On ehem… you know who’s statement about the iPhone hype!

Now you know how hypocritical I might sound, but not all people love the iPhone. I don’t think the iPhone is popular for its “beauty,” but then again, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Oh well, I realize what people say about how Apple phones are greater than the rest, that Apple is everybody’s dream phone in US, that MacOS is everyone’s dream OS due to virus-free features, exclusivity, stuff like that. But then again, I can’t be convinced. Call me narrow-minded, but I still do not understand the hype about IPhones and Apple the company itself (the company with a habit to sue those who try to copy while they have copied styles and systems from different companies, duh!). Call me POOR and PLEBIAN, that I could not afford iPhones, but they still raise my eyebrows and I won’t go crazy buying.

You can question the credibility of GSM Arena but if you’ll gonna check the reviews, iPhones do not even hit above 7, while Nokia Lumia and even Asha phones are lucky enough to get above 7 score. Asha so far did not get a score lower than 6, while iPhone5 never reached 6 above.

Look at Nokia 3310…. lucky enough to achieve a score of 8! Being a Smartphone ain’t a reason to NOT to be INDESTRUCTIBLE, it’s STILL ALL IN THE FEATURES that makes a phone INDESTRUCTIBLE—most particularly the case!

Now it’s like equating on the hype with Cristine Reyes’ so-called face value and hotness level. Beautiful!? MEH… she is faker than a wax figure and without makeup, she won’t be less than scary than Morticia Addams. Sexy!? MUKHA SIYANG LASPAG, PUH-LEEEEZZZZE!

But mind you… no comment ako when it comes to the iPhone because I love Apple. ;D

And noooo… Roxyisferox is not poor and plebeian at the same time. Not all rich and middle-class people embrace Apple as a company, and even “that guy” commented that Apple is good in computers, but not in phones (WEEEHHH…. chos! He even said that he should be a Mac user before he uses an iPhone).

Not all people love Apple, Inc.

In fact, there are those who think that Apple is only for the rich people. Nope, I don’t believe so, and Apple has always been offering something for the middle class.

Not all people think that the Mac OS is really THAT GOOD. In fact, you may read THIS ARTICLE in order for you to understand it.


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