Charice Pempengco… where is she now?

Don’t get… you know!

Grabbed from Fashion Pulis

So she’s already being a lesbian, eh? Now we know why she’s no longer that active in the music industry. Her fame is simply like the hit wonders who were overhyped yet was lost track because they were not as “awesome” as talent search champions.

Like what I said, the career lifespan of talent search champions are even much longer than that of hit wonders.

Seriously, I really miss the old Charice. She’s a much more substantial hit wonder than the likes of overhyped stars (Justin Bieber not exempted!). If she’s a matter of love-hate relationship in the Philippines, she’s the diva in other countries. Sayang, she might have been at-par with Marie Digby, but the latter’s career is still underrated.


One thought on “Charice Pempengco… where is she now?

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