What struck me the most…

In Mikaella Everisto’s, “I was a victim of verbal bullying,” she said:

I was once put down simply for being morena.  As a child, I grew up in a family of mestizos—my mother, sister, brother, and my mom’s side of the family. This alone made me feel left out, and I wished upon many stars that I would eventually grow out of my color.

Well, in my case, I was never bullied for my skin color. Hmmmm… weird nga, eh. Kaya siguro I was doubting about the mass media why the HELL IS FUCKING WRONG WITH BEING BROWN and they endorse WHITENESS as something heavenly.

I was wondering why people didn’t even bother throwing a bunch of jokes about me. Hmmm, maybe because people in the family has accepted me for who I am — but the thing is that, no, kulang pa ‘to. I never expected anything in return, or expected that people will admire me simply because I look too ordinary.

However, I was proud not to be one of the popular kids. The popular kids will absolutely place me as someone with a bad reputation because I was different and never followed the trend. My second serious crush at school did not even bully me for being “dark” because he is darker than I am (LOL, but he’s originally white!).

They were laughing at my “n*gga” hair, but why did not they made fun of my skin color? Why!?

I feel thankful that they didn’t even call me “native-looking.” It was only the popular kids who were trying to pull me down… even until now.

Fitting in the popular crowd!? NO, you have to impress them or shame them!

I was wondering why people will choose Cristine Reyes over Cass Ponti. Like, Cass is tall, dark and sexy, while CR is someone who just looks… skanky. Okay, so to speak, my first serious crush likes or is attracted to someone who has the same physical features like CR, and not Cass. The reason why he has a crush on Cass is because, malakas ang appeal niya.

If he has a girlfriend exactly like CR, I will laugh my arse off and mock him.


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