Poor Claudine Barretto: Kutabare, La Greta!

If I felt annoyed and disgusted towards her behavior at NAIA, now we know that she has mental issues to deal with.

In other words, she has PERSONALITY DISORDER… coming from a dysfunctional family. Not even her brother Joaquin and mother Tita Inday are spared from the mess of the Barretto sisters. Ang nailigtas lang from the toxic and unhealthy family would be no other than Gia, their older sister who lives in Boston.

bagaholic_chewy said:

Claudine must be really troubled.. Nung nasa ABS pa sya dati, lagi na me tsismis about her primadonna attitude, tapos meron pa yung napamura sya sa microphone nung muntik sya madapa sa ASAP, the abortion issues, Rico Yan’s death, etc. Then she suddenly moved to GMA, dun talaga sya bumagsak. Andun pa din yung tsismis about her unreasonable demands, etc. Unfortunately for her, people at GMA may not be that tolerant with her as Star Magic (kasi nga naman, homegrown sya sa ABS, one of the favorites kumbaga), kaya must be the reason na di na rin sya na-renew, then the NAIA incident, the incident sa bank (where she insinuated that her husband took money from their joint account), that weird issue with Angelica Panganiban (weird, because lumabas parang she made up crazy stories lang) the persistent rumors linking her to AA (plus gambling issues na din, etc).. Tapos now, iniwan na ni Raymart, who for so long, used to defend her.. Nakakaawa si Claudine, but then, if the parents truly cared for her, dapat talaga ipa-rehab na or whatever it is that the doctor recommends.. Maybe she can still save herself and her career, if maayos lang muna nya emotional/psychological state nya.. Sayang din sya e..

My cousin-in-law saw Claudine in person, chain smoking. Hindi raw mukhang friendly at approachable. It shows that she’s really bitchy in person… but despite those things, you will never deny that she’s the most talented among the Barretto sisters, heck, Gretchen is only known for her beauty and her acting prowess as a kontrabida in Princess and I as the evil menace Ashi Behati.

So, let us look at RichV’s statement about Tita Gia and the truth about La Greta…

Side Note: Kaya pala Gretchen is a fan of Cristine Reyes because… they share something in common, making it, ,,Gleich und Gleich gesellt sich gern.” (The German saying translates, “Birds of the same feather, flock together.”)

RichV said:

(Allow me to dissect it one-by-one)

Finally Gia speaks! Si Gia is considered by many to be the most normal and stable among the Barretto siblings. Gia confirmed what I said earlier a few pages back that Jayjay spoke on behalf of Gretchen because he is BEHOLDEN TO HER. He has his own agenda and he is protecting his own personal interests.

I may not know Gia personally (yeah, she’s Marjorie’s look-alike BTW and Claudine’s), but she should be considered as the most quiet among the over-all Barretto siblings. If you’re talking about the celebrity sisters, Marjorie is known to be the most silent of them. Pinagbantaan na ni Tita Gia is La Greta for her attitude, in a nice way. Unlike Jayjay, he’s known to defend Greta because he might have the same attitude as his delusional sister.

Gia, on the other hand, lives overseas and is not beholden to anyone. She has a happy family life with a good husband and 2 cute young kids. My older sis knows Gia very well and speaks highly of her. Actually you will not ever hear anyone speak badly of Gia because she is a nice, normal, down to earth person. When they were younger and students at CSA Gia was super pretty. I remember my sister telling me that Gia was actually the FIRST ONE that was first approached to get into showbiz when the girls were all super young (Gia is only one year older than Gretchen.) Gia said NO.
Everyone who knew Gia can confirm this, she never wanted showbiz.
So the parents NEVER forced her. Gia also turned down several commercial modeling offers and again the parents respected that decision. So that goes against Gretchen’s claims that her parents pushed her to do movies to earn money. Eh why didn’t they do the same to Gia?

Indeed. I find Gia better-looking, cleaner and fresher than La Greta. Nakakagulat at siya ang inalok mag-showbiz ng mga naka-discover sa kanya, eh. Buti na lang she refused. I’d say she’s the braver version of Ara Mina. Ara, however, ventured into showbiz to showcase and make the most of her talents just to earn for her family. Gia was the only one who did not enter showbiz because she wanted to live a happy and normal life, thus making her live overseas just to get away from the mess.

Mutual family friends confirm that Gretchen was ALWAYS interested in the limelight, first in modeling then the movies (she started her career via commercial modeling.) So Gretchen is exaggerating and even lying when she says she “SUFFERED” while doing movies as a youngster kasi SHE herself WANTED IT. From an early age, Gretchen CRAVED attention and fame.

So it’s like a Kathleen and Kristine Hermosa story, pero in this case, si Greta talaga ang gustong sumabak sa showbiz. She wanted to be there because she wanted to become famous and be recognized for her acting skills and not because she was a sexy star (nahhhh never find Greta sexy).

As Gia said, their family was typical middle class. They didn’t NEED Gretchen to put food on the table. Although of course when someone in the family does well, everyone benefits di ba. To compare, Kris Aquino said that she helped fund repairs of Noynoy’s house and buys daw some of his clothes. Does it mean Noynoy is poor and he cannot afford to do that on his own? NO. It just means when one family member is doing well financially it’s expected that they will share the blessings with other family members.

Kung middle class nga sila, why the hell were they bankrupt? From what I’ve heard, ganun ang nangyari sa pamilyang Barretto, eh. No wonder naging social climber nga si La Greta through being a mistress/concubine towards Tony Boy Cojuangco– thus earning her Dominique.

And yun ang point ni Gia. Si Gretchen has been known to badmouth her family for many many years na. Pinapalabas niya na para silang pulubi and she helped put 3 meals a day on the table.

Now I know why si Greta ay fan ni AA. Pareho silang hindi nakikisama sa sarili nilang pamilya at isa pa, they are known to badmouth them — kung si AA, she is reported to badmouth her own mother, what now kung ang Ate niya mismo na nagpa-aral sa kanya, naging ingrata pa siya? If AA felt remorseful, I do not really know with Gretchen.

And kung insultuhin ni Gretchen yung sarili niyang family, Grabe daw.
I had one Tita who overheard Gretchen say such nasty things about the Mom and the other siblings (and this was at a wake several years ago!) that my Tita actually walked away kasi hindi niya ma take kung gaano kasama yung sinasabi ni Gretchen. My Tita was so shocked at the kinds of things she was saying and how disrespectful she was about her parents.

Mas ingrata pala si La Greta kesa kay AA! Ngeeeeeeeeek! Buti pa si Claudine, siya ang dinedepensahan ng mudra at ng Ate gia niya because even though she’s known to be a prima donna, you will never deny the fact that she’s really a true-blooded thespian. Of course, patago na lang siguro ang kulo ni Clauie for sure. Pero nakaka-awa rin si Claudine. Siguro she needs to seek a professional just to get over with the mess. She does not deserve the treatment she’s experiencing right now– especially from La Greta.

And also over the years laging sinusumbat daw ni Gretchen sa family niya whatever help she has provided over the years. Apparently down to the last peso she will bring it up and remind them. And when anyone disagrees with her daw she will insult them and say things that are so shocking and below the belt.

Wala silang pinagkaiba nina AA. She should realize that no family is perfect, so kahit anong pambabastos ang gawin niya, she should just shut the eff up than to be a complete arse. Kung may hinanakit siya sa mga magulang niya, she should not be a bitch to scream directly to them. Kakahiya.

Remember, when she fought with Dennis Padilla Gretchen was screaming at one of Marjorie’s kids and yelling “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! NOW.” Accd to family friends, it was Claudine who stepped in, moved Marjorie’s entire family to her house and financially supported them. I am no Claudine fan, but this was confirmed by a Tita who was contacted when “that house” suddenly became available for rent so alam niya yung full story.

See? Kung may good side naman si La Greta, well, it’s Claudine who is actually more generous despite her inner demons. Alam ni Claudine kung saan siya nakapwesto, at marunong rin siyang mahiya. Well, La Greta cannot even afford to bitch/lash out at Dominique for some reason, siguro she cannot do so because of Tony Boy (you know that guy is seriously…).

And as Gia said, Gretchen daw hasn’t always been there when things got difficult for the family. Wala daw siyang pakialam when the parents and other siblings were having their own problems. I heard that at one point she didn’t call or contact some of them for years even when they were having tough times in their own lives. How is that being a good sister?

Quoting Roxyisferox about AA:

I am not aiming for their reconciliation though. With all the words she’d thrown against Ara last year, I don’t think she deserve forgiveness. Kung makapagbitaw siya ng salita akala mo kung sinong marunong humawak ng sariling personal na buhay pati finances niya eh. Akala niya kung sinong marunong maghandle ng morality niya while AA is known to be jailbait since she started showbiz. She was known to be pasaway. She is known to have bad relationships with the press, while her ate Hazel (Ara, her real first name) has always been known to establish camaraderie to the public. She is known to be flirty with different guys, and yeah, including Willie Revilliame and Mark Lapid. That time, she was at before turning 20 when she flirted with them.

Ganito rin siguro si Greta. She claims to be the breadwinner if in fact she’s the troublemaker of the family — no wonder, hindi sila magkalayo ng similarities with AA.

So it’s weird that pinapalabas ni Jayjay na Gretchen was such a good daughter and sister. But then again, we know why Jayjay HAS to do that.


Ang masasabi ko lang, mas matindi pa nga si La Greta in terms of attitude. Overall, mas gusto ko naman talaga si Claudine, talent-wise and the way she handles her family very well. Despite her inner demons, at least siya pa ang marunong mahiya. It only happens that she needs counseling.


4 thoughts on “Poor Claudine Barretto: Kutabare, La Greta!

  1. I think Claudine is really likable to the public. She established a very good career despite her issues. I read also Mommy Inday’s letter last Wednesday published in the Philippines star and also Gia. They are really very fair when it comes to talking about their family.

    • Thing is, she needs counseling. Kaya kawawa siya because recently, hindi na siya pinaninindigan ni Raymart. Sayang kung ganoon, sana nga makabangon siya ulit para mag-start na siya ng career.

      But I agree with you, Claudine has been handling herself and her career properly compared to La Greta who is always whoring for attention. Before, wala akong paki-alam kay Greta until this hullabaloo came along — parang I don’t hate or like Greta, I just still do not care about her, unlike Claudine, who is somehow someone who is disliked by everyone with respect.

      Recently ko lang nalaman about her issue with Rico Yan, and it seems that siya ang may problema kaya Rico was deeply hurt and depressed and his death wasn’t really “bangungot.” It was suicide through ecstasy pa nga raw, eh. Pero naawa parin ako kay Claudine because she was not given a chance to see Rico’s puntod and she is blamed by the Yan family to be the reason why he died. Roxyisferox even said on her Multiply blog before that the Yans are matapobre people who looked down on someone like Claudine because they think of her as a gold-digger/social climber which I doubt is true. Minahal nila ang isa’t isa, ‘yun nga lang it was Claudine who had a problem, kaya she was loved and despised at the same time for her reputation — a mix of good and bad.

      In defense of Clauie by her mother and her sister Ate Gia, they know that Clauie was the better daughter because she is the most loving and caring tita among her pamangkins. Eh si Greta? She even said that lumayas raw ang isa sa mga junakis ni Marjorie. Ganyan kalala ang ugali ni Ashi Behati; in other words, she turns out to be worse than a diva. Pero sa totoo lang, Greta will always remain a socialite starlet unlike Clauie who is really a bankable box office soap opera queen.

  2. Eversince the NAIA incident, I NEVER judged Claudine for her behavior alongside Raymart. I understand their situation, kasi nasa customer service ako eh, so kapag may mga naliligaw na baggage, ang puputukan ng passenger ay mga agents. To make matters worse, nagvi-video pa si Tulfo. Ikaw ba namang irate na irate na passenger, vi-video-han ka pa, ano mararamdaman mo? Siyempre, feeling mo napapag-trip-an ka, na at any rate, ilalabas o itsitsismis sa publiko ang pagngangawa mo. Wala rin, unfortunately, lumabas din ang ‘royal rumble’ sa airport. It should be noted that Mon Tulfo himself is nothing better compared to the politicians whom he claimed to be corrupt. Nagpapa-hada pa nga daw iyan sa isang massage/spa somewhere in Quezon City or Makati eh.

    Mali ang ginawa ni Inday Barretto for opening their can of worms to the public, but if Inday Barretto did that, punong-puno na siya kay Greta. Demonyita talaga iyang si Greta eh! Naaalala ko pa nung bata ako, kapag si Gretchen ang napag-uusapan, walang masabing mabuti ang mom ko about her. Hindi ako naniniwala sa sinasabi ni JayJay Barretto na pinagtulakan si Gretch na mag-artista dahil ‘naghirap’ daw sila.

    Hitsura ng mga Barretto? Galing sa hirap?


    Another thing, nakapag-aral sila sa Colegio de San Agustin. When we say Colegio de San Agustin, hindi mga mahihirap ang nag-aaral dun.

    From commercial model, to teeny bopper, to becoming ST Queen, cohabited with Joey Loyzaga (and her relationship ended badly), nanunulot ng jowa ng may jowa, nagpakabit kay Tony Boy Cojuangco, may elevator incident pa na nagpapataboy siya ng matanda sa elevator, tinaboy siya ng matanda sa building. That old woman turned out to be Mrs. Yuchengco. Lahat gagawin makamit lang ang sariling kagustuhan.

    Feeling Powerful eh, ano?

    Kahit common-law wife na ni Tony Boy, naglulumandi pa rin!

    Di ba? John Estrada?

    • So, so… ahahahahahaha, Gretchen never did anything good as a well-known personality. Grabeh! Now I know how infamous could she get! LOL.

      Thanks BTW for the information. Dati, wala akong paki-alam kay Greta, now I know that ang bitchesa lang niya kumpara kay Claudine. Si Claudine naman, kawawa naman talaga, eh. Kung ipinaglaban siya ni Raymart, bakit dito sa usapang pamilya, hindi lang niya magawa-gawa (there must be something why he does not want to interfere the family conflict, I think)? Hmmmm… I have read sa GIRLTalk that palagi raw nag-aaway sila Clau at si Raymart — true or not, it shows that may mental issues si Clau, which needs immediate counseling. Kasi may pinsan rin akong may kundisyon na nga, pinag-tripan pa ng lola ko at tita ko, which made my cousin develop schizophrenia when she encountered an accident–then it worsened later on. I could feel what Clau is getting through, sana maagapan pa ang problem niya.

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