ANNE CURTIS hindi na nahiya, binaboy daw pati kanta ni REGINE VELASQUEZ

Kaya nga Lea Salonga was cringing, eh! Anne said herself that she does not consider herself a singer but a performer, so you’re making us believe that Anne is a singer in her own right!? I don’t think so!
Correct me if I’m misinterpreted.

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anne curtis‘Utang na loob, tigilan na ang ilusyon na pwedeng maging singer!’

We’ve seen Anne Curtis perform “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw” and honestly, we didn’t like her version.

To put it bluntly, binaboy niya ang kantang pinasikat ni Regine Velasquez.

To begin with, isang malaking trip lang ang ginawa ni Anne sa napakagandang kanta.

Her version was bereft of feelings, walang kalatoy-latoy.

Ang baba-baba ng boses ni Anne to dream of singing a Regine Velasquez piece and although she really made an effort ay isang EPIC FAIL ang kanyang performance.

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