Totes agree! Japan > USA

Okay… I hate to offend the American people, but there are some Americans (whether they’re white, black or Asian) who prefer the Land of the Rising Sun.

Joycy of GIRLTalk said:

Nakakainggit naman kayo! I so want to go to Japan! Most people would say na dream place nila is going to USA but not me. Never me. Japan talaga ever since ang gusto ko puntahan.

Exactly, these are my same thoughts. If I were to visit Osaka’s Universal Studies and TDL (Tokyo Disneyland) at the same period of time, I’ll name this Album on FB: “WALA KEO SAKEN! CHOS!”

Yep, now why some people out there prefer HK or the USA? Actually, if you’re really THAT well-off, Japan is a must-see. No kidding. It may be a costly country, but if you’re really well-off enough, then this is the place for you.

For me, the reason why I prefer Japan over China (Peking)/HK or the US is because I find it too shallow once you just visit the US (even though it’s costlier to go there via plane). And China (Peking)/HK. It’s too generic, overrated and at the same time, most of the popular places are just like the Philippines. In Japan, it’s totally different. You’re really in a foreign country and you’ll think that this place is really a must-see before you die.

Not to discriminate, but Japan > USA/HK.


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