Never mess up with the Lord!

Check out this FB Page: Si Hesus ay isang kupal at walang kwentang panginoon

You will burn in hell after you die, to those admins who are downgrading Jesus!

Seriously, Jesus Christ is a rockstar, a legend and a superhero to all of us Christian people! If you think that Jesus is “worthless” and has “no substance” at all, you might as well GTFO of this world. Mga atheist kuno kayo, eh!

Seriously, edited photos like this one is actually disrespecting the agony of the Lord when He was suffering towards the Calvary. His death may be sorrowful, but that was one of the most remarkable events in the Salvation History. He saved us from sin, but why are these FB admins of “that” page being ingrate towards Him? Parang tinatakwil na nila ang Diyos for their own personal gain/s.

Laughing at Him when He’s stripped down naked to the cross does not only make you a TOTAL ignoramus. It makes you religiously intolerant, something similar with racial discrimination.


2 thoughts on “Never mess up with the Lord!

  1. call me judgemental, but people who disrespect Jesus like hell is what I will call devil-worshipers. Bar None.

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