Is this Maja Salvador!?

Hmmmmmmmmm… she was dark before. Not really dark, actually.

Well, she’s really average-looking ever since, ano bang ikinaganda ng lokang ‘to!?

Maraming accounts na nagsasabi na ordinary-looking lang siya in person. Well, I really agree with that because she’s not really that good-looking.

Parang hindi siya, sa totoo lang. Also, mas may dating pa nga sina Yeng at si Jusay sa kanya, eh.

Both her and AA need to be white just to look more attractive!

6 thoughts on “Is this Maja Salvador!?

    • She’s really plain Jane ever since I saw her at the first place. I don’t really know why my other cousin idolizes her… for her beauty!? Well, when she became whiter, mas gumanda siya. She’s one of the artists who need to be fair-skinned to be attractive.

      • i saw her in person. i think that time she was beautiful, but i know to myself before na suplada siya. Jean Garcia and Janelle Manahan actually nicer in person.

      • Well, yeah. Pero as of now, hindi naman siya ganun ka-suplada. Si Kim actually ang hindi kagandahan ang ugali.

      • kahit nagparetoke si Kim, kulang sa proportions pa rin ang fez niya eh… hahahah!

      • Korek! Actually Kim and AA are both nakaka-sawang tingnan. Super puti to the fact that nahawa na rin si Yeng Constantino (actually hindi na niya kailangang magpa-white ng skin, eh… white kaya siya in person) and Alodia Gosiengfiao in terms of face value. Mukha na silang wax dolls (except Yeng).

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