Now let me get this straight…

So after all the defense towards Ricky Lo, I have to admit, I do admire Anne Hathaway. Because if not for her, the Princess Diaries Saga and Ella Enchanted will never be as awesome as how we see and know about it. I was just turned off (in a disgusted manner) towards her attitude with the controversial interview.

You know naman, talent will be wasted if you’re acting like a diva in the wrong place.

Now you know why I will not be a Hatha-hater. Like what I said, she should have just knew better. After all, she’s a sought-after actress in Hollywood, and her acting is halfway between Scarlett Johansson (her perky and bubbly personality) and Natalie Portman (class, grace, almost-perfect), that’s why earning the nickname as “Half-a-way.”

Well just so you know, who will not be turned off towards a diva attitude, right? Daig pa nga siya ng mga hindi kagandahan ang reputasyon, eh. And… I never said that Half-a-way is a racist/ethnicist. In fact, you have heard some disappointing accounts about her, so that’s why I was turned off.

I hope she will go back to her roots. You do hardwork on your craft, you don’t act like a diva on a daily basis. Just saying.


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