Top 20 Most Hated Celebs…

1. Gwyneth Paltrow – Whutttt!? Why the F*CK!? I think she’s likeable, though.
2. Kristen Stewart – Boring face, same facial expressions. Even though she has fully bloomed, she’s just… bleh!
3. Jennifer Lopez – What!? She does not even deserve to be on the list as well!
4. John Mayer
5. Katherine Heigl – No wonder she cannot act. She’s seriously not substantial.
6. Matt Lauer
7. Madonna – This is crazy.
8. Justin Bieber – He deserves to be the number one most hated celebrity on the list. From his bratty attitude to his conceitedness, he wished that Anne Frank would have been a Belieber!? Now that’s self-absorbed!
9. Anne Hathaway – Not surprising. She’s a true thespian, but that’s it. Her arrogance is now showing.
10. Kris Jenner
11. Kim Kardashian – Seriously, she’s the most overrated celebrity I could think of. She has defeated Paris Hilton in terms of attention-whoring. Fuck.
12. LeAnn Rimes – Nein! She does not deserve to be on the most hated list.
13. Ashton Kutcher
14. Jay Leno
15. Angelina Jolie – LOLWHUT? Move on guys, Angelina is already lay-low. Past is past. Now why is she still on this list!? (Move over Jennifer Aniston fans!) You don’t even know where she’s coming from!
16. Lindsay Lohan – From being a “man-stealer” to Paris Hilton, she ended up being trash! But poor her…
17. Shia LaBeouf – NEIN! He does not deserve to be on the most hated list!
18. Taylor Swift – Because she does not know how to handle her lovelife, she ended up here!
19. Jesse James
20. Chris Brown – HAHAHA, good for him! Even Adele hates him, too!

Now why is Megan Fox not on the list? LOL. AND RIHANNA!?

…and Julia Roberts!?

It’s a good thing that Miley Cyrus is not on the list. Good grief. Good riddance. Same with Paris Hilton.

Now I applaud Paris Hilton for learning her lesson/s the hard way. Either way, from scandals to jail, she seriously has improved herself. Way to go, Paris!

I can’t believe why Angelina was even here at the first place? If that was 2005-2009, she might as well deserve to be on the hate list. But NOT anymore. People don’t even understand where she’s coming from: A broken family.

Sure, you might as well want to compare her to Jennifer Aniston (for the NTH time) or Tori Spelling, but I’d choose the latter — Maniston does not like to have kids, am I right!? I have read one netizen’s comment and JA is selfish to give Brad Pitt a child. Therefore, Angelina is not to be blamed right here. It was Brad who decided to part ways with JA. So get over it. May people still admire her no matter what happens!

Tori Spelling, on the other hand, is really a hands-on mother. Whether or not she came from a rich but broken family, well, she was never close with her mother Candy, so when a gossip magazine wrote an article about her divorce with Dean McDermott, she was devastated and she really fought back with the issue.

Hmmm… if I were to be asked, Julia Roberts deserves to be on the list. Look, she’s overrated and at the same time looks more annoying. Nothing special with her, anyways.


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