ReadDICKculous standards!

Roxyisferox said:

I can’t understand why we have such ridiculous beauty standard like this—White/Fair Skin, Tall, Slim, Long (and straight) Hair, simply looking Caucasian—and if you don’t fall to this category, you are ugly. If your mom happened to be of Castillian features and you end up Malayan one, you are being called ugly. Do we have to be of white skin to be beautiful? Do we have to be feminine-looking to be beautiful? Besides, setting beauty-standards it’s like setting double-standards, making you less of a woman when you are not meeting the standards. It’s simply a mindfuck.

Onga, eh! Even my first serious crush at school absolutely loves girls who are fair-skinned, straight-haired and most of all, SHORT. His girlfriend na may ganung features is the least pretty among his girlfriends. Mestiza ang mga maging syota niya, which shows that he thinks in a shallow manner. Whoops! he teases people with braces, but bet you don’t know that his teeth is a postiso (EWW). Batambata pa, lolo-retz na! PWE!

Brown Skin is Beautiful… but it’s more high-maintenance than fair skin!

Alessandra de Rossi: Tan is cool.

So, pangit si Lovi Poe? Is that what people mean!?

Personally, I do not find Lovi Poe extra-ordinarily beautiful as she was better-looking when she was only starting. Remember, maraming nadu-dugyot-an sa kanya. Hmmm… maybe because of too much tan on her skin?

Pero hindi naman siya chaka, eh. It’s only that she is too dark that makes her look dirty. Mas mukha pa ngang malinis si Venus Raj sa kanya, eh.

Brown skin is good, for as long as you’re almost flawless. Bad skin + brown complexion = Dirty-looking.

There are some celebrities who only look good because they’re fair-skinned. Kung paitimin mo sila, do you think they’re still as good-looking when they were still fair?

You know the celebrities I have mentioned who look terrible with a tan. I have mentioned it so just browse everything.

But still, there are some brown-skinned celebrities I really do admire. If you ask Prunella (aka Lizzie), she really envies women with brown skin dahil “mala-dyosa” raw ang dating. For me, it still depends. Kung maitim ka’t makinis, and your features are normal-looking, pwede na rin. However, there are some celebrities who need to be fair to look attractive.

I’d say that if you are fair-skinned, you look clean, rich and someone from an affluent background. However, this is not only in the Philippines — the situation of skin whitening is even much worse, worse, worse in Thailand, kasi magsasaka talaga ang tingin sa’yo if you’re brown-skinned.

Side Note: Come on, Thai women are very beautiful with their brown skin. However, the concept of being a “farmer” with brown skin has plagued their own beauty standards. If you see Thai female actors, you’ll really cringe why their actors are mostly fair-skinned, but here:

qt_ben17 said:

asians in general prefer whiter skin. it’s even worse in thailand nga daw. there, they will do everything to whiten their skin. even to the extent of taking chemotherapy drugs.  for thais, you are considered  a farmer if you don’t have white skin.

Kahit sa Japan ganun rin, eh. They have their own “bihaku” beauties, who happen to be more popular in the past. However, more and more Japanese women are not totally observing the “bihaku” standard anymore.

In essence, more Filipino guys choose women with fairer skin because they’re more appealing (ANO RAW)!? Yes, my first serious crush is absolutely one of these guys — most of his girlfriends were fair-skinned (and mestiza, brown pala hair nila, eh tengene! So he loves girls with browner hair!) but he absolutely fell for someone who is the most chaka of them all. Dark hair, fair skin, short, errr…. basta, but her cousin is better-looking. She just looks ordinary.

I really do not understand why fair skin is the trend. Yep, I’ve been a victim of this one since I’m part-Spanish (it does not look obvious until you see me sideviews), and I am often compared for being too “ordinary” compared to my bro, who’s actually really a Caucasian-looking guy. If the guy is dark and the other guy is fair, it’s no big deal, pero kapag when it comes to women, tengene! Masyadong big deal!?

I used to really be proud of being brown-skinned (exactly as it is) and I never got the reason why THE HELL SKIN WHITENING IS ALL OVER THE TELEVISION!? Para magmukhang malinis at mayaman!?

There’s a reason why I wanted to live in the United States of America or in Canada. They’ll really love you since they dig in with girls who are short, brown-skinned, has exotic looks (which are “native-looking” in the Philippines), et cetera. And yes, I hate looking “exotic,” kasi people find you someone like Bai Ling or Tila Tequila.

Tall Height — Hmmmm… for as long as your hands and feet are long, too!

This is one example of being very tall — but I love Amazon Eve!

Being tall as a woman!? Naaahhh! As much as I’m concerned, I always HATED being one of the tallest in class. Blame the bad genes, the earlier you grow, you’ll stop growing earlier, also. Kaya that’s one reason why I discourage people to marry a short, poor native dahil maybe the tallness will be transferred to your hands and feet, and you know that if you’re 5’4″, your shoe size should be 7.5 (EU 38).

However, being short is an advantage. Men will love you for being short and no wonder, maraming naghahabol sa isang unano. Most of the “unano” half-Japanese, half-Filipino schoolmates that I’ve meet or seen were actually more popular than the taller, Caucasian-looking ones.

Side Note: Yes, I have to admit that I was cursed by bad genes = Brown skin (with an extremely bad texture), curly hair, big-boned (BTW, my hands are too big for my height, which sucks dick big time!), and also, I also do not like my teeth color. It seems that if you’re a girl, you’ll inherit all the bad genes, especially if you’re the eldest. It is much more sickening if your brother inherit the more feminine genes. Ganyan ka-sexist ang genetics. They tend to pass on the uglier genes (by Filipino standards) towards the females because of the XX chromosome, while because guys have the XY chromosome, they would be lesser prone to those ugly traits. Kaya there are some women who are sadly, hairier than men. Nakaka-frustrate, hindi ba? Also, being feminine-looking equates = looking fake or looking like a doll. If you think that a white son and a dark daughter sucks, then blame the other parent! Ganyan lang ka-simple ‘yun!

Being tall has a lot of disadvantages. First of all, you really cannot find a decent partner since most guys will really like shorter girls. Yes, being tall has really a downside so that’s why I really

The Epitome of Perfection (!?)

Unfortunately, ang mga type kasi ng Pinoy ay ‘yung chinita. Well, not all chinitas are really that good-looking. Chinitas and mestizas are better-looking than those who possess Malayan features!? LOL, akala niyo naman kung sinong makapag-salita, but some Korean guys out there are more attracted to Filipinas due to their V-lines and come on, our facial size is much smaller than that of Korean women (even though they’re small-boned).|The epitome of perfection: Caucasian face, fair skin, straight hair, tall, slim, modelesque. According to Filipino standards.

Ehem. Look at Yeng Constantino when she became white. Halos kumi-Cristine Reyes na nga ang kutis, eh. Sayang ang byuti niya, nagmukha siyang multo, lalo na with her red hair. However, she’s really fair-skinned, like what I told you guys, I saw her in person and she’s really fair, but not as scary pale like Michael Jackson.

I was wondering, “Ba’t pa siya nagpaputi? Mukha siyang may sakit.” I have nothing against Yeng having her skin bleached, but maybe because of her red hair. However, I still think that she’s too white!

On the other hand, Alessandra de Rossi does not need to be fair-skinned to look more attractive. Besides, she’s tall, slim and she’s half-Italian, and remember, Italians are olive-skinned (to name a few, Lea Michele, Lady GaGa before The Fame).

Actually, what is really unattractive is that, you are Caucasian granted, but your eyes are chinky and your nose is flat (you know whom I’m mentioning). I cannot also imagine Charice being blonde at the same time since she really looks like a human noodle. No kidding about that.

Being Slim is Sexy!?|Even though she’s “fat” in physcal form, Norma Stitz is sexy for me.

Let me explain about weird body proportions. There are some tall women whose hands and feet are too small for their height (e.g., Amber Tamblyn, Fann Wong, Zhang Ziyi) and there are some short women whose hands and feet are too big for their height (e.g., Scarlett Johansson, Paris Hilton). The former means that your bones are too small and thin, so if you are under the “small-boned” category, you will really be as stick-thin like the skinny models that you see on Fashion TV. However, if you’re under the “big-boned” category, even though you lose a certain amount of fat, you still look too big/tall.

This is also the same case with boobs and body types (slim/stout). Being slim with cup-C boobs and above or being chubby with cup-B boobs and below are possible, but it happens rarely. The boobs here represents your hand length/shoe size, while your body type represents your height.

Legend: 5’4-5’6 is the average height. 6-7.5 (US Female) is the average shoe size.

Slim woman with cup-C boobs and above = Short woman (5’3″ and below) with large feet and hands (shoe size of 8 and above).
Stout woman with cup-B boobs and below = Tall woman (5’7″ and above) with small feet and hands (shoe size of 5.5 and below).

Okay, don’t get offended with this sample (just in case you are under the category as shown above). I’m just writing my observations based upon the data provided by the Internet. I have nothing against the data here, but sometimes, jumbled DNAs might cause mismatched traits to occur, causing pressure among women to look perfect. I don’t think this should be the basis for beauty, actually.

PS: Short woman with large feet and hands is generally a British thing, while Tall woman with small feet and hands is a Korean thing. I’m not being racist here.

Why did people not mention about big boobs in Filipino standards!? Do you think being manly-chested is “cool”!?

Hmmm… Paris Hilton does not like to have a boob job because she finds it appalling, but I do respect her opinion about having a boob job. Also, I really do get her point about being big-chested. However, one person really caught my attention and that is no other than Sophie Monk. She is slim but has D-cup boobs, and she really hates it. Lately, she had them reduced to a more modest size. I applaud her for being honest about how she feels about her body.

Now I’m asking you… after all these weird body proportions I was explaining… so FAT = UGLY!?

So chaka si Juliana Gomez? I don’t think so, and I find her beautiful–even more beautiful than Lucy Torres. Lucy will attest that to you if you’re going to ask her who is prettier among them. In fact, she has foreign features than Malayan ones. I know some people who say that Juliana is chaka because she’s “mataba.” Hmmm… I don’t think so, and being “fat” shoud not equate being ugly. Also, calling Dawn Zulueta as unattractive (and also with Janice de Belen) because they’re both fat does not even make Kim Chiu 100x more attractive. Dawn may seem to be “fat” to some of you, but you will not deny that she’s really a goddess, and same with Janice.

Being “fat” is not a disease. What makes it a disease is that you become extremely fat, it will result to heart problems. Kaya it’s better to lose fat via walking for 12 hours or depending  on your daily routine.

Sophie Monk also shared in an interview that she is not a fan of being a stick. Halos lahat ng mga taba niya, napunta sa mga pakwan niya, and that is sooooooo appalling. There’s one reason why I did not idolize Jennifer Love Hewitt. She is the best example of a woman who has the weirdest body proportions if you’re going to look at the provided data.

Long and Straight Hair rocks!?|So you guys want to follow MJ’s (RIP) path!?

So what people call as “Negra” are the most discriminated people in the Philippines. From white skin… now to super flat-straight hair!?

Kung sinasabi nilang mas maganda ang straight hair, I have a feeling that they view curly hair as UGLY, UNTIDY, NOT NEAT, parang rockstar, a la Kamikazee ang dating. Tyra Banks had a problem with that, and I also applaud her for being honest about herself.

It really sucks if people praise people with fair skin and straight hair because they look neat, wealthy and clean with those things. What now for people who have “Negra” traits!? EWW, as if they think that being “Sadako” is cool, and it is more “kawaii” than being a Beyonce, Rihanna or a Halle Berry. Ironically in the Philippines, if we are desperate to be fair-skinned and straight-haired, why do we still admire Beyonce, Rihanna… or any other artists of black/African descent? How hypocritical of our society, because there are some African-American celebrities I really do admire such as Tyra Banks (even though she’s overrated), Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy, Lisa Lopes (RIP), Mary J. Blige, Nicki Minaj… and the list goes on. Somehow, people do not think that these African-Americans are even more talented and are lesser vain compared to what we see as attractive.

Actually, straight hair is just too boring. Kaya lang maganda tingnan simply because it looks neat, clean and too shiny and too healthy, however, I beg to disagree. If your hair is long and straight at the same time, actually it really depends on the person who’s carrying it. Also, mukha ka kasing MANANG kapag super long and straight pa ang buhok mo–yung abot paa na ang ang haba.|Gusto niyo ‘yung mukha ka nang aswang!?

Unfortunately, Hollywood loves the people who have a short crop. For instance, Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley. Anne Hathaway goes on the list as well, and there so many celebrities who are going the trend. Charlize Theron has consistently made her hair short and she recently had it shaved|Greta’s cropped hair and Castillian looks

So what’s the fuzz about long, straight hair!? Kung hindi mo carry, magmumukha ka lang manang!

Simply looking Caucasian!? Now look who’s talking

I beg to disagree. While some of us love the Caucasian look — actually, how will they look like with chinky eyes and flat nose. Again, I’m not being a racist. It just happens that I don’t get the hype why looking Caucasian is really a big deal to us. Para magmukhang mayaman!? Jimmy Sieczka said that not all Caucasian people are wealthy. If you’re going to ask me, mas simple lang manamit ang mga katulad nila, eh. While they have their own fashionistas, they dress more simple but elegant compared to those who dress like noveau riche people.Also, not all of the Hollywood stars are really good-looking. Only a few of them are really consistently good-looking without makeup and even though they wake up in the morning, they still look fresh and clean.

Thank you Roxyisferox for the quote

After writing two articles about white skin and straight hair, I really thank Roxyisferox for being my back-up.

Link HERE, and HERE.


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