I applaud Ricky for being professional amidst the controversy. He just laughed at those criticisms because he knows himself better. Lea Salonga even acknowledged his professionalism as a journalist because he’s a veteran dude. Good thing Lea chose not to speak about the ghostly-pale skank’s behavior:

While saying she cannot speak for Hathaway, Salonga explained that based on her own experience during press junkets, she has been trained β€œto expect all kinds of questions, ranging from broadsheet to tabloid, so I try to keep my answers creative.”

One commentor even posted on my blog post, “Anne Hathaway: Above average looks, but below average IQ.”

Lea Salonga cannot comment back because she knows that the responses were unlikely to be done by an A-lister. However, being “too intelligent” to handle, at least she’s honest enough to say that answers should be constructed in a creative way.

Kung makapagsalita ang mga netizens, they want to apologize to the “GPS” because Ricky was the one who is more annoying and cringe-worthy. Do you even think that sarcasm and a diva attitude is even worth nerve-wrecking!? Now we know why someone like Kate Hudson would not easily get along with some diva like Half-a-way. Bride Wars was really an epic fail because I expect that Kate Hudson would be that funny, but the truth is, she isn’t really a good comedienne. And besides, Anne Hathaway’s acting was also a waste, or maybe Kate could not clique with someone like the former.

Nah, back to Ricky. Kaya if you will lambast him, goodness, he is respected as a veteran dude because he has interviewed several foreign artists who even acknowledged him for being professional. Kung makapagsalita lang ang mga netizens, parang they’re admiring Anne’s diva attitude, which is a BIG NO-NO in Japanese and Korean cultures, because for the Japanese and the Koreans, they consider it as arrogance. Kaya we are also deemed as ridiculous after the rape scandal — most Filipinos supported Daniel Smith while they threw lambastments against Nicole, calling her “malandi.” That’s how I view this whole brouhaha (note to those pilosopos who told me not to generalize about the controversial interview, having a diva attitude is a BIG NO-NO, and it should be NOT tolerated at all costs).

Good thing he was NOT offended about it. Ganyan ang veteran na katulad niya, and if you’re going to look at him, I think he’s being polite and friendly, kudos to Kat Viola for inspiring me to finish this article (haha, matagal akong hindi nagpo-post about this one).


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Ricky Lo

  1. Thanks. πŸ™‚ Ricky Lo is a true professional. Tumaas pa lalo ang respect ko sa kanya. Lo really follows the ethics at instructions on what questions to ask. If it is about the movie, movie talaga. No extra baggage. Liam Neeson liked him too.

    I don’t understand why people like disrespectful and irresponsible people than the professional and respectful people. May naalala ako na saying na dapat tandaan ng mga tao gusto gayahin yung bad attitude ng former.

    “My mom told me to be good to be people while going up because you are going to see them when you are going down. “

    • There’s nothing wrong about the weight loss and the poor and hungry thing. If I were to be asked about the poor and hungry thing, ganito lang dapat ang sagot:

      “Everyone of us goes through that stage, and we cannot avoid that.”

      Walang personalan dun. Besides, that question should be answered in a creative way. Also, ang “pagpapakatotoo” is viewed and defined in a bad light nowadays, which is sad news.

      Quoting Alessandra de Rossi, “May pinagkaiba ang pagiging totoo sa pagiging bastos at walang modo.”

      Being yourself should never equate being rude and having no breeding, because speaking your mind does not even mean that you should offend others, although most of the time it really happens. Ang basehan dito, is respect towards the person’s feelings. It’s a good thing that Lea Salonga backed Ricky about the controversial interview that people should answer in a creative way. πŸ˜€

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