Mom tells Gretchen: ‘You are a liar!’

Pati nanay ng mga Barretto sisters itatakwil na si GRETA! BUTE NGA!!!!


(from blogsite, link below):

Mom tells Gretchen: ‘You are a liar!’
Posted at 04/24/2013 9:18 AM 
Socialite actress Gretchen Barretto


MANILA, Philippines — Socialite actress Gretchen Barretto has been called a “liar” by her own mother, Inday Barretto.

In a statement published by entertainment journalist Ricky Lo in the Philippine Star newspaper, mom Inday blew her top after years of keeping all the pains brought by Gretchen to their family.

“You are a liar, Gretchen. Many of your preys will attest to that soon. That is the style that you use when you want to play with other people’s lives!” Inday said.

Inday belied all the accusations allegedly leveled by Gretchen to her sister, controversial actress Claudine Barretto.

On Gretchen’s alleged statement that Claudine will block her niece Julia Barretto’s entry to showbiz: ” Who did Claudine say it to… you? Or did you just make this…

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