Beauty over brains: The case of Janina San Miguel


1. She had the guts to say that she’s not pressured. Ergo, she’s boastful. However, she wasn’t able to form a single english sentemce!

2. She didn’t even have the common sense to answer in Filipino even if she knows that she can’t speak in English fluently. Yeah! I know! You should answer an English question in English. But c’mon? If you can’t fluently speak the language then why don’t you answer in Filipino? It’s the smartest thing to do.

3. When she did answer in Filipino, after Paulo Bediones told her to do so, she wasn’t even able to give an answer! Duh?!? What’s happening to you girl?

4. She’s a MASS COMM STUDENT! (do I have to state the obvious!)

5. So OK, let’s say she’s nervous because she’s on stage and everyone is watching her. But c’mon! Shouldn’t you be better when your nervous?

6. She actually WON in the competition. That’s the biggest reason why everyone is laughing at her! She actually won even if the WHOLE WORLD knows that she wasn’t able to give an answer and she made a mess! If she didn’t, maybe there will be less people who will talk about the incident.

She also said:

I’m not mocking Janina nor am I saying that she’s stupid. I just want her to realize that she needs to lessen her being boastful. I want her to use the Filipino language because it is evident that she can’t speak in english well.

I was very angry why the FUCKING HELL did she won in the Bb. Pilipinas-World 2009 pageant. I’m not saying that Janina is stupid, but pamsthinkpad has a point. I find Janina too arrogant to handle.

Why force yourself to speak in English if you really are not that fluent in the language!? Nakaka-sakit sa tenga, eh! Ayos lang siguro kung ibang lahi ‘yan (although they prefer using their own language which is good), but Janina? She should speak in Filipino na lang because speaking in English if you’re not really good at it gives everyone the goosebumps. Nobody will really take you seriously.

Masdan niyo sina Majarot at AA. Tang ina, when you let them speak in English, nakooooo! Baka tuyuin ko na lang mata ko ng hair-dryer (quoting bashing101). Ganyan mag-English si Janina, and nobody will question that!

The Dark Side of Beauty Pageants

Roxyisferox said:

Beauty titlists or aspiring ones are too pressured to look beautiful so much they even resort to cosmetic surgery. Janina San Miguel even bagged Binibining Pilipinas-World 2009 despite her monstrous capability to answer the question either in English or Tagalog. So what’s the use of considering ‘brains’ when all they look is your beauty and assets?

Ms. Universe 2012-USA’s answer was just too insipid. ‘Yung kay Miss Angola naman, I have nothing against it naman because she answered it the correct way despite speaking in Portuguese. My couz even predicted that siguro “napulitika” lang ang Ms. Universe pageant. Pwede na rin ‘yun, but the thing about beauty pageants is that, I am not really interested about it. My mom used to tell me that I should join a beauty pageant if truth is, ayoko. I hated being the tallest in class, so I do not qualify. Also, I do not consider myself as extra-ordinarily beautiful and intelligent at the same time. Pressuring your children to join a beauty pageant might lead them to what has happened to the late JonBenet Ramsey.

I don’t need to elaborate about face value. I do not actually like the fact that most women with head-scratching answers nowadays bag the title due to their good looks. I don’t find Janina San Miguel really beautiful; what only made her join in the pageant is her height and her hot body. ‘Yun lang. Precious Lara Quigaman is still the best-looking beauty queen for me. Wala diyan sina Bianca Manalo at si Georgina Wilson, ‘no! Bianca may be a beauty queen material, however, why the hell is she not as popular as Lara Quigaman or the other morena beauty queens after Venus Raj? Same with Georgina Wilson, but Georgi is actually too haughty to start with.

Article 1 and 2.

I also don’t think that beauty alone should be the basis for someone to bag a title. I only commend Ms. Universe Angola (Leila Lopes) for bagging the title since she seems more wholesome than Ms. Universe USA (Olivia Culpo). The latter reminds me of Caitlin Upton (no joke about this one).

Look at what happened to Carrie Prejean and Dzjejla Glavovich. The former is lambasted for being a hypocrite after a series of scandals, while the latter is known for scandals worse than the former. Ganyan ka-hypocritical ang beauty pageants. See? Kahit papano, our morena beauty queens (Ms. Universe) representing the Philippines at least are not involved in scandals. Sayang nga ang mga brains nila, eh. They’re not given the chance to win the title simply because they need to be as “good-looking” as the other beauty queens I have mentioned. Kulang ba ang beauty ni Shamcey!? Well, in Shamcey’s case, her answer about religious beliefs is something too sensitive to handle, so that’s why she didn’t win as a champion, but for me, she’s still an almost-perfect woman for me.

It is really sad that brains are no longer recognized as the basis for winning a beauty pageant. Tama si Roxyisferox, not to generalize but beauty queens are objectified beings nowadays. Kung sino talaga ang good-looking, sila pa ang pina-panalo, which is a total mindf*ck! The way of evaluating beauty queens nowadays is how the media imposes beauty standards towards women. Kung sino pa ang maraming ka-isyu isyu, sila pa ang napag-bibigyan ng break. Laging left behind ang mga mas deserving pang magka-break. Ganyan ba na-gago ang show business nowadays!?

Now you have to tell me that being a pretty face is the basis of talent!? Look what happened to the over-hyped hit wonders, where are they now (you know who!)? Ang nagpapatuloy ng mga career nila ay ‘yung mga galing talaga sa talent-search reality program. Mas respectable naman talaga ang mga talent search champions not because they happen to be more talented and substantial than most hit wonders. It is actually their career lifespan which became a reward for their hardwork and their prodigal genius.

In short, novelty songs are never going to be as classical as the musical works of my favorite artists on my iPhone. Hindi ako follower ng mga trends, so if you think I’m weird, at least I am accepted in the Empire of the Rising Sun. They won’t care if I listen to songs that are out-of-this-world, and the notion of weirdness is embraced there.

This also applies to a beauty pageant. If you think napaka-squeaky clean ng image ng event na ‘yun, you’d rather ask the likes of Carlene Aguilar (hahaha, no need to mention why).


Seriously, it is nonsensical to go ga-ga over beauty pageants. I do not even view being ‘beauty titlist’ as honorable. Women should not only be measured by beauty alone, but the chutzpah, skills, and anything she can do that is beyond mainstream.



8 thoughts on “Beauty over brains: The case of Janina San Miguel

  1. Well, they are called “beauty” queens and not “beauty and brains” queens after all. Wit and intelligence optional. End of the story. So that makes Shamcey a one of a kind, once-in-a-blue-moon (and rightful) kind of queen.

    • Err… I hate to say this, but don’t jump into conclusions. There is a reason why face value and personal assets are not enough to prove your worth. Kasi beauty is not about face value, eh. It’s about representing yourself as a respectable person. The reason why you’re saying thay wit and intelligence are optional is because you think that in a beauty pageant, face value and assets are the basis of what is called as beauty (IMHO). If that’s the case, then we’re allowing the likes of Kristine Hermosa (best example of a pretty face but without any brains and sufficient talent) to join a beauty pageant. It just so happened that beauty pageant judges are actually lowering their standards in a certain level OR they think that inner beauty is nothig to them. Besides, there are some not-so-good-looking beauty pageant contestants who get the championship is not simply because of their face value and their assets. It’s because they carry themselves well and they keep their image as wholesome.

      Honestly, a beauty pageant is worthless if the titlist only has the face value and best assets but is stupid, arrogant and/or has no morals (or a bad reputation).

      I’m not saying that brains and wit are required, but if the basis of winning a beauty pageant is only about the OUTSIDE, it’s useless.

      • Let me please clarify something. For me, the concept of “beauty” in general and the concept of “beauty” in the context of pageants are two quite different things so please don’t mix them up and lecture me about it. Yes, I agree with you that real beauty is not just about face value. But as you said so yourself in your post, beauty pageants are hypocritical. Surface beauty (looks, bearing, poise) dominates; the fact that a candidate is of less-than-stellar intelligence or morals is not a deterrent. Quoting you, “If that’s the case, then we’re allowing the likes of Kristine Hermosa (best example of a pretty face but without any brains and sufficient talent) to join a beauty pageant.” Actually, that is the case (and then some) as Janina San Miguel (who’s definitely less pretty compared to Kristine but seems no more intelligent) was able to enter the pageant and bag the biggest title to boot. Who wins in any beauty pageant depends solely upon the judges and their preferences, judging criteria be damned. You said so yourself that there are not-so-good-looking contestants who bag the prize anyway, so that just proves that sometimes a certain batch of judges decides to champion real beauty more than surface beauty. So it’s not really the “unworthy” winners that you should be ranting at, but the judges who crowned them. Peace out.

      • Okay, I stand corrected with some of your statements, however, to clear things out, I’m not lecturing you or something (in fact, I’m only stating my opinions based on my beliefs), FYI. Sorry ah, but if I were to criticize the judges, it’s not simply because of their personal preference/s but it’s because they’re lowering their standards.

        Judging criteria should still be a standard, actually. However, the batch of judges who were chosen to evaluate a contestant might have stooped down to the level of our local politicians who are not even qualified to run for a certain position (altruistic-wise and intellect-wise) and to the madlang people who are actually over-hyping certain artists who are even admired for their face value over their talent.

        Sorry for not mentioning the judges in my blog post, and thanks for the clarifications. Agree, it should be the judges who are to be blamed for lowering their standards. Will tell my blogger friend about this one.

      • I almost forgot. If you’re talking about the judges, there are some beauty pageant contestants who are going to “sleep” with a judge/panelist to earn a title.

      • Yeah, nothing new there. There was even a movie way way back starring Carmi Martin (imagine how long ago that was) where she fucked the judge/s to win the pageant.

      • Hmmmm I’ll tell Roxyisferox to reference that one.

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