So… maputi talaga si AA ever since!?

“Maputi lang siya’t makinis,” ‘yun lang masasabi ko.

…and people think she’s average-looking. True enough. Average-looking is where a person has face value which is not even head-turning worthy.

Nope, she was brown-skinned before, like her onesan.

But still, she’s average-looking. Ara Mina is still better-looking.

Maputi lang siya because of the lighting. Yep, she’s really brown even during her Starstruck days, and she has this satiny glow because of Cathy Valencia. Maganda pa nga parin ba siya if she stays this brown? Or let’s make her a bit darker.

WELL, I’d say she looks like a walking brownie!

“Credit it to her almost weekly visit to her dermatologist who’s injecting glutathione to her skin to give it that flawless and satiny glow.
“Ang ate niya ang talagang flawless at maputi.”

Ara was brown before, right? I have to disagree that mas maputi si Cristine kesa kay Ara, pero ang pagkaka-alam ko, Ara was better-looking even with darker skin, pero makinis. Si Cristine naman, I don’t think she’s really fair-skinned. Kaya lang siya attractive because of the dimple. Period. Ara nails it better!


2 thoughts on “So… maputi talaga si AA ever since!?

    • She (Ara) does not need to be white! Hindi kagaya ni Jennylyn “the Promiscuous” Mercado, who still needs to be white to be beautiful!

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