GEORGINA WILSON bastos daw, nilait-lait ang litrato sa INSTAGRAM

Well well well… EPAL naman itong MOKONG na ‘to! What do you expect to such a five-headed AIRHEAD skank!

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wilson georginaModel Georgina Wilson is again at the center of controversy.

May lumabas kasing photo niya recently where she was caught flashing the peace sign on one hand and the F sign on the other hand.

May mga nag-react na sa kanyang photo na ito na hindi naming alam kung saan kinunan o kung photoshopped lang.

The totally disgusting picture attracted negative reactions siyempre from people.

“A totally classless act. Goes to show a pretty face (with make-up) doesn’t always come with a pretty upbringing,” said one who is obviously stunned at the sight of the picture.

“Oh well, money can’t buy class, as they say,” tili naman ng isa.

“Celebrities and quasi celebrities are public figures thus taboo to do the dirty finger.

IMO. I love peace and I Love to F**k! :D,” said another disappointed guy.

“Akala nya cool na sya nyan :)),” sabi naman ng isa pang hindi…

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