Another FP comment: Downgrade raw, oh!


Goodness gracious! It’s like saying that Rayver courted AA is a downgrade from SG! LOL!

You know naman kapag NEGA-consistent ang image, hindi ‘yan sisikat unless may controversy! Right, AA?

In other words, nang-hahada ang mga artistang gagawa ng isyu para lang mapag-usapan!

‘Yun na!


4 thoughts on “Another FP comment: Downgrade raw, oh!

  1. Good article, as well as logic between Maja and Sarah. I just didn’t like at how women are being compared to goodies, foods, and things. So, if women has been to different partners, then they are considered ‘damaged goods’. How about men? I am hoping there would be the same classification for men as women do, and if not, something is wrong in our society.Has anyone in our society EVER HEARD of DEHUMANIZATION?

    • True! If it’s not exclusive for women, Hayden Kho should be classified as junk!

      • korek! same thing with the likes of Baron Geisler as well. I am not hating Baron, just don’t like it when he has never-ending issues on being drunk, misbehaving, and groping women

      • Nako, junk na rin ‘yan siya (chos)! And he might as well have issues regarding his own well-being. I feel sorry for him, actually.

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