Thoughts: 500-Peso Bill in 2016

Got this from FB

In my original FB account, I said, “If this happens, I don’t want to live in this country anymore.”

Totoo naman, eh. This makes the 500-Peso Bill all effed up. Isali pa si PNoy, Kris at si Bam, it shows that oligarchy has always been messing up our heritage together with US Imperialism!

US Imperialism + Oligarchy = Illuminati: The Philippines Version

Besides, this 500-Peso Bill is just a meme. It’s not something to be taken seriously.

Now what is wrong when I post my opinion about the 500-Peso Bill itself? Like seriously, hindi naman ako madadamay sa gulo ng gobyerno, eh. Don’t take these things seriously, because most people will do this for fun. Not all people will take this seriously because comparing this to a serious situation will not be as beneficial or harmful as any other aspect of life. In fact, some people find this funny!


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