On Pamela Anderson and the dinner invitation to PNoy

Hmmm… I guess people should not judge about Pamela Anderson and her strong advocacy towards animal rights.

However, I would’ve been more appreciative of her if she joins Brigitte Bardot’s animal rights foundation–it is less propaganda-ic, and more honest. Brigitte Bardot is known to be an animal rights activist ever since.

For one, she invited PNoy formally and politely on a dinner in LA for the latter’s decision to protect Mali the elephant by placing her in a better shelter. I don’t see anything wrong with it, actually. However, there are bashers who judge Pamela for her personal life, sex symbol status and most of all her numerous relationships + the sex scandal.

I don’t think she deserves such lambastment for looking too “inferior” as if comparing her to the “more formal” celebrities.

At least, Pamela Anderson is more respectable than PNoy’s whiner sister Kristetay Laparitis. Sabihin nating promiscuous ‘yang si Pam, but at least, she never ever denied Tommy Lee’s rights to be a father to her two sons with him. In fact, she said it herself that she has always been a good mother and she would often spend time with her kids together with Tommy Lee.

Eh ano ngayon kung hubadera si Pamela Anderson!?

At least she does not ask for any form of publicity, good or bad pa ‘yan. Besides, she does publicize herself in such a way that she will be judged in the right way. There are some judgmental people who think that Kris Aquino is faaaaar better than Pamela Anderson.

Like how I teamed up with Paris Hilton over Lindsay Lohan over the Stavros and Paris Latsis issue, it’s definitely Pamela Anderson that I really admire and respect despite her promiscuous escapades. She does everything to protect the rights of animals, but it would have been better if she did not join PETA. It’s better if she joined Brigitte Bardot’s animal rights foundation, but that’s in French, so we just have PETA (PETA BTW is too propaganda-ic and too protest-oriented).


One thought on “On Pamela Anderson and the dinner invitation to PNoy

  1. Reblogged this on Spitfire Rants and Thoughts over the Kimchi & Adobo and commented:
    Thanks MSP Anything in Random for your thoughts.
    Well, I understand how most Filipinos look sexy starlets with much disdain and great deal of double-standards, but I simply could not understand why they have to judge the likes of Pamela Anderson and question her credibility simply for being a merely sexy bombshell.
    As a matter of fact, in the Philippine Movie Industry, we have actresses out here packaged with “wholesome” imagery but in reality are professional prostitutes. Give them 150k pesos and they’re yours for a night (I give Mocha Uson a credit for mentioning that sordid fact). Casting couch is alive in well in our local entertainment industry, and before you rant at some ‘sexy starlet’ or ‘foreign artist’ or someone’s entertainment industry with the same sordid case, please make sure your idols are clean, and that our movie industry is practicing high moral values. Another problem is we, spectators and even the upper echelons of this industry, tolerate this kind of scenario. I can even recommend you to check a certain PinoyExchange thread and that gives you an idea what our favorite celebs do behind closed doors.
    [Side Note: Yeah I know! It’s just a freaking urban legend. But who knows, this may help resolving the mysteries surrounding the artists or the industry in general]
    So, komo’t starlet ka, wala kang credibility to make a stand in your advocacies? Pammy is right with her advocacies, and I strongly NOT tolerate animal abuse in any form. As much as I would like to take a peek of a certain animal LIVE at our neighborhood zoos, I have no choice but to let them go. I want them to be free and happy. They ain’t getting much nutrition they need at zoos. If my palette is ready, I would go and become a vegetarian. Besides, it would even help me lose a great deal of poundage since being at 79 kilos is DANGEROUS for me and for my petite frame.
    MSP is right though at comparing Pammy with Krazy Aquino. Though not quite appropriate comparison, Pammy has better track record than Krazy. At least si Pammy hindi ninyo makikitang ipapangalandakan niya on National TV nakikipag-affair siya sa may asawa and to top of it, tangkain pang agawin sa nagmamay-ari, na kapag nasaktan manghihingi ng awa sa madlang pipol. If Pammy has lots of affairs with different men, she is making sure they are available and not attached with any girl. While United States might be perceived to be “liberated” than Philippines, if a celebrity caught having an affair with a married celebrity, he/she will expect a flack from American netizens, labeling them douche or slut or whore. Krazy may have never bared her flesh on screen (though she has always been trying TOOO hard to be sexy), but her shady affairs, discombobulating way of handing relationships, and pathetic whining when things goin’ fuck-up is highly publicized it’s goddamn annoying. If there are any “papampam” starlets out there, Krazy is so far the big-time attention/fame whore of all time… FOR NOTHING. A note should be taken she has the habit of doing her dirty laundry in public.
    Cringe-inducing, ‘eh?
    There is nothing wrong with Pammy inviting PNoy for a dinner date in LA. Pareho naman silang libre, jackpot pa si PNoy, it’s just that ang awkward lang talaga. Mabuti naman ang intention ni Pammy, so why give a fuzz Filipino netizens?
    If Korean netizens are already cringe-inducing due to their over-the-top reactions, it’s the same thing with Filipinos. As a matter of fact, they try to proclaim how “intelligent” and “rational” they are while they are more capable of throwing ad hominem reactions than Korean netizens.

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